Watermelon lemonade (1 photo) | recipes

So it was time to ripe and juicy watermelons. Today, many lovers of the sweet berries can not get enough of this pore. But many do not know that watermelon can not only eat, but also to prepare lemonade at home. Watermelon lemonade quenches thirst, contains a minimum of calories and very please you and your family. Especially watermelon lemonade, a home-cooked like kiddies. In this article, we will tell you the recipe for watermelon lemonade.

Watermelon lemonade (1 photo) | recipes

, you need to stand by watermelon lemonade at home:

1. Sugar to taste.

2. 7 simple cup of cold water.

3. Watermelon.

4. Lemon.

5. Pieces of ice.

6 fresh mint or basil.

The recipe of watermelon lemonade:

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar with a glass of water.

The resulting mixture should be brought to the boil and cook for two minutes on low heat.

Let the mixture cool slightly and pour into a pitcher. Put the sugar syrup in the refrigerator.

Watermelon cut into two halves.

From one half of the need to remove the pulp. Better to do it with a spoon.

The flesh of watermelon dilute one glass of water and mix blender. Should get a uniform consistency. The resulting mixture strain through a cheesecloth or a sieve. For easy straining in a sieve with watermelon, add two more cups of water.

The strained watermelon, add 3 cups of water, sugar syrup, which had already must cool completely and lemon juice.

All the ingredients are watermelon lemonade mix well, try sugar. If you find that a lot of sugar, you dilute the lemonade even a small amount of water. If it seems that on the contrary a little sugar, respectively, add more sugar and mix.

Just like that you will prepare their own hands delicious watermelon lemonade!

Before bottling lemonade into glasses, first at the bottom of the glass put ice cubes. Over the watermelon drink in a glass put fresh mint or basil leaves. If the size of the glasses allows, on the edge, you can fasten a piece of juicy watermelon. Eat watermelon lemonade you can with both rolls, and without it.

If you need to cook watermelon lemonade for a large number of people, the use of all flesh of watermelon and more water.