Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

Currently, a huge popular retro rollers. They are easy to use and are made in a stylish design. Rollers arranged in two rows of wheels suitable for skiing beginners, since they have a large support area, appreciated them and virtuosos skating. The sale can be seen, quads videos for the whole family: children, women and men. Let us consider what is the quads, and learn a little about their origins.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

From the history of

Roller skates, in which the wheels are arranged in a single row, called inline. It is believed that in order to develop them as a model ice skates were taken. Rollers-quads in appearance similar to a miniature copy of the four-wheeled carts. It is believed that the very first creator rollers was machinery inventor and artist from Belgium Merlin. For the first time he showed his invention at an exhibition in London in 1760. The first consisted of rolls placed one after the other small metal wheels. In 1819, an inventor from France Petibledom been patented inline-rolls with three wheels, the wheels were recessed into the frame of wood, which, in turn, fastened belts to shoes.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

In 1823, Tyers from the city of London has created and patented rolls with five wheels in a row. These rollers attached to the shoes. In 1863, Plympton has created a "rocking" skate - roller skates, quads. Wheels on them were in pairs on two axles. In 1905, prototypes of the modern sliding skates were established in New York. Many times and in different countries to improve the rollers, quads. In 1995 he began to produce quads with a soft shoe. In our country, in 2012 quads were recognized as the best product of the year.


There are several types of quad-rollers for a particular riding style:

  • metal quads;
  • Plastic quads;
  • rollers for skating;
  • quads for speed skating;
  • Quad-Sneakers;
  • rollers for the game of hockey;
  • quads for aggressive riding style;
  • rollers for jumps;
  • quads, off-road vehicles;
  • rollers for circus tricks.

Let us consider some of them.

Metal quads, pulling the strap

These videos were attached to conventional shoes using leather straps. The length of the roller skates can be configured either using a wrench. Wheels were made of steel.

The rollers of plastic belts

Previously, some of these models were made of wood, but with the prevalence of plastic rollers were made of it. Usually on the front of the characters from cartoons or comics were depicted.

Rollers in figure skating

The most popular quad-rollers used for dancing or figure skating. They differ from conventional roller higher shafted and the presence of a heel. They have a shorter frame, the front axle is located at the place where there is the rise of the foot, and back - below the middle of the heel. All this makes it easier to perform the dance moves, gives greater maneuverability.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

quad - videos for children

The most popular children's quads are the company Moby kids. These videos are designed for kids aged 2 to 10 years. The big plus is possible to consider that the child's leg is fixed in four places. In this company rolls the rear wheels much more forward, it greatly improves the stability of the quads, and thus makes skating as safely as possible. The wheels are made from wear-resistant and impact-resistant material. Castors have good rolling and are provided with a reliable rear brake. Roller skates sliding and may be increased by four sizes. The sale of children's videos, quads are such sizes: from 26 to 29, 30 to 33. Riding quads can be considered not only entertainment, but also a good trainer. In addition, they help to learn how to balance and coordinate the movement.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

Features quads Moby kids:

  • maximum load - 20 kg;
  • wheel (mat) - polyurethane;
  • frame - composite plastic;
  • the front wheels size - 40h22 cm;
  • rear wheel size - 80h12;
  • color range;
  • assembly - China;
  • manufacturer - Russia.

Features rollers quads:

  • convenient, reliable lacing;
  • wear-resistant, shock-proof wheels;
  • increase in shoe size 4;
  • rear brake;
  • suitable for children from 2 to 5 years, from 5 to 10 years.

Quad "Scorpio": the advantages and features of

These videos provide an opportunity to win a variety of roads. Among the advantages are the following characteristics:

  • these quads are very sturdy platform that can withstand up to 120 kilograms;
  • sliding shoes: from 31 to 35, 35 to 39, 40 to 45;
  • is very convenient and reliable mounting;
  • Wheel of large size that can conquer any road.

Quad "Scorpio" for children

Able to withstand the weight up to 45 kg, size 31 to 35, the color may be red and pink. The wheels are small - up to 80 centimeters in diameter.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

Quad for adults

Adult Clips quads able to withstand a load of 85 to 125 kilograms, depending on the size of the rollers. There are only two rollers size - from 35 to 39 and from 40 to 45, the color black with silver accents, a wheel diameter of 100 mm.

Off-road quads

It is the largest of adult movies. Wheels up in size from 115 to 130 mm in diameter. Can withstand up to 120 kilograms. There are two sizes of 35-39, 40-45. This model is available in two colors: black or red. On these rollers can drive on any road. The speed of these rollers up to 30 km / h. Such quads have an ergonomic design that does not cause physical stress to the muscles, to prevent fatigue. In these commercials you can do an extreme riding.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

Price rollers

Price-quads rollers depends on the country and the manufacturer, as well as on which model is purchased. The lowest cost is about two thousand and can be up to twenty thousand.

Where to buy quads?

It is very popular to buy this item from the online stores of Moscow. Shipping quad-rollers in Moscow and St. Petersburg by courier free of charge.

By the way, rollerdromes there is such a service as renting quads! Usually, price is not higher than that of conventional rollers. Included give themselves quads and all the security features.

Quads - videos for children and adults: Features, views and reviews

Rollers-quads: reviews

A lot of positive feedback left to the owners of these commercials. Note that they are easy to ride, even children! Due to the large area of ​​the sole is easy to keep the balance. The rollers are easy to operate, they are very smooth entry into turns. They are considered comfortable when driving. In addition, these videos do not need tight lacing. Like the owners of quads and appearance: they are stylish and spectacular, made of leather, suede and fabric. Rollers have good durability. Pleases a variety of models, each can choose exactly what you need. Acquire them for fitness, dance, circus stunts, playing hockey. Parents say that even young children quickly learn to ride, and also believe rollers practical and comfortable.