The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

Swimming is the most useful sport for adults and children. But particularly responsive to water activities kids. Still - it is fun and not too hard. Classes are held in the form of a game, but at the same time provide a thorough load on all muscle groups without exception. Today we tell you about the children's pools Voronezh. This will allow parents to quickly choose a good section for your child.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

At what age to start classes

This question is often interested in the young parents. At what age to start swimming pools of Voronezh? In fact, it is better to not postpone. Good to teach children to swim almost from birth. This is a great way to organically develop and grow a healthy baby. The first classes are held in specialized centers, where trained instructors also carry out water treatment. For older kids there is a group with his mother. And finally grown up, they go swimming in a group with an instructor. Parents can only choose the best pools Voronezh.

For the little ones

His familiarity with the water treatments can begin with the institutions where children are not engaged in the instructor and a qualified doctor. So, you need a dedicated children's pool. Voronezh - a city of modern and fast-paced, here you can find any offers according to your request. On the territory of the children's clinic at Kosmodemyanskoy Z., 19, is one of such centers under the name of "The Kid". Here, under the supervision of doctors children receive excellent health treatments in the water. As soon as the baby umbilical wound healed, he can start learning to swim. They not only learn how to perfect their natural ability to stay in the aquatic environment. Kids older learn how to dive correctly, and then swim. "The Kid" - an expensive pool. Prices range from 190 to 240 rubles for one session.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

Aqua "Healthy Child"

It is located in the heart of the city. This is convenient for parents, because they have to every day to take back their children in the pool. Prices of Voronezh for such services are not the cost, the cost of one session starts from 400 rubles, and even purchase the subscription is not much save the situation.

However, the high cost is offset by the presence of a qualified coaching staff. Constantly in the classroom on duty physicians. In addition, safety is paramount. Each corresponds to the age of children is strictly its own swimming pool. water quality is given special attention. Samples were taken every 15-20 minutes, and the data appear in the general information stand. There is a special equipment and anti-slip mats, which makes a visit completely safe.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

The famous "Torch"

Let's move on to consideration of specific schools, which will deal with your children. And in the first place pool sports complex "Torch". He has been working for many decades in a row and more than one generation has grown up within its walls. Here, hold classes for adults and children, but the education of the younger generation are given special attention. Not all pools Voronezh can boast of such circumstances. There is spacious and clean, complex staff very attentive and professional trainers will be able not only to interest your child, but also to instill in him a love of water for life. It offers a gym and sauna, a hall for sports games and billiards. Adults too can find a lesson while the kids swim.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

Some features of

The cost of training is fairly high, but the quality of services meets the stated price. For this reason, a swimming pool, "Torch" Voronezh enjoys the same attention from the parents. Is a complex in the Soviet area, the street Marshak, 1. The operating mode has its own characteristics: the complex does not work in the summer, so you have to look at this time, other entertainment. Before you begin attending classes, you need to get help from a doctor that the baby is completely healthy. This requirement puts to its visitors not only a swimming pool "Torch". In Voronezh, works fairly large number of clinics, so the problems with getting this document will not be. The cost of a single visit - 800 rubles, and a subscription to 8 lessons can be bought for 1600 rubles.

Pool VGASU Voronezh

This is the second area of ​​water popular in the city. There also are group and individual lessons, but you can just swim for fun, taking a one-time subscription if desired. Pool has six lanes of 25 meters. The width of the bath of 16 meters. Particularly noteworthy is the water purification system. Disinfection is carried out using ozonation, which reduces the risk for allergies, especially for those who can not tolerate bleach. Of additional classes available aerobics for children and adults, wrestling and athletics. excellent educational groups for children and adults work in the center. Address:. 20 years of October, 79 d B. The cost starts from 200 rubles per hour.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

"Spartacus" - the champion of

His many are called, but sonorous nickname came to him from the legendary team. Here is a constant training of Olympic reserve, and students do not just occupy a place at the world championships. Pool "Spartak" in Voronezh is considered the best of its kind. These parents take their children with a calm heart: they are in safe hands.

The pool immet six swimming lanes, each 25 meters in length. During the day it is very calm and quiet, and everyone can come to swim. Water purification is accomplished by chlorination. Can be engaged independently and with the instructor. A swimming pool every day except Sunday, until 21:00. It is located on the street Karl Marx, 71. Apart from the cup for adults has a children's section. Here with future swimmers real professionals. Visitors to emphasize that they like to leave their children in the care of an instructor. One session costs 150 rubles and more, depending on the chosen payment system.

Young "Spartacus"

The sports complex runs a huge children's pool. In Voronezh, a lot of attention paid to the education of the younger generation, so there are children involved only professional instructors. In the pool there are three bath size of 12 * 5 meters. The depth starts at 0.6 m and maximum performance is achieved at the level of 1.25 m. Observed strict control over the quality of water and its temperature control, so that even the smallest was comfortable in the classroom. Experienced instructors and teachers spend learning to swim at the age of three years. The first group are typed in "adult + child" mode.

The best children's pools Voronezh: an overview, features, reviews

Instead of a conclusion

It's not all pools Voronezh, but among them you can choose the one that appeals to you and your child. The quality of services in these institutions is beyond praise. Above all, here appreciate the security. Parents can have peace of mind, giving their child in one of these sections. Even if he does not become the master of sports, these skills will be useful to him for sure in life.