Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

Our skin needs daily care regardless of the season. A summer gives us a great opportunity to get enough and rich in vitamins. It's time for a refreshing facial masks at home. We talk about them in this article.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

Action refreshing masks

They saturate the cells of nutrients, providing comprehensive skin care. As well as:

  • has a cleansing effect (before the procedure can take advantage of scrub, which provides deeper penetration of useful components).
  • oxygenates the skin, speeding up the metabolism.
  • Antioxidants have a regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • make the skin younger, more supple and velvety, smooth fine wrinkles, lighten dark circles, tighten, clean.
  • complexion gets better by increasing blood circulation.

Their usefulness is obvious. Age limit for working with refreshing mask no. But there are some contraindications. To them in more detail.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

To banned refreshing facial masks at home

These are not all fit. It is better to refrain from such procedures, if:

  • is visibly damaged dermis;
  • One of the products have allergies;
  • a rash in 25% of the skin;
  • close to the surface of the skin capillaries are located.

To start the mask to try on the skin of the hands or behind the ear. means should apply and hold 10 minutes in case of discomfort (itching, redness) abandon its use.

To mask recommended

Such masks are suitable for those who:

  • skin is dry, scaly, there is a feeling of tightness;
  • in the spring appeared spots, complexion is greenish and yellowish tint;
  • no blush;
  • increase in the number of small wrinkles;
  • Derma acquired shine;
  • raised chin, formed folds in the cheeks, the oval of the face blurred.

So, we figured out who allowed refreshing facial masks at home. Only once decided on a recipe, you should consider whether you can regularly buy all the necessary ingredients. Because for a good result you need prodelyvat procedure within thirty days. Products, it is desirable to choose environmentally friendly, without chemicals.

Before considering the popular home recipes refreshing facial masks, learn how they need to be applied.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

Application Notes

To benefit the components and provided the correct action is necessary to:

  1. The resulting mass is applied to the skin in hot form, then the nutrients are absorbed better.
  2. To impose a uniform mixture evenly.
  3. Keep the pulp on your face no more than 25 minutes, otherwise it may appear irritation.
  4. To remove the remnants of ordinary water, without using soap.
  5. Do a lot of healing strictly on prescription, without changing technology.

As you can see, simple recommendations. It should also be noted that before the application is best to clean the pores. To do this, hold a person over a saucepan of hot steam, covered with a towel. You can add your favorite herbs. But such a procedure is contraindicated in asthmatics and people with heart and vascular diseases.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

And a few rules of

Besides fruits and vegetables, in the may include herbs. For example, St. John's wort, calendula, aloe, marjoram, lime, parsley, camomile. Also, egg yolk, dairy products, oils and even charcoal. So, advice:

  • Cooking mask must be before the procedure so that it has not lost its useful properties.
  • It is better to apply the slurry by means of a disc of wool, trying not to fall on the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • The selected remedy is to approach the skin type.
  • The remains are removed with a napkin, then it is recommended to wash decoction of herbs or tea, cold, of course.
  • Do the mask is recommended before going to bed.
  • After removing the tools you need to use a moisturizer for the face.

Now, move on to the recipes refreshing facial masks at home.

Is the process of making the mask work?

Nothing complicated. Moisture to nourish dry skin, you need to mix honey liquid consistency of sour cream, then add the cheese and put the composition for 15 minutes.

Oily skin needs a mask of raspberry and strawberry in tandem with liquid honey and lemon juice. There is another option, regenerating and renewing cells. It needs steamed oatmeal, to which we add egg yolk, tomato juice and lots of grated cucumber.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

More recipes

The main thing is to respect the proportions. So, let's begin:

  • Potato. Cooked very simply. It is necessary to boil the potato tuber crush peeled, the weight add 50 ml of yolk and milk. Stir. Achieve a smooth consistency.
  • From cottage cheese. It needs only two ingredients, cottage cheese and lemon juice, which must be mixed to a thick slurry. This mask is not only refreshing, but also fights with pigment spots.
  • Grape. 50 ml squeeze juice and mix it with a fatty cream (40 grams). The lemon or apple may be used as a main component.
  • On the basis of yeast. The sauerkraut juice (30 ml) was diluted with a little yeast. 5 ml of olive oil and thoroughly mixed to give a brew for 20 minutes.
  • Coffee. After drinking a mug of coffee insoluble, leaving thick. It add 20 grams of honey (preferably fresh) and a teaspoon of milk. Mix all thoroughly and add a few drops of vegetable oil.
  • Cucumber mask. It will need 30 grams of juicy green flesh, the same amount of fatty cream and 15 grams of honey. Mix everything and keep on the face no more than 10 minutes.

The recipes is a snap. Now we know how to cook at home refreshing mask for the face. Do not forget that the seasonal vegetables and fruits nourishes the skin with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

Recipes masks, refreshing complexion

At home, if you have an important event and need to look good, you can do the manipulation, which in effect would be no worse than salon treatments. Just simply need to put on the face one of the masks, which must hold for 15-20 minutes:

  1. It is better, of course, to use the products of own production. Take 17 grams of fat cottage cheese. To this add 30 grams of cream, sour cream can, and 7 grams of salt. It is necessary to mix well. Consistency obtain a liquid, so it should impose lying. Not suitable for oily skin.
  2. Mask based on oat flakes. Their take tablespoon and added to the yogurt, the resulting mass is put in a little honey, to give a mixture density. Wash off with water, preferably warm.
  3. parsley and other greens perfectly evens the complexion. This recipe is very simple, you need to pound the parsley with olive oil to make a thick homogeneous mass. Apply half an hour.
  4. Mask of watermelon. It will take a few tablespoons of watermelon and lemon juice and a little honey.
  5. Potato and carrot mask. To the grated orange root vegetables add a tablespoon of warm mashed potatoes and egg yolk. Wash off with warm, then cold water.
  6. Popular Beer mask. Heated 50 grams of light beer, add the egg yolk, a tablespoon of potato flour and as much finely grated carrot. Should get a homogeneous mass.
  7. Berry Mask. It consists of a handful of raspberries, half teaspoon soda, a tablespoon of sour cream. Thick layer is applied and washed carefully with warm water.

Refreshing facial mask at home is an excellent way to combat fatigue and pale skin. But it is necessary to adhere to a few important aspects.

Additional recommendations to improve the complexion

So advice:

  1. Healthy glow and blush can be saved, if you limit or do not drink alcoholic beverages. You need to leave bad habits, take care of their physical and mental condition, to eat properly.
  2. Can be taken 20 minutes prior to receiving the four coal tablets food activated, squeezed cooled boiled water.
  3. Oily skin, dotted with black spots, it is necessary to clean and use cosmetics to align the complexion.
  4. The positive mood and radiant smile can work wonders. After all, stress and depression are reflected on our face.

Skincare must necessarily be complex. Consider a few recipes for refreshing and toning facial masks.

Refreshing facial mask at home - the best recipes, and reviews the effectiveness of

What are the ingredients used?

The answer is simple: all the same vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs. Excellent tones the skin cabbage and cucumber juice and applesauce. If you do not have time, you can simply wash the cucumber, cut into slices and put on face. But do not be lazy and make a mask that you want to keep for 10-15 minutes. Here are some recipes:

  • Classic mask, invigorating the skin. Take the fermented milk product of 20-25 ml: cream - for dry skin, oily - curdled, for normal - yogurt. Next, mix it with 10-15 ml of lemon juice. Weight ready. Cover face with gauze, so that the mask is not dripping. Then they all take off and wash your face.
  • Potato and egg. Need one potato and raw egg yolk. Tuber rub on a fine grater and wring out thoroughly, mix it with egg yolk. For oily skin, the protein is taken.
  • Coffee mask. Take dessertspoonful fermented milk product, two coffee spoons lemon peel and two are the same spoon coffee grounds. All the mix, applied to the skin massaging movements.

Again, one facial at home with a refreshing mask will not be enough to take care of their health in general. To achieve a positive result can only by complex, laborious work over itself. You must daily self-improvement. You can never stop halfway.

Reviews of refreshing facial mask at home very positive. When used properly, they will certainly not hurt, because they contain only natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and trace elements, nourish and rejuvenate. The main thing is to stick to all above recommendations carefully consider contraindications and use them regularly.