Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Andrei Kanchelskis - popular domestic football. It is one of the most renowned - twice won the championship of England and Scotland, became the owner of the European Super Cup, Cup of the USSR, England, Scotland, and Saudi Arabia. In the national team of Russia took part in two European Championships.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Early in his career

Andrei Kanchelskis was born in Kirovograd in 1969. I started playing football in the local Youth. In 1986 he made his debut in Kirovohrad "Stars" in the second league of the USSR championship. For two seasons he spent 68 matches and scored 5 goals. Even then showed himself as a midfielder.

In 1988, the football player was in Kiev "Dynamo", when he was drafted into the army. He was then coached by the legendary Valeriy Lobanovskiy. It first appeared on the field as part of the club's game against the principal rival - Donetsk "Shakhtar", coming on as a substitute for Ivan Yaremchuk. It was the second half of the season.

Two months later, 19-year-old Andrei Kanchelskis has already scored his first goal in the Premier League of the USSR Championship. Appearing on the half hour before the end of the game with the Moscow "Dynamo", when the scoreboard was 0: 1, he scored the equalizer, but in the end his club won. That season Kiev won silver medals, second only to "Dnepr" from Dnepropetrovsk. The following year, the Dynamo were third.

Returning to the "citizen", he decided to pursue a career in the Donetsk "Shakhtar", as the "Dynamo" he was unable to win a permanent place in the base. For two years, he spent 22 games. In the "Miner" has become a hero of our articles regularly play in the starting lineup by the end of the season got the call to the national team.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

In the West

Restructuring has opened up new opportunities for all citizens of the USSR, the players were not exceptions. Andrei Kanchelskis whose photo is in this article, one of the first who moved to a foreign club. And once in English "Manchester United". It will take the head coach Alex Ferguson during a friendly match against Scotland. transfer amount was 650 000 euros. The first match in the biography of Andrei Kanchelskis for "Manchester" was held May 11, 1991 against the "Crystal Palace" on the finish of the season. The new club played the hero of this article is actually the second composition, preparing for the battle for the Cup Winners' Cup. So expectedly lost 0: 3. It turned out that it was not in vain. A few days later, "Manchester" has won a European trophy, winning the final of "Barcelona" with a score of 2: 1.

In the "Manchester United" Andrei Kanchelskis quickly adapted and became to play at right midfield. True, at first appeared on the field very rarely. In 1992/93 a total of 14 times, and only four in the starting lineup. Star began the next season for him. Kanchelskis became a team regular and won the title. Together with the cantons, Schmeichel, Ince, Robson, Giggs and Hughes was one of the leaders of the team.

True, there were failures. In 1994, in the English League Cup final soccer player sent off for a foul in the penalty. The match ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of "Aston Villa".

Of the outstanding games Andrew should be noted his hat-trick and the scoring pass in the game against the "Manchester City" in 1995. The meeting ended with a score of 5: 0. In Manchester Kanchelskis played until 1995, spending on the 162 matches in which scored 36 goals.

In the last season Ferguson has ceased to trust him, besides Andrew permanently injured. As a result, between the two even had a conflict because of the fact that the coach would not let him constantly on the field. In the offseason, Kanchelskis sold in "Everton". It is noteworthy that replaced our player in the "Manchester" David Beckham.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

International career

The USSR national football team Andrei Kanchelskis made his debut in 1989 in a friendly game against Poland. Together with the team he successfully passed the qualifying tournament for Euro 92 in Sweden. The national team arrived to the tournament under the banner of the CIS. Kanchelskis without replacements held three group matches, which were unsuccessful for our players. After the draw Germany (1: 1) and the Netherlands (0: 0), Scotland CIS team lost 0: 3, taking only the last in the group.

After the tournament, before Andrew had to choose the team for which act - Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. The hero of this article has chosen the Russian team, which after the failure at Euro led Paul Sadyrin. Kanchelskis helped win a ticket to the World Cup in the United States in 1994, but the tournament did not go because of the fact that he had signed the so-called Letter of fourteen. It demanded the resignation of the football team Sadyrin to the team for preparing mundialyu Byshovets. The RFU did not do it.

After a failed World Cup, the team led by Oleg Romantsev, Kanchelskis it returned. In 1996, he went to the European Championship in England. But even there, the team has come to grief, having lost in the group Italy (1: 2), Germany (0: 3), and played a draw with the Czechs - 3: 3.

In 1998, the team missed the World Cup, losing to Italy in the play-offs. In September of the same year Kanchelskis last played for the national team. In total he spent in the national team 59 games and scored 8 goals.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos


From England to Italy

"Everton" Kanchelskis spent brilliant first season, becoming with 16 goals top scorer. However, in the standings, the club was sixth, before reaching the European club zone.

But by the middle of next season, "Everton" was forced to sell it to the Italian "Fiorentina" because of some financial difficulties. The new championship, he had a long time to adapt, so the style of the game in England and Italy was very different.

In the offseason, he took over as head coach Alberto Malesani, who became his trusted more on using the usual positions. But in one of the first tours he was injured in the game with "Inter". A month later, not recovered, went to the play-offs against Italy for the right to play at the World Cup. The collision with the goalkeeper Pagliuca, football player Andrei Kanchelskis The available only exacerbated the damage. Season was crumpled, after it left Malesani and Andrew sold in the Scottish "Rangers".

Returning to Britain

Together with the club came Kanchelskis Dutch coach Dick Advocaat. The team put the highest goals at the European level. In his first season in the domestic league players managed to win all the trophies, but in the UEFA Cup, they have moved far away, lost in the 1/8 finals of the Italian "Parma".

Beginning next season missed because of injury. When recovered, it turned out that in its place successfully plays American Rhine.

Over time, the lawyer began to invite more and more Dutch players, Andrew appeared on the field for less. After the conflict in training with the midfielder Riksenom, he was taken out of the first team.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Back to Manchester

Given the situation, Andrei Kanchelskis immediately responded to the offer to play in England. Only this time in the team, "Manchester City" on loan.

When he arrived at the club's location, he was in 18th place after 24 rounds. He spent 10 games, but to save the team from relegation failed. After the end of the season he returned to Scotland.

A second chance

Despite the fact that the "Rangers" has once again failed in the European Cup, and began to perform poorly in the domestic championship, conceding all the trophies "Celtic", the coach still remained lawyer. Conflict with Kanchelskis was not forgotten, so he almost did not leave the bench.

Only in December 2001. The lawyer resigned at the end of the season the club decided not to renew the contract with 33-year-old Kanchelskis. Altogether he spent in the Scottish team 113 matches and scored 19 goals.


Andrew began the new season in the Premier League - in "Southampton". The contract was signed for one year. However, he failed to win the trust of the coach, and for the whole season, he once came off the bench.

Exotic football

In 2003, Kanchelskis surprised many leaves at 4 months in Saudi Arabia, to play for the club, "Al-Hilal", the leader of the local championship.

But with the arrival of our business player in the team had no luck. "Al-Hilal" finished only fifth in the championship, and flew out of the Asian Champions League.

True it was hardly connected with the figure of the hero of this article, as on the field, he appeared rarely. But still managed to help the team to win the King's Cup.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

In the Russian championship

In early 2004, Kanchelskis flew to Russia, where he signed a contract with the Moscow "Dynamo". But the team at the last moment the application has been deleted. The reason was the conflict with the head coach, Czech Jaroslav Jaroslav Hřebík.

According to one version, the reason for dismissal was the appearance in training Kanchelskis drunk at training camp in Spain.

After this failure, he signed a contract with Ramenskii "Saturn". Andrew showed himself well, and his team finished in 7th place. After graduating Ignatieff season as coach replaced Tarhanov, who was interested in extending the contract with the player. However, he turned it on full-back position, but most matches he spent in the starting lineup. End of the season the team became the 11th.

The last club career began in Kanchelskis Samara "Wings of the Soviets." He proved to be the oldest player of the championship in 36 years. In this season he spent with dignity - 22 games and 1 goal. The team finished tenth, Hajiyev was replaced Oborin, who decided to take a course on the rejuvenation of the composition.


Andrei Kanchelskis in February 2007 announced the completion of a professional career. After that he was able to pay more attention to his personal life. However, by that time he had already divorced.

The only wife of Andrei Kanchelskis, a football player, a personal life for which played an important role, there was a girl Inna. He met her in Kirovograd in 1990. She was very attractive, even won the "Miss Kirovograd" contest. In the summer of 1991 they were married. In 1993, Manchester had a son, Andrew, and in 1999 in Glasgow, the daughter of Eve. Inna was pregnant for the third time, but the baby died in the womb.

In 2006, Inna went from player to singer Stas Mikhailov, whose wife is now.

Andrei Kanchelskis: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

After completing his football career, the hero of this article worked as general director of the club "Nosta" of Novotroitsk. When Kanchelskis came to the team, it is the first time in its history came in the first division, where she took the 7th place in his debut season. After the expiration of the contract in 2009, he worked in the "Torpedo-ZIL" received training on coaching courses, worked in the "Ufa" and the Nizhny Novgorod "Volga".

In 2014 he became the Latvian teachers "Jurmala", and in 2016 a few months he worked at the Moscow team "Solaris". Now Andrei Kanchelskis - the head coach of Russian national student team. And he has written several biographical books, FIFA ambassador, and has British citizenship.