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People born in the period from 80 of the 90 years, remembers that wonderful time in our opinion. The time when resorting home from school, we immediately retreated to the street to the yard, where we waited for our friends. Times when parents could not drive us home, because the street was a lot of interesting games with friends. A time when almost no one was dependent on computers, I'm not talking about smartphones and tablets, because they did not yet exist. We came up with a variety of games that our children play navryatli agree. It is these games I would like to dedicate our article. The list of games from the 90's.

I will not take into account the games that are in some way connected to the computer. Whether it's the Sega or the Dandy, Tetris and Tamagotchi. We will focus only on the street, or the active children's games from the nineties.

The best children's games from the 90's.


The first thing that comes to mind - a "rubber bands". I remember that not only the girls, but the boys enjoyed playing this game. I was always going to turn out to jump, and the goal of the game was doprygat to the maximum height of the gum. As well, there are several options for exercise game "rubber bands", such as "Bow" or "Sweetie". We could do to complicate the task of the player picking up gum almost up to his armpits. Making mistakes, bouncing the player had to stand to keep the gum.

Photos Games 90 "rubber bands".

Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games


Next famous in the '90s, the game - rounders. This game is the same as the previous one has several options. Each courtyard sets its own rules. I will describe the most popular version of the game "Rounders". Players have to choose up. 1-attacking, 2-protection. Choose one person to toss the ball. Feed throwing the ball must hit it with a bat or large stick. Tasks have different players: the attackers must run across the field while the ball is flying and protecting have to catch the ball and pick it up from the ground and throw it in the player of the "attack". Points are read commands in case of correct actions completed - the attacker - if a player had to run the field and back, then they get to his score 2 points, while protecting accrued one point if they caught the ball on the fly.

Photo games "Rounders".

Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek in the yard, when going to a big company, we considered one of the most popular games. The rules are very simple, but the excitement is not to be found and run to the main "point" and the first "caught" making this game very fun. Just playing this game, we learn reciprocity, helping not yet found the player to reach the place where the leading led a countdown. In order to hide knew that the "wall" and no one "hola" is far away from it, we shouted to him various phrases such as "Saw Saw, fly like an arrow."

Photo favorite game "Hide and Seek" from the 90s.

Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games


Dogonyashki, catch or tag, in this game there are at least forty names! The game is simple and does not require any additional props. Be quick and nimble - that's the main rule. The essence of the game is to "vodyaschy" caught up with one of the players and "zachikal" or "greasy", after which he had to flee, and "greasy" became the driving. Just "greasy" can not become a driving, and to be his assistant and help to catch the other players.

Photo games "Dogonyashki"

Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games Game 90 (28 images) | Games

This is only a small part of the game from the 90's. If you collect the entire list of children's domestic games of the nineties, I'm afraid that one article is not enough!

How not cool, but our childhood was far more interesting than the childhood of our children. Games that time taught us to be cohesive, to help each other quickly and easily find common language with new acquaintances. Childhood is our children are often held sitting at the TV, computer or tablet. Of course, many may not share my opinion about the wonderful 90 years, but do not forget that this is only my opinion.

If you also remember your favorite games from the 90's, write about it in the comments. Together, we will gather a selection of different, favorite games and learn how to play them as their children. In the meantime, I suggest to look selection of photos of the best games of the 90s.

Photo best games of the 90s.