Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

Top model and actress for many girls is considered the standard of beauty. The reason for this is not only pretty face Cara Delevingne, but also in the thick and wide, "sable" eyebrows. They were the highlight of the model, fashion trend of the season and a headache for the other girls from around the world. But what if nature has not endowed you with such bushy eyebrows? How to get the eyebrows Cara Delevingne? This describe in detail in our article.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows

The natural shape of the eyebrows do not always fit their owner. That's why most women resorted to their correction. Choosing the right eyebrow shape helps to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

Let us open a few secrets, how to choose the shape of eyebrows yourself:

  1. If you have a round face, never choose a rounded shape eyebrows. This will visually emphasize its sphericity. With this appearance are perfect eyebrows with a break and a short tip. Attention will be shifted to the diagonal, and the person will be pulled out visually.
  2. The eyebrows on a square face should be short and slightly rounded. Head or base should be made wider and the tip, on the contrary, sharpened.
  3. Owners triangular face eyebrow should be made uniformly curved and slightly elevated.
  4. Women with an oval face shape, like Cara Delevingne, suitable straight or arched eyebrows, the same shape of the brow arch. Make them a little wider than usual, and you will be fully consistent with his ideal.

If you find it difficult on their own to pick up a correct form of the eyebrows, contact the person who will help you with this. Then you will only need to maintain their shape with tweezers.

To fit eyebrows like Cara Delevingne

Straight eyebrows, as has been said above, fit girls with oval face shape. Image as a whole will turn out very harmonious. Thick eyebrows and fit girls with thick and luxuriant hair. It is advisable not to lay them smooth, and give hair light rastrepannost. By the way, if you have small eyes, eyebrows are definitely not for you. They only visually reduce their size.

Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

With regard to age, thick eyebrows should choose young girls. they mature women will look more severe. If you still want to try on the image of Cara Delevingne, you can try to grow the eyebrow, because they pull out in case of failure, you can always.

How to make eyebrows like Cara Delevingne

Get eyebrows like Cara Delevingne help several recommendations of specialists.

Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

If you have the same black and thick eyebrows, like Kara, you just have to take care about the proper care of them. With the tools to make them recommended a little taller, and help to shape a special gel for eyebrows (or an ordinary hair spray).

If the eyebrow color is not as bright as Kara, you can use mascara or outline with a pencil. Just do not overdo it, otherwise it will look unnatural.

If you use for coloring eyebrows shade, choose a creamy texture means, and not in the form of powder and apply it on hair growth.

If you are not as thick eyebrows, like Cara Delevingne, they can try to grow. To do this, fit castor oil or a special serum to stimulate hair growth. Let us consider in more detail how to paint and how to choose the color of your eyebrows.

matches the color of

To look harmonious, besides giving the correct form of the eyebrows need to take care of the choice of colors for them. This will depend on how the image of the girls would be natural. The choice of color will help the following tips.

Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

dark-haired girl (brunette) eyebrows should be painted in a color slightly lighter than their natural color. Brown suit and dark gray colors.

Classical brown palette fit brown hair girls. The difference in tone should be no more than two units.

Redhead suit chocolate color or gold.

blonde eyebrows should be on 2-3 shades darker than their hair color. It should be brown or dark gray. While Cara Delevingne eyebrows much darker than it should be according to the rules. And this is their style and natural beauty, which is now the standard.

Nature has not endowed you with the necessary shade eyebrows? Do not despair, because they can always touch up.

How to paint the eyebrows style Cara Cara Delevingne

Traditionally used for coloring contour eyebrow pencil. The process is simple, but requires certain skills. It should adhere to the following procedure.

Eyebrows Cara Delevingne. How to choose the shape of eyebrows

The first thing you need to comb your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.

Using a pencil gently draw a top and bottom border eyebrows. All lines should be smooth and soft, no extra loops and sudden movements.

When the boundaries delineated must hatch space therebetween, and then gently shade pencil lines with a brush. It is important not to forget to emphasize the end of the eyebrow. This will make the image complete.

To emphasize the shape of the eyebrows painted, can be applied by the lower boundary of light shadows. Then visually be able to achieve the effect of eyebrows Cara Delevingne.

Subject to all the tips you will be able to significantly transform your face.

The general recommendations and the secrets of

Whether you want to look like a doll with painted eyebrows? Or you by natural forms of the soul? General advice and secrets to help you look more natural and harmonious:

  • No need to tweeze eyebrows earlier than 10 days after the previous procedure.
  • Do not worry if you are unable to achieve perfect symmetry, so Cara Cara Delevingne eyebrows will look more natural.
  • plucking eyebrows, use a special brush, giving it the desired shape.
  • For more expressive eyebrows and eyes can be painted in a darker color, but no more than 2 shades darker than the natural hair color.

If all the ways to make Cara Delevingne eyebrows were unsuccessful, it is possible to apply to the plastic surgery clinic. Here you will spend eyebrows build procedure using as donor hair from the back of the head.