Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

Gheorghe Hagi - former footballer who currently plays as a midfielder. At club level, he had to play for the Spanish "Real Madrid" and "Barcelona." Gheorghe Hagi nationality - Romanians, and for 17 years defended the colors of the national team. At this time George has been working at "Viiturol" Romanian football team. About privacy Gheorghe Hagi is not known. In those days, the players did not have accounts in social networks, where they could share everything with subscribers, but the player himself is not covered his personal life.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

Early career

George was born in 1965 in Romania. The first steps in football he was doing at the club, "Farul". For this team athlete spent two seasons at the youth level, since 1978. In 1980, he became a player, "Luceafarul", whose colors defended only for one season. After that Haji returned to his home club, which signed his first professional contract in 1982.

The core team "Farul" Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi spent only one season, after which he had to choose between a football club "Universitat" of Craiova and Bucharest "Sportul".

Football Club "Sportul"

In 1983, George decided to continue his performance in "Sportul" because he wanted to play in the Romanian capital. From the first days of football began to conquer the heart of the capital team fans.

Haji agreement expires in 1987, but the last year of the contract he spent a part of the football club "Steaua". In 1987, the Romanian Grand decided to leave at George, offering athlete contract.

Football club "Steaua Bucharest"

At that time, "Steaua" was the most famous club in Romania. This is one of the strongest teams in Europe. In 1986 they were able to win the Cup champions and have won the right to take part in the match for the European Super Cup. It was after winning the Super Bowl, where Haji was the author of the winning goal, the club from Bucharest decided to buy a football player. Gheorghe new contract was for three years.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

He became the most famous Romanian football player. Photos Gheorghe Hagi appeared in the world of sports publications about him did not cease to speak in his native Sacele. Athlete became an idol for the Romanian people.

"Real Madrid"

More photos of Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi appeared on the pages of newspapers when he signed a contract with Madrid "Real". The transfer fee was around 4 million pounds.

At that time, the club from the capital of Spain experienced their hard times. The team could not win any significant trophy, and after two seasons leadership "galacticos" has decided to give the rights to the Romanian midfielder of Italian football club under the name "Brescia".


At the time of the transition the Romanian club from the same city played in the second division of Italian football. As part of the "white-blue" Haji spent only two seasons, having at the same time qualify for the top division and return to Serie B.

In 1994, George decided to leave the Italian championship and returned to Spain, where he signed a contract with the Catalan "Barcelona".


Contract with one of the strongest and most titled club in the history of football has been for two years. "Barcelona", as well as Madrid "Real", too, could not boast of outstanding results, when the team came to the Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi. In the biography of football there are many light moments, but the period of Spanish career could bring just two Spanish Super Cup.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

In 1996, Haji way and "Barcelona" went. Neither football nor the club were not happy with the progress of their cooperation. The next place of work became an athlete, "Galatasaray". The Turkish club Gheorghe again achieved excellent results.


Going to Turkey has become much more successful for a football player than his athletic adventures in Spain and Italy. He could become the leader of Istanbul's "lions" and won the warm hearts of the Turkish fans crazy.

Then-head coach Terim Fptih changed the tactical team play scheme specifically for the arrival of the Haji. At the beginning of the "zero" the Romanian player was able to win a couple of European trophies, and in 2001 decided to hang up his boots.

The achievements at club level

George began his professional career in 1978. First trophy had to wait until 1986, when he was a part of Bucharest, "Steaua" was able to win the UEFA Super Cup. Despite the fact that the match belonged to the 1985/86 season, he was played at the end of February 1987. Due to the political situation, it was decided to identify the holder of the trophy at the end of a match, not two. The match at the stadium Louis II in Monaco rival Romanian club was the Kiev "Dynamo". Goal Hadji scored the curtain of the first half, brought the "Steaua" victory, and with it the first and only title European Super Cup.

In the period from 1986 to 1989, Haji won three titles Champion of Romania in the "Steaua". In the 1986/87 season, "CSKA" concluded the national championship with a 15-point lead over the second place, on which the metropolitan "Dynamo". A year after 34 rounds lead over second place by only 1 point, and in the 1988/89 season - 3 points.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

In 1987, 1988 and 1989 "Steaua" made the "golden double" by winning the championship and Cup of the country. In all three finals rival team was club "Dinamo-Bucharest". In 1987 and 1989, "Steaua" won 1-0, and in 1988, 120 minutes did not reveal the winner, and "CSKA" won the trophy in the shoot penalty kick. In the spring of 1989 the Romanians played in the finals of the European Cup, but failed to win. On the way to the final, "Steaua", first beat the Prague "Sparta" with the general a set 7-3 on aggregate. In the second round of the Romanian team, led by Gheorghe Hagi, broke the "Monaco" with a score of 5-1. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, "Steaua" beat "Göteborg" and "Galatasaray", respectively. In the final match, which took place at the stadium "Camp Nou" in Spain, "Steaua" devastating lost "Milan".

In 1990, Haji won with "Real" Spain Cup, in which rival the "cream" was the "Barcelona". In the match at "Camp Nou" royal club won minimal victory, and a week later on the "Santiago Bernabeu" was sure to beat the "blue garnet" with a score of 4-1. The second time Haji won the Spanish Super Cup in 1994, but already a player, "Barcelona."

Turning to the football club, "Brescia", footballer Gheorghe Hagi was able to bring his club to Serie B, won the second division with 49 points in the asset. The second season ended badly for the club. Before the start of the 1993-94 season Hadji in the "Brescia" I won the Anglo-Italian Cup.

Trophies in the "Galatasaray"

The largest number of trophies Gheorghe was able to win a T-shirt Turkish "Galatasaray". At that time the Istanbul club has dominated the national championship. Since 1997, for 4 years, a team of four consecutive times became the champion of Turkey. In the season 1997/98 "Galatasaray" scored 82 points in 34 rounds and was ahead of "Besiktas", which took the second place, 8 points. A year later, second place went to "Fenerbahce", whose club Haji ahead by 4 points. In the seasons 1998/99 and 1999/00 "yellow-red" again ahead in the fight for the title of "Besiktas".

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

In 1999, Gheorghe Hagi won the Turkish Cup. In the final match of his team beat 2-0, "Besiktas". A year later, "yellow-red" were able to win in the final over, "Antalyaspor". At the end of a career football player I was able to win the first for himself the UEFA Cup. "Galatasaray" started the Cup with the third round, where his opponent was Italian "Bologna". The Turks were able to pass in the fourth round thanks to a victory in the second match. In 1/8 of the team Haji confident passed Dortmund "Borussia" and advanced to the quarterfinals, where broken Spanish "Mallorca" with a total score of 6-2. In the last two matches in the tournament, "Galatasaray" had to play against English teams. In the semi-final stage of the Turks at the end of two meetings beat "Leeds United", and in the tournament final rival "yellow-red" was the London "Arsenal". Basic and additional time showdown ended with a goalless draw, and in the penalty shoot-Turkish team was able to win with a score of 4-1. Romanian midfielder Haji participate in breakout did not take a penalty.

Winning the UEFA Cup has given the right to "Galatasaray" to play in the match for the European Super Cup, in which the rival Turkish team was the former club Haji "Real Madrid", which became a UEFA Champions League winner. George went into the starting lineup, but was replaced in the 72 minute of the match. Two goals Jardel "Real" was able to answer only one goal being scored by Raul. Thus, Gheorghe Hagi failed to win their last trophy in the player's career.

All at club level Romanians spent 664 match, which was able to check in 283 balls pocketed. The greatest number of matches (191) the football player played in a vest "Galatasaray". Three years George defended the colors of "Steaua", with which he managed to win his first career trophy. During this period he played 128 matches and scored 93 goals. In the "Sportul" he had 4 match less and struck the gate 63 times. Career in the top championships is not very successful. From 1990 to 1996, Haji had 203 combat and 49 was marked by a goal. In the national team he played for 17 years. During this time, Haji was able to take part in 125 matches and scored 35 goals.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

In 2004, George was included in the list of the hundred best players in football history who were alive at the time. The rating was created by the Brazilian Pele.

Coaching career

The first place of Haji works as a coach was the national team of Romania, which he received in 2001. Romanian specialists failed to bring his players to the World Cup in 2002, after which he retired. Before 2003, Hajji remained without work. In the 2003/04 season he was named the head coach of "Bursaspor", with whom he worked for one season, but could not win anything.

Romanian midfielder Gheorghe Hagi: biography and achievements

served as chief coach in 2004 Gheorghe "Galatasaray". According to the results of the 2004/05 season he was able to lead his team to victory in the Turkish championship. To work with the "yellow-red" Haji returned in 2010, having worked previously in "Timisoara" and "Steaua". In the period from 2011 to 2014. George coached, and just before the season 2014/15 took "Viiturol", which won the Romanian championship 2016/17.