Record Nürburgring - an indicator of the quality of the car.

Nürburgring - the legendary race track in Germany. It is famous not only rich in history, but also the number of accidents. This trail attracts car manufacturers to test-drive the latest models. "Formula 1" race held at the Nürburgring. Now tourists can enjoy the sharp turns of the track.

Nürburgring - the legendary race track.

Back in 1925 the town of Nürburg belonged to one of the poorest regions of Germany. In total it has become a perfect place for motor sport for two years from the impoverished province quiet. On this route, held the race "Formula 1" and the latest models of cars are tested the most famous brands. Many manufacturers try to overtake each other, trying to set a new record of the Nürburgring every year. It is believed that on these roads can calculate deficiencies in car driving and other details. In this article we will focus on the records of the most famous German track. Enjoy your reading!

The Record Nürburgring 2017:

main novelties of this year

This year, the main star of the Nürburgring was the Lamborghini car. Superpenalties circle traveled in 6 minutes and 52 seconds 01, breaking the record Porsche. The new version of Huracan Performante significant changes were made to allow the car to come forward. The machine is equipped with a higher-speed gearbox with two clutches. The supercar is also a bit "thin": Huracan weight decreased by 40 kg. V10 gasoline engine car provides incredible capacity. Also, this brand lovers will appreciate a stylish new design.

Record Nürburgring - an indicator of the quality of the car.

Do not have time to beat the Lamborghini Nürburgring record for a production car, as we have already released a new Porsche. 911 GT2 RS returned to the Germans superiority in speed. Supercar scored his speed to nearly three hundred thirty-five kilometers per hour and overtake an opponent on thirty kilometers. Auto Engine delivers the power of 690 horsepower. Porsche capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in less than three seconds.

Record Nürburgring - an indicator of the quality of the car.

Do not lag behind their peers and Subaru. Sedan WRX STI has deservedly received the title of fastest car "North Loop". This route he covered in less than seven minutes, which allowed him to set a new record of the Nürburgring. "Northern Loop" - it's aerobatics car. Due to its complexity track also called "green hell". This model Subaru has broad functionality. WRX STI is equipped with: an engine of six hundred horsepower, the racing suspension, four-wheel drive. Also, employees of the company filmed the car maneuver: Now everyone can see what a Subaru.

Records beats and Honda, but only among the front-drive hatchback. On the "Nordschleife" car reached enormous speed - he covered the distance in 7 minutes 43.8 seconds. In this case a decisive role are fractions of seconds. In this car it has been upgraded: aerodynamics, suspension and wheels. Turbo power - 320 horsepower.

However, at the Nurburgring all happened in unexpected ways: the fastest car was a Chinese electric car. NIO EP9 almost six seconds faster passed the track, rather than Lamborghini. Electric vehicle equipped with an electric motor thousand three hundred horsepower. 425 km car is able to travel without charge. In seven seconds, the machine accelerates up to two hundred kilometers per hour. This is a victory not only to the Chinese automotive industry, but electric vehicles on petrol models. That's an absolute record was broken the Nürburgring.

Record Nürburgring - an indicator of the quality of the car.

The most dangerous roads in the world - the choice of the "Formula 1"

Dangers and accidents on the track - the main record of the Nürburgring. "Formula-1" that are not scared. Many pilots are willing to go through the "green hell" to prove his professional competence. Michael Schumacher, a true legend of the Grand Prix, 5 times successfully overcame the German track. However, "North Loop" is not always the skill of the rider is able to just save his life. At last count, track 73 people were killed.

Notable case Niki Lauda. Rider urged his colleagues to boycott the Nürburgring because of the dangers on this route. However, the "Formula 1" place. And he Lauda took part in it. At the same time an accident involving Nicky supercar collided with a fence and burst into flames. Due to the length of the track ambulance could not drive fast. Niki Lauda pulled from a burning car the other pilots.

Record Nürburgring - an indicator of the quality of the car.


Features Nürburgring

As said before, this track is very dangerous. So why is it still there conducted test drives of the best cars and the race "Formula-1"?

Nürburgring consists of many diverse rotation from slow to fast. Rotate replaced one after the other, bringing great difficulties driver. At the Nurburgring without good aerodynamics in any way.

Coating several slides of roads that at moderate temperatures allows the tires to wear less. Weather in the Eifel mountains is very fickle, prone to precipitation in the form of rain. two racetracks located in Germany: the Nürburgring and Hockenheim. Both tracks take turns taking the Grand Prix.

Nürburgring - the center of tourist pilgrimage

Not only the drivers and test drivers attract crazy turns of the route - mere mortals, too, want to feel like Schumacher. The track is the perfect place to relax motorists and even the whole family. You can ride on your own machine. Also included in the rental cars and the so-called Ring Taxi. On this taxi tourists only need to sit in the passenger seat, and a professional driver himself will show sharp turns of the Nürburgring. This trip costs 185 euros per round.

If tourists have a childhood dream of a real race car, you need to be sent to the rental company. There you can take the legendary Porsche. This pleasure will cost 160 euros per round.

Nürburgring - the trail is truly iconic. It is a place of ups and downs and most famous racers today. The largest automotive corporations are competing with each other in the hope of a new record and get ahead of rivals. Nurburgring deserves attention not only of the "sharks" of the automotive business, but also ordinary people (guests of the country).