Review of the game Minecraft | Games

Minecraft - it's a sandbox, which allows any player to build all that imagination allows. Founder and developer is quite a famous person Markus Persson, also it is known as "Notch".

Review of the game Minecraft | Games

Notch believes that gempleynaya part of the game is similar to "Dwarf Fortress". What is most surprising, the game engine is written in java. Just want to note that the entire game universe is made up of pixels, whereby a specific game world turns.

The first place where the game is lit on TIGSource forum. After the announcement of the game was a great mass of fans, after that were created many forums on this game, IRC channel and Wiki.

Gameplay of the game is quite varied, the game has several modes: "Survival" and "Creative". In "Survival" the main task is to survive in the infinite world with lots of mysteries. You have to collect resources, build houses, hunt, to defend themselves from attacking monsters. all that is in the game, from the tools to the units in the "Creative" mode, you will be available. In late 2009, Pearson gave the opportunity to the players who have bought Minecraft game on sight order to play more ranneyu version, naturally without the bugs and glitches are not managed.

The entire game world in "Minecraft" is randomly generated, giving the players do not play in the same world several times. Also in the game are cards that have been specifically assigned to certain conditions: "Underwater card" map consists mostly of water and it can be carried out construction and a lot of other cards.

Minecraft for a short time got a lot of good reviews, and drew attention to themselves. Officially registered users on 12.01.2010 year reached 100,000 members mark.

Just appeared negative to Marcus, who decided to give up the additional functions, for example to fly. But this refusal was created mod that added this feature. At the expense of the multiplayer, it's not perfect, but the reason for this is that players can build buildings without any restrictions.