USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

USSR Cup was the second most important football competition in the former Soviet Union after the USSR Championship. The tournament was attended not only by professional football teams, but teams of physical culture.


Cup is made in the form of vases made of crystal. Upstairs was a football player with the ball figure. At the base and on the cover of a trophy engraved with the names of the teams, who managed to win the USSR Cup.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

trophy weight was 6 kilograms, and height - 57 centimeters. All winners of the competition received a copy of the Cup. The only exception is the last winner of the tournament, get the original trophy permanently.

Rules of the competition

For the first time in football USSR Cup was played in 1936, and the last time - in 1992. Over the 56 years of the tournament, he carried 51 times. The competition did not take place in 1950 and 1956, and from 1940 to 1943.

Regulation has changed many times during the existence of the tournament. Up until 1957 participated in the Cup took professional football clubs and collectives of physical culture. In a tournament played teams from all the leagues, of which the Soviet Union, there were six.

There were cases when the Cup to start with the final part, which was attended only Major League team of the USSR. But usually the final stage of the tournament preceded by a preliminary step in which competed groups Physical training clubs and lower divisions of the Soviet Union championship in football.

Driving competitions

The competition was held on the Olympic system. Now such a scheme may be referred to the playoffs. In the entire history of the tournament several times changed the decision on the number of matches to determine the winner at one stage or another. There were jokes, when the winner was determined in two matches, and it happened that for the determination of a team that goes to the next round, played only one match. In 1965, 1971 and 1972 with a draw within 90 minutes of the game cited replay. Over time, it was decided to play two overtime of 15 minutes, if the regular time ended in a draw. If no one was able to win over the 120 minutes of the game, then made their way penalty.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

From 1979 to 1982, the final part of the Soviet Union Cup consisted of zonal competitions, which were held in a circular system. Before 1959, the competition was held in a "spring-autumn". Then the decision was made in the 1959/60 season to hold the tournament in two years. From 1961 to 1965, the USSR Cup again took place in a "spring-autumn" - as well as from 1969 to 1984. From 1965 to 1967 Cup matches held within two years again.

The debut of the USSR Cup draw

Debut competitions were held in July 1936, and the final match was held in late August. The tournament was attended by 94 of the club, among them 28 professional teams and 66 teams of physical culture.

Premier Division teams started the competition with a 1/32 final stage, while the rest - with 1/64. In the decisive match for the right to have the trophy converged Moscow "Locomotive" and Tbilisi "Dinamo". Muscovites on the way to the final, defeated "labor communes" with a score of 7-0. Then, the "Dynamo" have difficulties at the stage of 1/16, where they are difficult to beat Kharkov "Dynamo". The match ended with the score 1-0. In 1/8 final of "Railroad" broke Leningrad "Spartacus" with a score of 3-0, and in the quarter-finals again experienced difficulties from Kharkov team called "Hammer and Sickle." In the semi-final opponent, "Loco" was another club in Leningrad - "Red Dawn." Again Muscovites have not experienced any problems - 5-0 and calm the finals.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

"Dinamo" Tbilisi also started with 1/32 final. On the way to a decisive match of the competition, the Dynamo have played two overtimes. 1/16 first in extra time beat Georgian club "Builder" in Baku with a score of 3-2, and in the quarter-finals with a score of 6-3 - Moscow "Spartak". The final match was held at the "Dinamo" stadium in Moscow. To fight for 22 500 spectators. The intrigue was killed in the middle of the first half when the Sokolov and Lavrov for six minutes scored a goal in the gates of the Georgian team. As a result, the "locomotive" celebrated the victory and became the first winner of the USSR Cup in football.

The pre-war rallies

The second owner of the trophy was the Moscow "Dynamo". The capital club beat Dinamo Tbilisi, that for two consecutive years been forced to fail in the final match. The match ended with the score 5-2.

In 1938 and 1939 winner of the USSR Cup became another club from Moscow - "Spartak". In the final he beat the "Electric" and "Stalinets" with a score of 3-2 and 3-1 respectively. Thus, the owners of the first four cups steel Moscow clubs.

USSR Cup after the war,

After a pause associated with the fighting that took place in the Soviet Union, in 1944, Soviet football fans once again had the opportunity to watch the Cup. In the final 1944 football team "Zenith" from Leningrad 2-1 beat Moscow CDKA.

A year later CDKA still managed to win the tournament. Opponent "army" was the Moscow "Dynamo". In a tense game CDKA won 2-1 and won the first in its history, the USSR Cup.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

In 1948, the "Army men" became owners of the Cup for the second time. Between their two triumphs of his third and fourth titles won the Moscow "Spartak", beaten in the final in 1946. "Dinamo Tbilisi". In 1947, Spartak Moscow defeated another football team - "Torpedo". In 1949, the "Torpedo" beat "Dinamo Moscow". In 1950, the Dynamo again reached the final, and lost again - won the fifth title of "Spartacus."

A year later, the Cup once again become the CDSA, and a year later the second title in history to win the "Torpedo". Cup, won in 1953, was the second to Moscow "Dynamo".

Cup winner from 1954 to 1968

In 1954, the first trophy won Kiev "Dynamo". A year later, once again celebrated a victory in the tournament in Moscow, "CSKA", and in 1957 - the "railroad".

From 1958 to 1963, twice owner of the trophy became the Moscow "Spartak" and Donetsk "Shakhtar". Once victory was celebrated by the "Torpedo". In 1964, the second in the history of the Soviet Union won the Cup of Kiev "Dynamo", the minimum beating in the finals of the Kuibyshev "Wings of the Soviets"

In 1965 there was a second in the competition's history replay in the final tournament. Moscow derby between "Spartacus" and "Dynamo" ended up headless draw. In the second match victory was celebrated Spartak 2-1.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

competitions were held for two calendar years from the years 1965 to 1968. In the 1965/66 season celebrated the victory of Dynamo Kiev. In the season 1966/67 won the tournament too, Dynamo, this time already in Moscow. USSR Cup 1967-1968 ended in victory for the "Torpedo", which is minimal beat "Pakhtakor".

Winners in the period from 1969 to 1982

In 1969, the victory in the final over SKA won Lviv "Karpaty". The match ended with the score 2-1. A year later, the fourth in the history of the title won the Moscow "Dynamo". A year later, his ninth Cup won "Spartacus." In 1972, the trophy again went to Moscow - "Torpedo" beat "Spartacus." Over the next 10 years of the USSR Football Cup twice won the Yerevan "Ararat" and Tbilisi "Dinamo". Moscow "Dynamo", Donetsk "Shakhtar" and SKA Rostov became owners of the Cup once. Three times the trophy was presented to the Kiev "Dynamo" - in 1974, 1978 and 1982.

Ukrainian victory

In the last 10 Cup of 6 times the victory was celebrated clubs from Ukraine. In 1983, the fourth title for himself won the "Miner", having beaten in the final of the Kharkov "Metalist". A year later, in the final clash between the "Zenith" and Moscow "Dynamo", which became a winner.

In the seasons 1984/85 and 1985/86, double the final release of "Shakhtar", but twice, "miners" lost. First they lost the Kiev "Dynamo", and then the top of the club from Donetsk won a "Torpedo".

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

Since 1987, and through 1990, the Soviet Union won the Cup only Ukrainian team. At first, his eighth title won in a penalty shootout Kiev "Dynamo". Then debut victory in the Cup won Kharkov "Metalist" and Dnipropetrovsk "Dnipro". In the 1989/90 season his last title won Kiev "Dynamo". In 1991, celebrating the victory of CSKA.

The last winner of the USSR Cup

In May 1992, he was played the last match in the tournament's history. The game was attended by the Moscow "Spartak" and CSKA. Won by Spartacus. At the 20th minute scored by Vladimir Beschastnykh. After 35 minutes, football player scored twice, setting the final result of the match.

After the match the trophy was awarded to the players of "Spartacus." Later it was decided to leave the cup Muscovites forever.

Famous Moscow USSR team

In the Soviet football special place is given four great teams from Moscow:

  1. "Locomotive".
  2. "Dynamo".
  3. "Spartacus."
  4. CSKA.

The football team "Locomotive" has become the first winner of the USSR Cup, winning the trophy in 1936. The club has twice won the USSR Cup. Three times the "railroad" won the first league of the USSR. Five times, "Loco" won the Cup International Sports Union of railwaymen football.

"Spartacus" - a ten-fold champion of the USSR and the tenfold winner of the USSR Cup (the best index among all the teams). In 1977 Spartak won the first league of the USSR. In the season 1990/91 Muscovites stopped one step away from the finals of the European Cup, and in 1992/93 the team lost in the semifinals of the Cup Winners' Cup.

CSKA 7 times won the Soviet Union Championship. 5 more times the team won in the USSR Cup. On the world stage the club did not show good results during the Soviet era.

Moscow "Dynamo" is a 11-time champion of the USSR. 11 times the Muscovites were the second and 6 times the club won the bronze. In the Cup of the USSR "Dinamo" defeated 6 times. For the first time - in 1937, and the last time the club won the Soviet Cup in 1984.

Little-known football team USSR

In the history of Soviet football was a lot of great teams that have shown good results, not only in the championship of the Soviet Union, but also on the European stage. But there were some clubs that nothing remarkable not stand out even in the Soviet championship. One of these teams is the "Zalgiris" (Vilnius). Lithuanian club can boast significant achievements. Only the title of the team from Lithuania - a victory in the First League of the USSR Championship, mined in 1982. In the USSR Cup Lithuanians once reached the semi-finals. It happened in the 1987/88 season. In 1987 the club won their only medal in the championship of the Soviet Union, taking third place in the championship.

USSR Cup in football. The USSR Cup in football. Football team of the USSR

Another little-known team is a football club, "Labor Reserves". The team was founded in 1954 in Leningrad. Survive team was destined to only 6 years old. In 1960, the club was disbanded. During his short story "Labor Reserves" took part in the competition class "A" and Class "B". In 1959 Leningrad won the Cup of the Baltic countries.