Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

Each of us wants to be a woman, regardless of the time of year. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the hand itself stretches for light blouses and romantic dresses. But when the outside rawness and cold wind, look at the rushes warm pants and sweaters. Is not it? It's time to change their attitude to this article of clothing, like a dress. And to be feminine every day, despite the weather. Read our article about winter dresses, once and for all to make sure that this is possible.

The femininity and cold

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

This woman knows that as soon as she puts on a skirt or dress itself straightened posture, gait becomes confident and smooth. Magical properties dresses describes in his books and articles, psychologist Olga Valyaeva. Many years ago she gave up the trousers in any of their form and completely switched to dress. Since Olga encourages all women to perform the same "exploit" to feel the magical effect of skirts on the woman and her relationship. Naturally, subscribers Olga question often arises: "What about the winter, if the cold?". To which she replied: "Absolutely not." And she explains this by saying that if the correct approach to the selection of dresses, something about the cold can be no question.

Well, we'll try and make a few choices with warm dresses that were not only beautiful, but also warm and comfortable.

Winter Dress long rectangular

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

The most practical option dress for the cold time of year is, of course, a long winter dress. Today, the most relevant dress with a rectangular silhouette. Often the collar is made of such models like turtlenecks. This not only emphasizes the female form, but also perfectly protects the throat from hypothermia. Choose warm winter dress with long sleeves and to the middle of the ankle. These models are perfectly combined with warm boots and bright tights sealed. If you purchase one-color dress, for example, white or gray, you can every day a new look by changing the color of tights and accessories. Just with this dress obviously have no problem with the choice of a coat. If the coat is long, it will close the dress, if shortened, then you can see ot hem so do not spoil the appearance.

Style oversayz

Very current style warm winter dresses - oversayz, ie free cut or dimensionless... This option is suitable as a slender young ladies who want to add volume itself, and the ladies with curvaceous, who would like to hide all figure flaws. From the side of the dress style oversayz he looks like a big men's sweater. But therein lies its appeal. Complete this model dresses heat-insulated winter leggings and boots or colorful uggami. Choose natural fabrics materials, if you want to really warm up in a dress.

It is impossible not to mention about another very fashionable and popular style - dress-up hoodie. This is a convenient and practical solution for the cold season.

Dress for winter average length

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

Despite the convenience of long dresses, not all women like these styles. If a woman works for a large company and is always on the mind, it is necessary not to forget about their appearance and try to look good. In this case, designers offer winter dresses to the knee or slightly below. Choose the model that most successfully accentuate your figure. It may be close-fitting knit dress or knitted with a fluffy skirt and form-fitting top.

Dresses large knitted

Very cozy and comfortable in a dress can be a major breeding. Such models do not come out of their fashion, they can be seen in the collections of designers of virtually every autumn and winter. And not so important what kind of model of the winter dress you prefer: an elongated and straight, oversayz short. The collar of the dress can be anything: a wide, semi-circular or neck. Wearing it can with high boots or shoes massive. This option is perfect for both work and for daily business in the city.

Dress-shirt of flannel fabric

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

a stylish solution for the winter onions can become legendary plaid shirt. However, we consider the winter dress. Therefore, the word "shirt", is replaced by the dress. The essence remains the same: warm, comfortable, versatile and always true.

Choosing a checkered dress shirt, flannel, you can be sure you will not stay unnoticed. Will be the perfect complement leather shoes rocker style and a small handbag on a chain. Jacket and cap with a pompon finish and stylish way to warm the dank season.

Warm evening dresses

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

It happens so that the invite to some important ceremonial event, but as the court of the snow and cold, all light dresses will not fit. What to do? There is an exit. Designers and fashion houses have taken care of this, they are offering fashionistas insulated versions of evening dresses. For example, the fine warm velvet long dress. His perfectly complement a fur vest. Just perfect dress of thick jersey with a flared skirt.

Winter Wedding

The choice of winter wedding dress can be a real problem for the bride. Because this is an important day for her did not really want to sacrifice beauty for the sake of comfort. Groom when choosing a costume is much easier, you just throw a coat on top and you're done. But what to choose a bride about to get married in the winter season?

Designers offer to pay attention to the winter wedding dress. Today, bridal salons offer a huge selection of beautiful models that allow you to not only look incredibly beautiful, but also to stay warm.

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

The most popular in the sewing of winter wedding dresses fabrics such as thick satin, crepe, brocade and velvet. But there are many styles. However, the bare shoulders of the bride are unlikely to be appropriate in the winter wedding. Therefore, girls prefer the model with long sleeves or 3/4. If a long sleeve dress, the more often it is made of lace. Since such a decision does not weigh down the style and looks simply amazing.

It argued that short dresses and winter are not compatible. However, girls who, in spite of the cold, want to show off their beautiful legs, choose exactly short wedding dresses. To keep warm in the day, they complement them warm boots, short fur coat and long gloves. And if we add to all other white fur muff, then definitely you get a very nice and a fabulous wedding dress.

Choose a bright shade dresses

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

As the winter - it is the gray time of year when there is dominated by neutral colors and practical, many people just do not have enough brightness. The lack of sun also affects the mood and general well-being. So it's time to add the brightness of life. Winter dresses for women bright colors will become a great alternative to bothersome gray and dark shades. Not only that, when choosing a dress in the cold season, the mood of the woman and those around her raised by adding colors, you get twice the energy. In the photo the winter dress of bright cheerful colors. Today, designers offer a large number of dresses juicy shades. Going to shopping, pay attention to the red and yellow dress. These cheerful colors suitable for both blondes and brunettes. They do not require additional accessories. Shoes and tights choose neutral colors, so as not to overload the image.

Winter dresses for women: photos of current models

Well cheer up and feel better so-called natural colors: green, blue, blue. They are not as bright as red and yellow, but, nevertheless, perfectly emphasize eye color and cheer up. Choose a clean and fresh colors: the color of the sky, the grass or the first surface of the sea. If you want to experiment a bit, add the dress bright accessories. It can be colored bags or shoes. The combination of two bright colors more suitable self-confident women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.