Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era

In football, it happens that the name of one player becomes almost the main symbol of an era in the history of the country. Such, for example, is considered to be the current leader of Madrid "Real" and the Portuguese national team - offensive and unique striker by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. "Kryry" has long been immortalized in his home country in the form of various statues and busts, but in real life seven Royal Club fans of the Portuguese national team ready almost to worship.

Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era

What's in a name?

If Ronaldo - a symbol of the present age, then Nuno Gomes, speaking, by the way, in the same position as the CR-7 - the legend of the beginning of the new century. Interestingly, the name of which millions of fans chanted the Portuguese from the rostrum, is fictional. To be precise, the footballer took him in honor of his idol - the owner of "Golden Boot", defended the colors of "Port" in the 80-ies of the last century. However, for millions of fans he is a star named Nuno Gomes, whose career has lasted nearly twenty years. During all this time the Portuguese striker just three seasons spent outside his native Portugal.

Nuno Gomes: biography

Future football player was born on July 5, 1976. His birthplace - a small Portuguese town of Amarante in Porto District. Together with other boys Nuno spent all day on the football pitch. And in the 15 years he has defended the colors of the Portuguese national team U-15, for which scored three goals in three matches. By the way, Gomes was summoned to the national teams of all ages, down to the U-21 and in each of the teams he was a leader on the field.

Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era

On the club level, Nuno Gomes defended the colors of the Portuguese "Boavista", "Benfica" and "Braga" and the Italian "Fiorentina" and career at sunset - English "Blackburn".

Any games for the national team or the club level football Nuno Gomes could not boast the same performance, such as Thierry Henry and Ronaldo. However, each of its output on the football field caused a real furor among fans. And all thanks to the incredible dedication and enormous benefits that often brought the Portuguese as an assistant.

Early career

In the season of 1994-1995. eighteen year old striker spent debut match in the Portuguese Primeyre for "Boavista". The young striker, distinguished by a good speed and high quality of dribbling, quite quickly became a team regular and in the second season in the club from Porto won the Cup. Just a "chess" Nuno spent 79 matches in which 23 different times scored goals.

Advances forward quickly attracted the attention of other, more famous, the Portuguese clubs. Insistent of all was "Benfica", a red T-shirt that Nuno Gomes tried on the eve of the 1997-1998 season.

"Eagles" leadership during the next three seasons, has never regretted spent on transfer means, as the leader of the attack, "Benfica", "chop" sixty goals in 101 match for the capital team.

Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era

Moving to Italy

Portuguese forward at the highest level had Euro 2000, having featured four goals, after which it turned out to be interested in acquiring almost half of the teams from the top European championships. Himself forward chose the "Fiorentina", which defended the colors for two seasons. For the "violets" Nuno Gomes scored nineteen goals, and in the 2000-2001 season. together with the team won the Coppa Italia.

Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era


In 2002, the 26-year-old striker returned to the "Benfica", where he again became an idol to the public at the "Estádio da Luz". Even though the number of serious injuries and reducing the impact of the former, the forward time and again bring to the team. Twice Nuno Gomes triumfoval with the Eagles in the championship and the Cup of the country. With regard to individual merit, it is worth noting in 2006, when the striker with 15 goals in the asset placed second in the scorers of the national championship.

In 2007, "Benfica" has signed Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo, and two years later - Javier Saviola. Portuguese veteran had become increasingly difficult to compete with the young stars, so Gomes gradually became a reserve player. However, this does not prevent him from still scoring important balls, even if the time on the field head coach assigned him less than half an hour. In his last season in the "Benfica" Nuno Gomes and all marked by a unique achievement, scoring goals in three straight games, while remaining on the field only in the end of the match.


In 2011, the Portuguese striker left the "eagles". Later he would return there again, but on the administrative work after completion of his playing career. In the meantime, 35-year-old on a free agent, signed a one-year contract with "Braga", for which spent a good season, having featured six goals in twenty matches. His last season in the big football Gomes held in the "Blackburn" has just left the Premier League. Note that the final chord could be described as a positive, because each of the four heads of the Portuguese veteran in a blue and white T-shirt turned out to be very important for the team and consistently brought the team from the same city in the points standings.

Nuno Gomes - Portuguese football star and a symbol of the era

Nuno Gomes: personal life

Portuguese striker has always been characterized in football circles as a positive personality and modest. The most serious offense which can be found in his sports biography, - push the judge in one of the matches. For the violation of Gomes got semimatchevuyu disqualification, but this did not spoil his reputation, and soon her bright play striker earned an invitation to the Italian "Fiorentina".

Ex-footballer married to former journalist Patricia Aguilar. For Gomes is the second marriage, but from the first family had left a daughter, Laura. Nuno and Patricia legalize their relationship in the summer of 2006.