Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Blue diamonds - it is a real luxury that can afford only the chosen. The history and the unique characteristics of these stones make them extremely valuable and highly attractive for collectors and experts in jewelry.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Why diamonds blue

Natural blue diamonds have this color due to the penetration of boron atoms of the diamond structure. It is these elements confer its reflective properties. The very first blue diamonds people found in the early 17th century in India, today the main place of their production is considered to be South Africa.


Fantasy stones do not have a price list, because they are very rare. All blue diamonds in the world, the cost is set based on the color of purity, color intensity and presence in them of additional shades. These factors can either increase the price of the stone and reduce it. One of the leading value is the weight of the diamond.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Any blue diamond - a unique stone, so its price is not less than 150 thousand dollars per carat. To date, the highest cost is difficult to call, but on average it is equal to 700 thousand dollars. To discard all doubt, we can recall the auction in 2010, which was held in New York, where bright blue stone (10, 95 carats) sold exactly 15,762,500 dollars.

Unique items

Since ancient times, people have admired the blue diamond of rare types. Priceless gems attract experienced jewelers and people who prefer to enjoy the bright and sparkling ornaments. These diamonds are indeed worthy of respect, because their whole world knows.

Blue Diamond Empress

Not so long ago in the capital of Great Britain has shown the world a blue diamond, in order to attract international attention. Stone belonging to the Geneva Group "Steinmetz" is the central decoration of exquisite ladies' jewelry - necklace made of white gold.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Diamond name emphasizes its rare blue hue, and its exclusivity. He has an absolutely symmetrical pear-shaped, and its exceptional quality gives him every right to be called "The Empress." In people, it is often called imperial blue diamond.

In the world ranking of blue diamond blue diamond "Empress" occupies the 17th place in the descending weight. In London's Millennium House in 2000, there was an exhibition where the visitors were presented eleven exceptionally rare diamonds blue shades. Among them there was also the Empress diamond.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Today blue diamond Empress is the most expensive stone that once existed in the jewelry stores in Europe. According to "Steynmetz" According to the company, it already has a buyer who wants to buy it for 9 million dollars, but the owner is willing to sell the stone for only $ 17 million. This price can increase dramatically, so it is not known whether the diamond is generally sold.


This diamond has a number of names, among which are "Blue Hope" and "Blue Diamond of the French Crown" and "Blue Tavernier". For all the big names it hides incredible beauty of the stone brings bad luck to its owners for centuries. He has an amazing blue color, fairly large, weighing 45 and 52 carats, inexplicable magnetism, as well as the modern value of 350 million dollars. Stone was in possession of many famous people in different centuries. Most misery he brought Evelyn Walsh McLean. At first she just tried on the diamond at the next weekend, and then bought it. By the time the stone has become a beautiful ornament of necklace Pierre Cartier - famous master of jewelry, which could faceted diamond means "pear" and "cushion" and surrounded it with 16 additional colorless diamonds. Due to the stone of a society lady's husband was in a psychiatric hospital, a son - an accident, and his daughter died of sleeping pills.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Some popular diamonds

The largest and most well-known gems - blue diamonds - are located in museums or owned by private collectors and jewelers. These people are giving the opportunity to everyone to look at the stones for a fee.

List of the most famous blue diamonds:

  1. "Hope". Stone weighing 45, 52 carat is one of the largest diamond. He was found in the lands of India, and is engraved with a diamond in the entire 112 carats. Around the diamond "Hope" there were a lot of different legends and most people were quite sure that he has the misfortune. In 1958 the stone was handed over to the famous American museum of art called "Smizonian", located in Washington, DC. Since that time it is available for public review, along with other precious diamonds.
  2. Diamond Tereshchenko. The original story of the unique diamond pear shaped weight of 42, 92 carat is unknown. only some of the facts have been clarified - first acquired his rich family from Russia, which were in the possession of the sugar mills, in 1916 it was sold to Paris, and in the most recent times, people have seen the diamond at an auction in Geneva in 1984. Since the auction stone bought one Lebanese trader named Robert Mouvad, then renamed the diamond in "Blue Mouvad". According to the calculations of collectors and jewelers stone cost is about $ 20 million.
  3. "Vittelsbah". Brilliant royal history is different 35, 56 carats. His name he received in 1722. He was named in honor of the Bavarian Royal Court Vittelsbah. His fate was not known until the twentieth century, when they seized Joseph Komkommer - an expert on diamonds come from Belgium. Joseph organized the sale of the stone until the mid 60s, he remained in private hands. Only in 2008 the diamond was sold to one influential international jeweler Laurence Graff. At that time, the cost Vittelsbah stone was exactly 24, 3 million dollars.
  4. "The Sultan of Morocco." The history of the diamond "The Sultan of Morocco" 35, 27 carats begins with 19th century. In 1840 it was purchased by Prince Nikolai Yusupov, who was a member of a noble Russian family. He bought it in Europe. Stone remained in the possession of the Yusupov family for 82 years. In 1922 it was bought from Prince Felix Yusupov jewelry house in New York. Already in 1972, the stone was sold in the last one to a private collector. It had a diamond remains to this day.
  5. "Blue Ezhini" (or "Blue Heart"). Stone sufficiently bright blue shades 30, 82 carat one legend belonged Empress Ezhini itself, which is a favorite female and concurrently wife, Napoleon III. Many experts do not quite believe this legend, but today it is considered one of the main. Experts have found out for sure that the diamond began to possess such an unusual engraving in 1909 in the French capital. There he gave heart shape local jeweler Atanik Ikiyanan. Immediately afterwards, the stone bought American jewelry house, and later he was handed over to Mrs Ung living in Argentina. The woman he remained until the mid-twentieth century, and was later sold to another jeweler's house, which sold it to the European family. The deal was concluded at $ 300 thousand. A little later, Harry Winston bought the diamond. As a result, "Blue Heart" appeared at the American Museum of Art "Smizonian". To date, the diamond remains there as an exhibit precious collection, which you can admire the locals and tourists.
Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Knowing the beauty of blue diamonds, and their value is no doubt about the genuineness remains. The above mentioned stones to one's soul not only experienced collectors and jewelers, but also ordinary people who prefer to wear jewelry with them.

Pendant "Heart of the Ocean"

This pendant is certainly one of the most recognizable jewelery on the planet. It represents the most accurate simulation of the necklace, which took part in the filming of the well-known foreign film called "Titanic". In addition, this decoration was the most expensive at the Oscars.

Its creator is a jeweler Harry Winston who made pendant by blue diamond with a weight of as much as 15 carats. To date, the value of jewelry is 20 million dollars, but many do produce similar pendants, passing them off as genuine and selling only a few thousand Russian rubles.

Gemstones blue diamonds: an overview, features and interesting facts

Ring of Chopard from

Find blue stone is very difficult, but with a blue diamond ring contains the best of them. Jewelery worth 16, 26 million dollars received such price through pure oval stone in 9 carat decorated with a couple in a setting of pure white 18-carat gold triangular diamonds.

Decoration of the Bulgari

Gorgeous ring on which there are as many as two diamonds, considered unique not only because of its value in 15, 7 million dollars, but also due to several other reasons.

First of all it should be noted that both stones are triangular in shape. The weight of one of them is 10, 95 carats, the second - 9, 87. In addition, this decoration is made of one of the most well-known and large companies worldwide. Its cost is due to the fact that the report of the American Gemological Institute confirmed: weight, color, clarity and perfection of both stones.