The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

In today's world, fashion is changing every year, giving us different styles and fabrics. But in spite of fashion, you need to choose clothes, paying attention to the body structure. If the figure is not ideal, it is advisable to stick to cut free shirt. Holders of a good or strong torso muscles can easily choose close-fitting shirt. It will emphasize the dignity of all. And it is also important to know that men The fitted jacket sewn from different types of tissue and not suitable for every kind of clothes.

The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

Types of shirts

Every man - his own shirt. If the shirt stands out the stomach or it sits badly, do not buy a model, but this applies not only to the well-nourished people, as well as much thin. Very slim in such clothes look messy: shirt should fit the body, without a lot of wrinkles on it and The fitted. And lean man will look like shirt free cut.

Shirt of this style is slim (rather narrow) and extra slim (much narrower), as well as long or ukorochonnaya.

In choosing a slim line shirts important not material, color or style. The main thing - like sitting. Let's talk about it.

The basic rules when buying a shirt

When you purchase is necessary to know the length of the sleeves and neck circumference, pay attention to the shoulder seams, the length of the jacket and its width.

sleeve length should cover the wrist and get to the bottom joint of the thumb.

The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

The collar must be fastened loosely. The distance between the neck and the collar must be such as to freely fit two fingers, for someone only one.

Many types of collars; for those who wear ties, suitable universal polurazvornuty.

Shoulder seams are not below the shoulders (in the latter case, the image is created by hanging a shirt) and should not be terminated before the hand begins.

The classic and sports shirts: how to wear the

Classic style shirt is longer than the sport. In the first case the shirt tucked into pants and not distracting from them with raised hands or in a sitting position. Sport is worn untucked, respectively, and the length of her less.

However, street fashion dictates its own rules. Fans of such fashion wear a shirt worn outside, even if the top wearing a sweater, the same version and with an associated vest. But when put on both the long form-fitting shirt, trousers, vest and jacket, it looks tasteless, only street fashion and then spoke in support of such an option.

The classical model nemnogotsvetna more pastel colors: white, champagne, light blue, ivory, beige. In fact, without a pattern, sometimes with small strips. Without stripes and pockets and one chest. Intelligent man with taste never in the pocket will not put a pen, phone, or even some object.

The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

According to the width of the shirt should also look good, that in the filled state does not puff up like a bubble. Excess tissue expands figure. Or, conversely, when the buttons pop out of the loop of the fabric tension is too ugly and unaesthetic.

The fitted shirt for different occasions

Such a model can be worn under a jacket for work on a variety of activities and a walk in the evening stroll. The main thing - what to wear it, but it depends on the style and color.

The fitted white shirt remarkably suitable for a business meeting under tight trousers with a narrow tie. Only such an image is suitable slender men.

The fitted shirt will look good with classic jackets and trousers, not necessarily that it was white.

Fitted with a double collar or color are suitable for a romantic encounter with a woman, youth parties, celebrations. By polusportivny style also fit form-fitting styles. Under the jeans with a T-shirt worn shirt, unbuttoned or completely for a few buttons, tucked sleeves. It is desirable that shirt was a bright pattern, more colorful than in the clothes that below.

You can wear a T-shirt instead of T-shirts, a good example - a combination of T-shirts with a flannel shirt in a large cage.

From what to wear?

For form-fitting shirt remarkably fit pants, shorts and jeans. Also popular in recent ukorochonnyh combination of jeans and a form-fitting shirt. Please note, this style is suitable not for everyone. all the flaws are emphasized with the full figure. Especially if full legs or curves. Ukorochonnye pants only accentuate flaws.


The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

Close-fitting long-sleeved shirts can be worn with cufflinks, a perfect addition speaks volumes. A man who pays attention to detail, thinks everything to the smallest detail.

How to wear a shirt under his jacket

The basic rules in choosing a shirt under his jacket:

  • Buy a shirt with no pockets on the chest. Please note that the collar should be tough.
  • It is advisable to wear a jacket under close-fitting long-sleeved shirt. Bare wrist sleeves look untidy and unsightly.
  • The white form-fitting shirt must be worn always with a T-shirt. Only it should not be of too thin material. Especially if you plan to go without outerwear.
  • Chemise this model looks good under a jacket unbuttoned.
The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

With the form-fitting shirt worn narrow tie and, depending on the celebration, the butterfly.

The shirt worn outside

The fitted shirt Men's long trousers are not worn. For this style is suitable little ukorochonnaya model. Usually they are sewn with a rounded bottom. Summer always with short sleeves, and also with a rounded bottom. It is worth noting that the length of the shirts should be up to the middle of the back pocket of his jeans. Not very neat looking man, when his shirt untucked barely covers the belt. Ports and with a very long shirt.

How do I roll up my sleeves right

Nothing complicated about it, but it is worth to learn. According to stylists, a good option when the shirt with the sleeves rolled up to twice the width of the cuff. You can do addition. To date, there is a new fashion trend - podvornutye jeans. By the way, you can tuck almost everything, it is also brand new, coming from the West. Tuck jeans, pants, shirts, T-shirt sleeves.

The fitted shirt Men: what to wear?

What to buy for the new season?

With the current variety of buying clothes - not an easy task.

Stylish, fashionable clothes should be sewn from a material that does not cause allergies. In a new beautiful clothes should be comfortable.

Note the plaid shirt in a fine stripe or pattern. Such an option suited to the wonderful pants and jeans of any style. This season, the fashion models' 80s. Shirts turquoise, purple, and bright-colored.

And it is also desirable to have a wardrobe shirt with short sleeves and long. The first option is to everyday wear, and the second is suitable for a business meeting.

Do not skimp on the shirt, buy the expensive, but the quality thing. It is better to save on his trousers.