Giorgi Tevzadze: biography, car crash photos

Giorgi Tevzadze - much loved street racing, racer and a master of drift. In 2013, there was, it would seem incredible. Giorgi Tevzadze, a photo of which are presented in the article, was killed as a passenger.

Giorgi Tevzadze: biography, car crash photos


Giorgi Tevzadze was born in 1987 and died in 2013, aged 26 years. Racer and drifter birthplace is Georgia.

It is known that shortly before the death of George Tevzadze had time to start a family, to marry. This makes it even more tragic car accident. fairly well known that George worked with drifting 13 years, and he had big plans for the future. More details about the personal life of the rider, unfortunately, no.

Future Plans

Unfortunately, the future of George Tevzadze has not and will not be, but the driver, drifter built them, as well as any other person.

Giorgi Tevzadze: biography, car crash photos

Everyone who knew George or just saw his car in the online movies or on open spaces of urban roads, divided into two "battalion". Some were ecstatic on how George Tevzadze drives a car and demonstrate their skills. Others did not share the view of the rider fans and considered action George inadequate. Many feared it tricks and demonstrations and considered it unsafe behavior to the people around them.

However, the Giorgi Tevzadze, knowing about the fears of others, always said that he has no plans to scare anyone. He only writes video to acquire fame and glory. And it is necessary it was for the filmmakers to be noticed, as he wanted to be in the movies. In addition to the above, in the plans and dreams Tevzadze included the opening of a driving school in Georgia. And not an ordinary driving school, and extreme driving. Generally, they are few, but they are very useful because they help to find a way out of difficult situations, both novice and experienced drivers.

What had

George clearly had something to achieve. He was quite well-known in certain circles. His videos have gained enormous popularity among fans of drifting. By the way, the content is not limited to this. George showed various dangerous maneuvers on the public roads.

In addition, Tevzadze was the creator of the Extreme Team, titled "Driving Thirst".

The tragedy in detail

June 22, 2013 ended the life of George Tevzadze. Ironically, he was not behind the wheel and was killed as a passenger. Behind the wheel was a friend of his, who survived.

Giorgi Tevzadze: biography, car crash photos

What's left of the car, you can see in the photo. Giorgi Tevzadze crashed in a car accident, which occurred in the center of Batumi port. The driver was trying to cope with the drift, but nothing came of it, and he crashed at full speed into a tree.

It so happened that the main blow fell on the passenger side, where he settled down George. It is known that the driver was in a very sober.

Witnessed the accident, he was a famous Moscow street racer Eric Davidovich Kituashvili. According to him, he is now heading for the serpentine road down to the town and knows exactly what is driving a BMW M5 was sober driver. Eric also claims that they almost came to a "final point" and there is literally no more than 40 meters before the turn came a sound. It was cotton, BMW skidded and it landed right in the tree at full speed. After the accident, but it was night, the young man tried to help his friends and acquaintances. People were trying to pull out the body and were at a loss whether Giorgi Tevzadze alive. All we are arguing about whether he is breathing or not as long until an ambulance arrived. Later Eric Kituashvili went to the hospital with the question of comrade condition, but that is already redirected to the morgue.

That's how the story ends. In memory of comrade was posted a short video, starting with the place of accident and ending the day the funeral.

Giorgi Tevzadze: biography, car crash photos

The infamous video is the last in stritreysera life. We think that this is not the glory he wanted. Do not repeat its mistakes and be careful on the roads, because the most precious thing in life - it is life itself. As much as it is banal sounds.

Public opinion

Public opinion is divided about the incident. Someone does not feel compassion, and someone said that it was expected and nothing surprising happened. Comments on the World Wide open spaces are filled with the variety. However, for fans of drifting and street racing Care George Tevzadze real loss.