"Boca Juniors" - the greatest club in Latin America

"Boca Juniors" is one of the strongest clubs in Argentina. The base command is located in the country's capital. The home arena of the club called "Bombonera", and its capacity is 49 000 seats. In the ranking of CONMEBOL club ranked first.

The history of the football club

Sport number 1 in Argentina is football. "Boca Juniors" - the second team after the "River Plate" in the number of victories in the national championship. They have "Genoese" 26 against 35 for "millionaires".

"Boca Juniors" was founded at the beginning of April 1905. Over the 112 years of its existence, the club was able to win 18 international trophies, which is the best result among all the teams in the world ( "Milan" is also 18 international titles). The Argentine club is among the 20 best teams in football history according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics. Also, "Boca" took 12 th place in the ranking of the best football clubs in the twentieth century by FIFA.

"Boca Juniors" played 10 times in the final match of the Cup of Argentina, as well as the Uruguayan "Penarol". It is the best indicator in the history of the tournament


His first title the capital team won in 1919. They became the Cup of Argentina in the championship doprofessionalnom period. After this win, "Boca" was able to win the trophy 5 times.

The first victory in the championship happened in 1931. Thus, "Boca Juniors" became the first champion in the history of Argentina.

In 1969, the club won its first of three Cups in Argentina. Two more titles have been won by the team in recent history - in 2012 and 2015. Libertadores Cup resigned to the Argentines six times. For the first time it happened in 1977. A year later, "Genoese" were able to repeat the achievement. Next triumph had to wait for 22 years. In the period from 2000 to 2003, "Boca" three times won the main event of Latin America. In 2007 the team won the last victory at this point in the Cup. In 1989, the "Boka" produced a victory in the match for the Supercup Libertadores. A year later, he surrendered another trophy - Recopa Sudamericana. This competition, "Boca Juniors" won again in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Twice in a row, "Genoese" became owners of the South American Cup - in 2005 and 2006.

In 1992, the capital's football club won the Cup Winners' Supercopa Libertadores, and a year later - the Gold Cup.

Three Argentines managed to win the Intercontinental Cup. First holders of this trophy, "Boka" football began in 1977. Another team twice won the tournament in the new century - in 2000 and 2003.

Season 2016/17

Last season, "Boca" was able to once again win the Argentine championship. After 30 rounds in the asset team from Buenos Aires was 63 points. During the season, the champions have scored 62 goals and conceded 25 more goals than the "Boca Juniors" in the 2016/17 season, failed to score any team. Closest pursuer and eternal rival "Genoese", "River Plate" finished the season in second position with a delay of 7 points. But even with such a gap, victory "Boka" can not be called easy.

One of the longest winning series team this season could end in the game, "Boca Juniors" - "Banfield". Forecasts say that it is "Boca" must win this match. However, "Banfield", which for the entire season fighting for the top four, did not want to concede. Yet the victory was celebrated with a 2-0 "Genoese".

Another important point on the way to his team's championship happened in the game, "Boca Juniors" - "Defensa and Justa." Before the match, "Genoese" could not win at home in three matches in a row. Moreover, in the game of the 16th round against the "Talleres Cordoba" "Boca" lost at home arena. But in the 18th round of the players, "Boka" still managed to win the first match of the 4 victory at "Bombonera".


The term "superclásico" in relation to Argentine football is a duel of two of the strongest teams in the country, which is what "Boca Juniors" and "River Plate". According to sports analysts, the match between the two teams watch more than 70% of Argentina's population. For "Boc" sick about 40%, and "River Plate" maintained 30-32% of Argentine football fans. In 2004, "Superklassiko" topped the rating of "50 most important sports event of the planet."

With this derby is connected one tragic event. In 1968, after playing 71 people died in a stampede at the exit of the arena, a further 150 fans were injured. This day is a black date in the history of Argentine football. Most of the victims were children and young people, whose average age was only 19 years old.