Landscape ideas for small yards | Fazenda

If you have little space in the yard, it can be difficult to put the plants to liven up the space. If in spite of this you still decide to engage in gardening, we'll give you a few tips on designing a small yard space.

Landscape ideas for small yards | Fazenda

Only tracks

You can confine laying beautiful walkway to the front door without making any beds. This is true in the event that places very little.

If enough space, then you can make a walking path along which the boundaries of land plants. The path may not have clear boundaries, and natural feature for it to be areas of flowering plants and ornamental grasses. This broad track in a narrow yard can perform patio features a small patio for relaxing. You can set the arch and forged land beside her vines.

Container gardens

If the ground is uneven and more in addition, it is possible to make a small garden on the steps. The presence of vegetation between the steps, such as creeping thyme, add visual interest. Trees or flowers can be planted in containers, large pots. It is especially suitable for areas with a warm climate, because it is easier to carry out irrigation, and at the same time saving water. The use of container gardens and raised beds eliminates the need to dig into the ground. Curved lines, which can be placed plants - more attractive than direct, they will look like a tunnel in a narrow courtyard.

Weeds can be removed on the ground, stretching over the ground cloth, covered with mulch. In this case, the right to land in the bushes incision large enough tissue to put the root ball.

Before you equip the site, find out how cables are routed and communication, so you do not have to spoil the composition in the case of line maintenance. And during the work you need to make sure not to damage the cables in the ground.

Additional objects

It should also consider the option of installing a small fountain in the yard. The sound of water has the unique ability to revive the space, add interest if the yard is surrounded on all sides by walls.

Long, narrow courtyard is oppressive feeling. Divide the space, for example, for this purpose, you can build a small arbor. Give beauty gazebo, you can use the vine.