The highest jump in the water: Cliff Diving in Swiss

Few people dare to carry diving to extreme sports. However, some athletes, including the Swiss Lazo Schaller, can compete in this respect. If you regularly go swimming and jumping, it is possible to greatly strengthen your body, increase endurance and develop the vestibular apparatus. However, you do not get a big dose of adrenaline, without which the people who call themselves extreme, can not do.

The highest diving board into the water

Diving is an Olympic sport and have a range of standards. Still very young athletes jump with jumps, which are three meters in height, the women take the bar five meters. The greatest height, which is available to carry out discipline - ten meters. With her jump only men.

The highest jump in the water: Cliff Diving in Swiss

However, the enthusiasts who have a passion for the sport, constantly raising the bar and jump from greater heights, setting up their own informal competition. Each other like athletes called entertainment "Cliff Diving".

The highest jump into the water in the world

The Swiss athlete, whose name Lazo Schaller, has long been interested in cliff-diving. Man constantly improve their own skills in order to one day get into the Guinness Book of Records. He regularly dived from a great height, which sometimes reaches 35 meters. Many considered him a courageous man, and some - crazy.

The highest jump in the water: Cliff Diving in Swiss

But despite the criticism of others, Lazo went to his goal, wanting to make the highest jump in the water.

Preparation for the jump

In order to successfully take the highest height to jump into the water, it is necessary to carefully prepare. A rehearsal of such tricks, as well as to carry out all sorts of calculations required more than one month. To establish the record for Canyon Cascata Del Salto has been selected to the highest jump in the water, which is located in Switzerland. It is here, in terms of Laso team, the optimal ratio of height and depth, as well as a perfect plumb rocks, allowing to jump freely.

The highest jump in the water: Cliff Diving in Swiss

The first thing enthusiasts decided to explore the pool, fully examining and clearing the bottom of obstructions that could cause irreparable damage to the health of the athlete-extremals. Then began the long and complex calculations of the trajectory. To this end, it was dropped a huge number of stones, the weight of which was comparable with the weight of Schaller. After counting all the mathematical work began techniques to install special ionizers, whose main task - softening the water. This forced measure is very important, since when establishing the record of the highest jump in the water can get seriously injured, hitting the body of the upper layer of water.


On the day of his jump, which was watched all over the world, the Swiss athlete was the most concentrated. For internal voltage had every reason, because, making the highest jump in the water, there is a good chance to get a variety of injuries, or even his death. You just think about the fact that when jumping from such a height falling body speed is about 123 km / h. If we take into account the fact that the depth in the intended landing site is only eight meters, they begin to slip doubts about the safety. Every sane person immediately think: Is this enough depth? If we approach the issue from a scientific point of view, it is safe to say that the depth of the water would be enough for such a jump. The more of your body weight, height and speed of the fall, the faster the stop under the water. For example, the following data: for safe stop after jumping from a height of ten-pond depth should be at least three meters, and if the jump from a fifty-meter tower - enough four meters.

The highest jump in the water: Cliff Diving in Swiss

Once Schaller fully focused and the whole team froze in anticipation, he pushed away from the fixed platform over the precipice. The crowd of onlookers had no time to gasp when she heard a strong bang. All froze in anticipation of watching the medical team to the rescue Daredevil. However, he is not only self-emerged and reached the land, but he got to his feet, he heard a lot of compliments in his address and applause.