It's not your dream: the outside influence

It's not your dream: the outside influence

There is no doubt that human life is the most valuable life itself. Losing her, we immediately lose all what radovalic and which devoted their warmest feelings. A single life, if we talk about her subjective perception, much more important than the ephemeral homeland, forever changing and traditions, will be more categorical, humanity itself. None of the mystics in the history of our species did not find the gate to another world, did not prove the existence of the afterlife, and therefore, sadly, we have to consider its own existence by chance, which is a unit format. Will live eighty, forty, or even twenty years, and in the coffin.

But we do not think about it often, why life seems eternal, and therefore some errors on its corners are seen not as seriously as they should be. For example…

to go against their way

We give life to others, and the choice to reduce household power: how to choose hair color, what to cook for dinner tonight, a series start looking? An important choice, meanwhile, remains beyond our perception. After all, we always help you, tell you what we need and what is not. And you will not want to go to a technical college, for girls there is nothing to do, right? Go into commerce, as they say to you girlfriend - you will earn more.

And if you're twenty-five, you are without a husband and children, it's time to think about it, is not it? All your relatives constantly procrastinate this issue in the hope that you come to senses. At some point you break under their pressure, you find yourself looking for a Man, gray and slimy mediocrity, PLANT children with him and live. Relatives are happy they have injected in you the elixir of "the good life", and you really have not. You're dead, your ambitions society absorbed and digested all that you are. Now you can be happy, but that happiness is not genuine. You can fall in love with her husband, but in my heart knowing that this is only the effect of habit, and you still could not find a soul mate, or even someone who could understand you. Many people make a similar mistake, hitting a third-party influence. And when they finally start to realize that life is finite, then horrified: they completely covers the depression, they go crazy. Time lost can not change anything and the worst thing is that we ourselves are to blame. Always think that you will not. We believe that all accidents are so naive.

The hostages tradition

It's not your dream: the outside influence

It all happens for a reason, and, unfortunately, no one can change the situation. Man has developed his own line of conduct, a unique algorithm that helps to survive in conditions of scarcity of food, water and protection. Ideas that are in the air so far, which tells us that any normal woman should want to give birth, of course, come from the past. But this does not mean that they should be given, and the feasibility of their blind faith.

Now they can not save man from extinction, probably prevented him to lead a full life. And if a rational look at the people who are advised to follow the logic of continuity, then we will not see among them no outstanding person, no talented artist, eminent scholar and a successful businessman. But we see people who are sincerely offended by life. They failed to realize his dream into reality, and they cling to bits of sense to somehow justify their failure. Lacking behind any achievement, they will teach you to choose the "right". All this can turn into a dangerous game, because the next of kin, your mother and father, could be among these people.

The fight for the sake of struggle

Another form of dependence lies in the rebellion against tradition. It's ironic, but really has to do with reality. Recall youth, when blood was boiling hot and all the advice of relatives perceived challenge against the sacred freedom. It was fun, but even at that time the tactics of perpetual resistance did not give good fruit. Because it is not necessary to prolong this period for a lifetime, because an adolescent's position has little to do with the reasonable position of an adult. Life is much more complicated than it seems. It is not composed of black and white, there there are all the colors known to the human eye, and a couple more that we do not know.

So the right choice - it is not always a choice between two opposites.

The main question itself

It's not your dream: the outside influence

It is obvious that there is only one criterion when it comes to an important stage in your life, such as career choices, Man and goals in life. And this criterion is your true desire. How to understand that the desire is really true, and not imposed from the outside? To do this, just clear your mind, to be alone with him, forget about all the people who hated you and that you care about, and ask yourself: "I really want this?"

If the answer is yes, you should determine for themselves the steps that will help to achieve the goal. If these steps seem complicated, unpleasant and tedious for you, the target chosen is wrong, because the true desire is always fueled by enthusiasm. It should not be somehow justified, as we do with the desire to impose. We do not need to view the mother to make sure he is right, and do not need the approval of friends to decide on a major step. Sometimes it should take the initiative, which is based only on the you and no one more.