Footballer Martin Montoya: biography

More recently, there is information about the interest of the Moscow "Spartak" to Martin Montoya, right-back Spanish "Valencia". Russian club on the eve of the Champions League needs to strengthen the composition of high-quality players. Why this player needed a head coach Massimo Carrera capital team, it will be described below.

Curriculum Vitae

Martin Montoya Torralba was born April 14, 1991 in the small town of Gava, near Barcelona, ​​the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Ever since childhood, a child he loved football and was given to the local children's football school. Already in the 8 years of the talented boy scouts turned the attention of the strongest club of Catalonia and one of the leaders of the Spanish and world football - "Barcelona". The dream of the young Catalan - to play for a major club its field - has come true. After 10 years, he was transferred to the "Barcelona II", a subsidiary of the core team, coached by Luis Enrique.

Martin Montoya quite quickly became a key player, and attracted the attention of the coach of the main team, Josep Guardiola. However, unlike peers (Thiago Alcantara, Bartram, Munoz), with its transfer to the rank above do not hurry. The long-awaited debut in February 2011 in a game with "Mallorca". However, a month later he received an injury left him out of football until the end of the game of the year. 2011/12 there was a bit more successful. Including even in the 2nd team, he played in 10 matches, including his debut in the Champions League game, "BATE" (Borisov). On the long-term DEFA noticed he Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach. Montoya received a call to "La Rohu". The youth of Euro-2011 the Spaniards won the gold medal. The club originally planned to use the player as a stand-in Dani Alves. In 2012, the "Barcelona" was headed by Tito Vilanova, Guardiola's assistant. When it became reserve players get more playing time. Montoya was transferred to the main team. In the new season, he participated in 22 games. At the Youth Championship 2013 Spanish team again won the gold medal. However, in the season 2013/14 the amount of the match significantly diminished. The situation was repeated in the following year.

In 2015 the player has decided to leave the club. It loaned to Milan "Inter". Unfortunately, Martin Montoya did not enter into the plans of then coach Roberto Mancini. In January 2016 a footballer returned to Spain and finish the season in the "Betis." In the summer of 2016 he moved permanently to the "Valencia", which played a pretty strong period.

Footballer Martin Montoya: biography

The style of the game

Martin Montoya is not like the other players in his position. Unlike most of the flank defenders who are actively involved in attacking the actions of his team, the Catalan prefer to pay more attention to the game on the defensive. Next it is extremely rare, but each part in the attacks always brings results. Martin Montoya in a situation difficult to pass a 1 on 1, football is strong in martial arts. It is these qualities helped him to win a place at the start in the "Valencia", allowing the move of another right-back Joao Cancela, closer to the attack, almost freeing Portuguese by rough work.

Footballer Martin Montoya: biography

Statistics and trophies

Career 26-year-old Martin Montoya experienced many ups and downs. In "Barcelona" it is not particularly developed. For the first team for 4 years, he played less than 50 matches, remained a pale shadow of not wanting to grow old Dani Alves. However, with the Catalan club, he won 1 time in the Champions League, 2 times champion of Spain and the owner of the King's Cup and one time he took the Spanish Super Cup. In "Inter" Mancini almost gave the Catalans a chance (of 3 games), preferring him to other players. In the "Betis" Montoya played 13 matches. Only with the transition to the camp of "bats," he managed to revive his career. As part of "Valencia" in the last season he played 29 matches and scored 2 goals and gave one assist. Despite repeated calls to "La Rohu" major successes achieved footballer in the youth team in Spain, where twice (2011, 2013) became the champion of Europe. And in the main team has not even debuted.

Footballer Martin Montoya: biography


Martin Montoya and outside the football stadium stands out among its peers. It is characterized by modesty and shyness is not a fan of social networking, it does not even have the page in Instagram. But his hobby is also associated with the game ball (focus on basketball hoop). Catalan, despite the departure from hometown club, continues to maintain relationships with their peers from the "Barcelona".