Guillermo Ochoa: career, achievements, photos

In a career of Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa did not have a top-level clubs, but it was born in Guadalajara in his homeland is considered the best player in this role for the last twenty years. The Mexican moved to Europe as early as 2011, and this summer he took for himself a new challenge and will act in the Belgian championship.

Early career

His first professional contract with "America" ​​from Mexico, Guillermo Ochoa signed at the age of eighteen. The goalkeeper got a chance to shine during an injury main goalkeeper of the team and was pleasantly surprised by coach "Eagles" Leo Beenhakker reliable game on the last turn.

Guillermo Ochoa: career, achievements, photos

It should be noted that Ochoa remained the main goalkeeper of "America" ​​during the eight years he spent in the capital club. The only exceptions are the fights, during which Guillermo was injured or cause into the ranks of the national team.

American period can be called the most successful in the career of Guillermo Ochoa. World Championship gave him the gold medal of the championship, the CONCACAF Cup and Super Cup in Mexico.

In 2007, the goalkeeper, "America" ​​was in the top fifty players nominated authoritative magazine France Football on the main individual award in football - the Golden Ball. 21-year-old goalkeeper in the voting took 30th place and first place went to the legendary Brazilian Kaka.

Moving to Europe

In summer 2010, the press reported about a possible shift of the talented goalkeeper in one of the Premier League clubs, but to specifics, it never came. Conquer Europe goalkeeper went only after the season - Guillermo Ochoa signed a three-year contract with the French Ligue 1 club "Ajaccio".

Guillermo Ochoa: career, achievements, photos

In his first season at the new club goalkeeper, defend the colors of the outsider, he missed more than others, but in eight league games has managed to keep its gates shut. Including in the last match of the season against the "Toulouse". In that match, "Ajaccio" to save the registration in the top flight was needed only a victory, and it was won (2: 0) thanks largely enchanting Mexican game.

Season 2012-2013,. Mexican goalkeeper held at a high level and the club left the gate "dry" in twelve matches of the season. The Ochoa expressed interest in Turkish and Spanish teams, but the goalkeeper made a decision to work as a part of the Corsicans, and last year, put under contract than earned the gratitude and encouragement from the fans and club management.

A career in Spain

Guillermo Ochoa perfectly proved at the 2014 World Championship in Germany, what has helped the national team of Mexico take the second place in a difficult group. In August of the same year as a free agent, he signed a three-year contract with the Spanish "Malaga". The goalkeeper is still demonstrating the high level of play, but the new team he had difficulty getting into the main part due to the presence in the clubhouse another experienced performer - Cameroonian Carlos Kameni. Nevertheless, the season 2014 Mexican finished in the top ten of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Guillermo Ochoa: career, achievements, photos

From July 2016 Guillermo Ochoa - goalkeeper "Granada". The goalkeeper moved to the team from the same city on loan and held for "Fringe" one season as the main goalkeeper. In the summer of 2017, Guillermo Ochoa, becoming a free agent, signed a contract with Liège "Standard".

In the national team of Mexico

The main team of the country's 18-year-old goalkeeper was at the 2004 Olympics. However, on the field, he did not come out. The reserve team Guillermo Ochoa was also at the world championships in 2006 and 2010.

Unpleasant incident in the young goalkeeper's career occurred in 2011. After one of the matches of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Ochoa and several of his compatriots accused of doping. Footballer was suspended from competition, but later acquitted.

Guillermo Ochoa: career, achievements, photos

Benefit Ochoa in the national team came at the 2014 World Cup. In the first match of the group stage thanks largely Mexicans Guillermo defeated Cameroon and extracted coveted draw against Brazil (0: 0) in the second match. In that match Ochoa on the right has been recognized as the best player in the both teams. Mexico deservedly left the group, but in the 1/8 of the tournament was defeated in the match against the Netherlands.

In 2015, Ochoa as part of the Mexican national team won the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and two years later confidently held Confederations Cup in Russia, where in the course of the tournament saved a penalty and won the team final in third place.