Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

Martin Brodeur - a former goalkeeper who played in the National Hockey League. Almost his entire career Canadian held in the "New Jersey Devils". Martin was born in Canada in 1972, but apart from Canadian citizenship and is still the United States of America.

Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

Very often, hockey fans compared it to Hasek. "Dominik Hasek against Martin Brodeur - who is better?" - this question throughout the career of both legendary gate guards became a source of conflict between fans of "Buffalo" and "New Jersey". Even now it is difficult to answer this question. Both goalkeepers are the legends of hockey in their clubs, countries and the National Hockey League. They have almost the same performance in all key parameters for goalkeepers.

Start a career

Martin Brodeur was drafted by the "devil" of New Jersey in 1990 in the first round. The Canadian has been selected under the peak of the twentieth. Within two years the goalkeeper could not get into the main part of "Devils" and played for the hockey club "Saint-Hyacinthe Laser."

Debut goalie in the National Hockey League took place in the spring of 1992, when Martin came on the ice in the game against the "Boston". To gain a foothold in the first team, not to mention a place to start, the Canadian goalkeeper could not, so he spent the 1992/93 season in the "Utica Devils".

The American Hockey League Brodeur has played 1952 minutes in 32 matches. In these matches, his team was able to get 14 wins. Percent rescued shots was 88, 4%. Total goalkeeper missed the puck 131 and was unable to make a single "Fool-out."

The struggle for the start of the "New Jersey Devils"

Before the season 1993/94 Martin Brodeur said that will fight for the first position in the club rooms. In the regular season Martin spent on ice and 2625 minutes in 47 missed matches 105 goals repulsed 91, 5% deposited on its goal shots. According to the results of the season, "Devils" came in the playoffs of the Stanley Cup. Broder played 1171 minute in 17 matches and reflected almost 93% of the shots by making 1 "Fool-out".

Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

After the season, Martin has played 2184 minutes and was again able to make three "jester-out" as the season before. Total for the championship goalkeeper missed 89 goals. Save percentage has fallen slightly and amounted to 90, 2%. Club of New Jersey was again in the playoffs. Brodeur missed washers 34 in 20 games, spending on ice 1222 minutes. 3 "jester-out" and 92, 7% of rescued throws helped the "devil" to achieve the necessary 16 wins and win the Stanley Cup.

13 seasons in the playoffs

In the 1995-96 season, Martin Brodeur became the first team number. 91, 1% washers rescued, 6 games "to zero", and 2, 14 missed goals per game on average - a goalkeeper performance in his first full season. High performance Canadian guard gate did not help the team get to the playoffs.

Starting with the 1996/97 season, "Devils" 13 times in a row went to the playoffs. Statistics Martin Brodeur during this period was about the same consistently high level. He missed about 2 goals per game on average, reflecting more than 91% caused by his goal shots.

Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

In 2000, the "Devils" with Broder composed spent 23 games in the playoffs, which scored 16 victories and became the winner of the Stanley Cup again. Brodeur missed an average of 1, 6 goals per game. A year later, Martin's performance in the playoffs deteriorated. It missed washers 52 and was able to block at least 90% of the shots. As a consequence, "Devils" were not able to defend the title, losing in the final series in seven matches. In 2004, the "Devils" have ruined the game to crash, losing in the first round with a score of 1-4. But a year later, Martin Brodeur could the third time in his career to raise his head above the Stanley Cup.

The End of career

Back in 2004, the case of "New Jersey" have ceased to go well. Problems in defense led to the fact that Broder start to miss more goals with a high percentage of shots parried. In the playoffs, the team could not get beyond the second round. And at the end of the regular season 2010/11 the team in general has failed to qualify for the round of the knockout. Personal indicators Martin Brodeur, too, began to deteriorate. But in spite of everything, in 2012, "New Jersey Devils" managed to reach the finals of the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, we did not win in the final.

Since the 2012/13 season and the 2014/15 season to Broder spent on the ice just 75 games. In the last season, the legendary goalkeeper went to the ice only seven times. In January 2015, Martin Brodeur made the decision to finish his career.


Biography Martin Brodeur has a large number of finals, which had both positive and negative results. As part of Team Canada Brodeur won two gold medals in the Olympic Games - in 2002 and 2010. In 1996 and 2005 the Canadians were able to become a silver medalist at the world championships, and in 2004 the country's hockey maple leaves have won the World Cup.

Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

In the "Devils' Martin five times won the Eastern Conference and Stanley Cup three times. Only in 2001 and 2012, "New Jersey" failed to win in the last round of the playoffs in the NHL after the triumph of the semi-finals. In 2003, 2004 and 2007 Broder joined the first team of NHL stars, and in 1997, 1998, 2006 and 2008 - in the second team. In addition, he is a nine-member of the Match of all stars of NHL.


Goaltender Martin Brodeur holds the record for many categories. He managed to get 691 victory in the NHL, which is the best result among all goalkeepers in the strongest hockey league in the world. He is the first goalkeeper dobyvshy 600 wins in the league and the youngest, who was able to win the 300, 400 and 500 Victor in the NHL. Canadian could do 125 "jester-outs" during his career, which also is the best result among all goalkeepers.

Team Brodeur won 30 games in the regular season for 12 consecutive years and 35 matches in 11 seasons in a row. For seven years, the "devil" could win the 40 meetings in each season. In addition, Martin Brodeur is the author of a unique achievement for a goalkeeper - he was able to score the decisive goal in the match.

Martin Brodeur: career and achievements NHL legend

Broder and McCool spent three clean sheets in the finals of the playoffs. This is the best result among all goaltenders in NHL history. Brodeur also able to make a "jester-out" in the final game of the Stanley Cup finals.