Seydou Keita. Biography player

Seydou Keita, football defensive plan, widely regarded as the most titled player in the country. Malian in its 37 years still continues to benefit both goals and assists. The peak of his career can be considered uniquely years playing for the Spanish "Barcelona", where he won all possible trophies.

Extraordinary diligence, perseverance, endurance and great dedication in any match - these are the distinctive features of the player. Even despite the fact that Malian not always been the iron player base, it is these qualities showed him as a true professional.

Seydou Keita. Biography player

Brief biography Player

Seydou Keita was born on January 16, 1980 in the Malian city of Bamako in a Muslim family. He was not the first player in his family. His uncle, Salif Keita in 1960-70. is the most popular player in the country, he even won the African counterpart of the "Golden Ball". They also established a children's football school Centro Salif Keita, in which a 15-year old did his nephew. Another eminent relative Seydoux is his cousin Mohamed Sissoko, who had at one time played for "Liverpool" and "Juventus".

When the age of 17 have noticed a young boy scouts from European teams (especially the French), he decided to make the leap in his career just beginning. The choice fell on Marseille "Olympic". Having spent 3 seasons in the youth branch of the French club, in 1999, he held a number of meetings for the home team and even made his debut in the Champions League.

Then, in the same year, Keith goes with the youth team of Mali at the World Cup Championships, after which he was recognized as player of the tournament. However, returning to the club, Seydou learned that he was loaned to "Lorient". Not a bit embarrassed, Malian almost single-handedly brings his new club in League 1. Unfortunately, the contribution of football was not appreciated. "Marseille" success Keita also not impressed. Footballer decided to try his luck in "Lens". In this club Seydou delayed by as much as 5 seasons. In the 2006-07 season with 11 goals Malian in the asset is recognized as one of the best in the league 1. Such success could not go unnoticed by the teams from the other championships. All was quick, "Seville". Season 2007-08 Keita spends at a high level, and immediately attracted the attention of the giants of European football.

"Barcelona", headed by then budding coach Guardiola begins to build a new team is a Malian transfer. For 4 years, conducted as part of a Spanish grandee, Seydou gaining as much as 14 trophies.

Full of victories as part of the Catalan club, 32-year-old Malian went to conquer the Asian expanse, going to the Chinese "Dalian Aerbin F.c.". However, in 2013, Keith returned to Europe and joined the "Valencia". Unfortunately, in the camp "bat" it is not set. A year later, he was in the Italian "Roma", in which he played until the autumn of 2016. At the moment, 37-year-old Seydou Keita in favor of the Qatari club, "Al-Jaish."

Seydou Keita. Biography player

Statistics and trophies

A brilliant biography of Seydou Keita is full of individual and team success. Malian managed to surpass his uncle stellar popularity in his native country. And despite the fact that he was a player of the defensive plan. The first achievement was the case in 1999 at the Junior World Cup, where his team won the bronze medal, and the player himself has received "Golden Ball" of the tournament.

Next title came in 2002, when "Lorient" won the Cup of France. Further success came already in Spain. From "Sevilla" Seydou Keita has conceded in the UEFA Super Cup, taking only the silver, and won the Super Bowl Examples. Major victory came after the transition to the "Barcelona". As part of the Catalan club for 4 years Malian 3 times champion of Spain, three countries took the Super Cup, Copa del Rey twice, 2 times won the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup twice and finally 2 more times to win a victory at the World Cup for clubs.

Many achievements have Seydou Keita in the adult national team of his country. Twice (2012, 2013), he led the team to a bronze medal at the African Nations Cup, and in 2011 became a sportsman of the year in Mali, as well as being the first player to win back more than 100 matches in the national team.

For football defensive plan had relatively good statistics. So, for 5 years in the "Lance" Keita scored 19 goals, and in the "Barcelona" for 4 seasons scored 16 times.

Seydou Keita. Biography player


About life outside the football stadium Seydou Keita, an exemplary Muslim, especially not apply. Wife's name Zubaydah, a son Mohammed. Liaises with Abidal, Toure brothers (especially Wl), as well as a cousin of Momo Sissoko.