Black robes: stylish and original

You want to stand out from the gray crowd? Pay attention to this stylish and original article of clothing, like a black mantle. Female and male models have won the recognition of many fashionistas in the world today. Black robes swinging a cardigan with a hood. The style resembles her image of a nomad. Suitable for almost any clothing. And, in any case, it adds zest to each image.

Black Gown - unconventional wardrobe item

So more. Street style just traditional and basic things should not be limited. His personality can manifest anywhere and anytime. Black gown - a great option. This is - one of the most interesting models for everyday wardrobe.

Black robes: stylish and original

For women and men

How does this look? Black robe (male or female) differs a free cut, long sleeves. Darts on the chest and in the waist area are not available. Pulls the mantle, as a rule, the level of the patella. Although sometimes the back of the make shorter. Velcro mantle usually has.

Clothing performed in the majority of cases of dense jersey. Within the time provided with additional insulation. Because it can be worn in cold weather. The hood is used in the decorative and practical purposes. This is - one of the most important elements of the mantle. It was he who reminds cloaks medieval knights.

Black robes: stylish and original


Black robe, despite his low-key and calm color is bright enough wardrobe items. With it you can create a lot of unusual combinations. The easiest way to combine the mantle with jeans or trousers and knitted shirt. Shod can be comfortable ballet flats, shoes or sneakers. The result is a comfortable everyday onions. To create a fatal replace pants black jeans. Wear a T-shirt with a print of your favorite band. Put on black ankle boots. Also add an interesting belt, a bag with studs, a few long chains.

Women's black robes perfectly with skirts and dresses straight cut. Prints thus it is possible to choose the brightest and the most crazy. Black Gown muffle their expressiveness. Because to go there you will be able even to study or to work. Of course, only in the event that specific rules concerning appearance does not exist there. Dresses, shirts and dresses, shirts - the actual addition of black robes.

It looks great tight knit model - both long and short. By the way, ladies mantle allows its proprietress cope with often occurring problem - "bulging flanks." Dress made of a soft and thin knitted show all disadvantages figures. But the gown perfectly covers all the problem areas, leaving open the front part. It looks a set of beautiful and fashionable.

Black robes: stylish and original


Virtually every black hooded gown endowed with large pockets. Most of these models become young men and women who dream to create a modern and stylish way to stand out in the crowd and emphasize originality. Black is the most popular. However, brown and white - not less in demand.

Mantle is an element of street wardrobe, made in a unisex style. The main thing is to choose the right size. Can wear the mantle of a man of any complexion. It is able to not only hide figure flaws, but also to emphasize its advantages. Free cut gown does not restrict movement, makes the clothes comfortable. Lightweight materials and dense tissue this model is converted into a universal. The first option is suitable for cool summer evenings. Second - for early spring or late autumn.

Buying a black robe, you only need to pay attention to its structure. Ideal - a hundred percent model consisting of cotton. These clothes and pleasant to the body, and allows the skin to breathe and preserves the appearance and quality after washing and heat treatment.

Black robes: stylish and original


Black robe with a hood (male or female) - a great option for those who want to look fashionable and stylish. In addition, the cost of the dress does not high. Black, white and colored models are of high quality, especially when made of natural materials. Mantle allows the skin to breathe, no allergic reactions, does not matter. And also does not create static electricity. That's why things do not stick to the body, beautifully sit on the figure.

Enter the mantle in fashion started a few years ago. More and more modern designers offer them today to the modern consumer. And they have produced a wide variety of models. Not necessarily with a hood. It is possible and without it. The most important thing is that outfit looks very bright, stylish and fun. You can be sure that those around you in any case by not miss. This - not just attractive clothes. It - an amazing thing, emphasize your individuality. It is only necessary to choose the right model.