Mauro Camoranesi: career, interesting facts, achievements

"Home did not choose" - these words are familiar to each of us from childhood, but sometimes it is much more difficult in the world of sports. Most likely, the ordinary of the new generation of fans may not know who is Mauro Camoranesi, where he played former world champion and what has been achieved. But the true football fans Azzurri easily be called day in the history of football, when the midfielder, "Juventus" has made a choice in favor of their country, and what it led to in the end.

Mauro Camoranesi: biography and interesting facts

Future football team born in Italy, oddly enough, on the outskirts of the Argentine capital, a city of Tandil, in 1976. His grandmother - a radical Italian, but parents Mauro spent his whole life in Argentina. This phenomenon - the usual case. But who would have thought that the presence of the Italian roots largely predetermine the future of sports boy ?!

Mauro Camoranesi: career, interesting facts, achievements

Camoranesi made a name for himself playing football in South America and Mexico, but the greatest popularity and fame acquired during their European voyage, where Mauro defended the colors of Turin "Juventus" and the Italian team. The same period brought the midfielder and all the titles, which he earned in professional sports. For a fantastic technique and the high art of dribbling a football player he was nicknamed Tandilsky magician.

Mauro Camoranesi - a longtime fan of "River Plate". Surely somewhere in his heart he hoped to finish his career in the club from Buenos Aires, as often happens with star veterans who come home to finish the game, but a proposal from the "millionaires" never came. Midfielder sunset career yet returned to Argentina, but defended the colors of other clubs.

The Early Years

Already in childhood Mauro well he handled the ball, so in the 12 years he was in the structure of the club, "Gimnasia y Esgrima", which is also based in Tandil. At age 18, he began his professional football career at the club. Mauro Camoranesi great feeling on the flank of midfield, which is always appreciated the speed and dribbling, so quite quickly changed the provincial club championship of Mexico, which defended the colors of "Santos Laguna", and later, before leaving for Europe, one of the most titled grandees MX League - "Cruz Azul". Total player on the North American continent in the years spent four seasons.

In addition to appearances in the World Championship, the Italian footballer of his game perfectly distinguished himself as part of the Argentine "Banfield" which spent 38 matches and scored 16 times different balls.

Mauro Camoranesi: career, interesting facts, achievements

Europe Moving

As often happens with a truly talented South American players, the day came when Camoranesi decided to continue his playing career in Europe. Mauro spent two magnificent season in the Serie A, the middle peasants, "Verona", so that in 2002 he was in the "Juventus" - the team with which Italian football will be held and the fire for eight years, and the water, and copper pipes.

Yuvenitini Camoranesi became the twenty-six years. He became part of the deal to transfer in the "Verona" Max Vieri, and the first "Old Lady" received only 50% of the rights in the midfield. However, Mauro Camoranesi already during the first season in black and white T-shirt has proven leadership, "Juve" their capabilities and in 2003 became a full-fledged player on the team. In interviews Camoranesi often made it clear how much he is happy in Turin and with all his heart attached to his team. The same was confirmed by Mauro affair. In 2006 in Italy, he broke a major corruption scandal, which resulted in "Juventus" was automatically downgraded in class and was forced to play in Serie B. The team left many top players who wanted to play in the Champions League and not in the second power of the Italian championship. Along with this, a truly dedicated team players and leaders to the community (Gianluigi Buffon, Pavel Nedved, Alessandro Del Piero and Mauro Camoranesi) remained true black and white colors and helped "Juventus" after a year back in the elite residence.

Mauro Camoranesi: career, interesting facts, achievements


After playing for a bit, "Stuttgart", Camoranesi decided to go home to finish the game. It should be noted that it has turned out it is very good. Returning to Argentina, Mauro high-level spent three seasons in the "Lanus" and "Racing", playing a total of 74 matches. In the summer of 2014 finished his playing career.

The Azzurri

The presence of Italian roots in the biography of Mauro Camoranesi gave him the opportunity to choose the team whose colors he would have defended at the international level. In the Argentina national team as a midfielder for a long time we did not pay attention, so he accepted an offer to play for Giovanni Trapattoni "Squadra Azzurra" in 2003. In 2006, the national team of Italy Camoranesi became the world champion, but only for Italy Mauro played in 54 matches.

Mauro Camoranesi: career, interesting facts, achievements


For eight years in Turin Argentine-Italian three times champion of Italy and once again took first place with the team in the Serie B - in the 2006-2007 season. Once Camoranesi played in the final of the Italian Cup and the Champions League final, where his team lost "Milan" in a penalty shootout.

In 2008, Camoranesi was the player of the year by one of the most authoritative Italian editions.