Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

yHuan Roman Riquelme - a former Argentine footballer, who spent most of his career devoted mother club "Boca Juniors". In 2017, he was 39 years old, but he ended his career only two years ago. Juan Roman Riquelme spoke at the position of attacking midfielder, but can also play on the flanks of the attack.

Early career

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

Juan Roman Riquelme was born June 24, 1978 in the Argentina Buenos Aires, where he began to get involved in football, wondering for the first time on a professional football career. Already at the age of fourteen he became the player of the youth of the club "Argentinos Juniors", but stayed there only for three years.

When he was 17 years old, all in Argentina has been seen that out of it grows a lot of talent. That is why Juan Roman Riquelme hit the sights of one of the strongest clubs in the country under the name "Boca Juniors". It is there that he eventually moved and, as it turned out, tied for most of his career with him. As well there was a football life of Argentine talent?

Interview for "Boca Juniors"

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

Just one year Argentine footballer spent in youth team of the club, because in 1996 he was offered a professional contract, and he was first summoned to the main team. Naturally, because of the young age, he was not able to secure a foothold in the basis since the first years, so for the first two years only played 43 games, scoring four goals. However, in the 98/99 season he was already a full-fledged player base, and played the same number of matches as in the two previous seasons combined, and scored with ten goals. Riquelme spent another three years, for a total resulted in six seasons at the club, during which he went on the field 194 times, checking out 44 goals. During this time, he and the club won three Argentine Championship and twice became the winner of the Copa Libertadores.

And in 2000, "Boca Juniors" even managed to win the Intercontinental Cup, becoming the strongest team, not only in South America but also worldwide. Naturally, the Argentine footballer did not go unnoticed, and in 2002 the club received an offer from the "Barcelona", which was ready to pay ten million euros for Riquelme. Thus began the journey of Juan Roman Europe.

Europe Moving

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

Juan Roman Riquelme, whose biography before was literally perfect, was seen as a great talent, which can significantly enhance the "Barcelona". However, the reality was much worse, and for his first year at the Catalan club, the Argentinian though out on the field 42 times, scoring six goals and not caught on in the team.

Already it was decided in the next season to get rid of him, trying to recover as much of the money spent on the purchase. As you can already understand, from this moment the crisis began at Juan Roman Riquelme. Sports career of his, of course, is not rolled down to the bottom, but the player self-confidence has been badly damaged, and he was never able to rise to the highest level.

Go to the "Villarreal"

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

"Barcelona" promised titles, Juan Roman Riquelme had dreamed about it, but, unfortunately, not everything turned out as desired either side. As a result, in the summer of 2003 Juan Roman was sent to the rent, "Villarreal" with the right of redemption after two years. These two years, football had the highest level that you can imagine in a team. He went out on the field 94 times, scoring 30 goals and was pleased absolutely all: how bosses and fans.

He was bought for the same ten million who paid for it, "Barcelona." But then things got much worse, as the football relationship with management soured. The following year, he still shone, scoring 14 goals in 38 matches, but then played in just 13 games, scoring one goal in the first half of the season 07/08 does not appear on the field.

As a result, he was forced to agree to go back home, going home for rent in "side". Along with "Villarreal" football won some serious titles: Juan Roman Riquelme was the double winner of the Intertoto Cup.

Returning to the "Boca Juniors"

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

After spending six months on loan at hometown club, Riquelme has scored ten goals in 26 matches, to convince the leadership in its usefulness. As a result, "Boca" to pay for the rent and a half million euros, and then sent the "Villarreal" twelve million euros to buy out the contract of Argentine player. And no wonder, since the novel Juan fairly quickly joined the game and the team began to provide serious help. As a result, he helped the club win the Copa Libertadores in 2007, and in 2008 and 2011 - the Argentine championship. In 2012, the club also won the first Cup of Argentina, who began to be carried out from that year. This trophy was for the last Riquelme, since the summer of 2014 his contract with the club came to an end. Experienced player, during his second coming in the club had 187 matches, scoring 48 goals. Given the fact that the club he came at the age of 29 years, the result was more than impressive.

In the summer of 2014 he joined the club, with whom he had it all began - to the "Argentinos Juniors", for which the played another six months, coming on the field 18 times and scoring five goals, and then announced to the age of 36 and retirement in January 2015, years.

to play for

Riquelme Juan Roman, Argentine footballer: biography, titles, sports career

In the Argentina national football team Riquelme has played 51 matches and scored 17 goals. His first match was held in February 2002 - it was a friendly match against Wales, which ended in a draw. Permanent same national team player Juan Román was the only closer to the end of 2004. Only thanks to him, the Argentines defeated the Venezuelan team in the qualifying match, as Riquelme then scored his first goal and first assist.

At the Confederations Cup 2005, he scored a goal in each of the three group matches (as in the match against the Australians still cleared it), but in the event the Argentines in the final lost to the Brazilians. At the 2006 World Cup, he shone again, giving three assists in five games, but it did not save the Argentines from defeat in the quarterfinals against the Germans. In the subsequent 2007 America's Cup, in five games, he scored five goals and four assists gave a pass, but the national team again lost in the final of the Brazilians. In the end, Riquelme became one of the most exciting players in the national team of his era, but did not win her any title. Last match Riquelme took place in October 2008 - it was a victory against Uruguay. Of the Argentina national football team Riquelme resigned prematurely due to the fact that it was headed by Diego Maradona.


Unfortunately, about the personal life Riquelme did not know almost nothing. It is not very public person, so know only some fragments of his biography. For example, it is known that he was born into a poor family of the Argentine, where he was the oldest of eleven children. It is also known that he had met some time with the famous Argentine model Luli Fernandez.