Interior for beginners: 7 trendy acquisitions 2017

Moving into a new apartment or house - a great opportunity to finally create the interior of your dreams. But despite the fact that it is undoubtedly a fascinating event, newcomers to the question decor may face a number of difficulties, which can kill the mood at the outset. To avoid this, we decided to sort out with some basic elements better to start creating a stylish and comfortable interior, and picked up some trendy decorative elements, which is necessary to get in the first place.

1. Wicker basket

Interior for beginners: 7 trendy acquisitions 2017

Wicker basket - is a versatile and stylish way to not only spice up your interior and add a natural, and ethnic notes, but also a great way to keep things that you do not want to leave in plain sight. Wicker things can be found in all shapes and designs, from baskets to buckets, boxes and vases.

The structure itself of the decoration member need not be made of wood, can be completely dispensed and artificial plant pots. The best part is that you can put baskets in any room and is perfect for all needs. Decorate the bathroom, folded in wicker basket beautiful towels, or fold the dirty clothes in wicker bucket. The kitchen in such elements of decor can even store food, such as bread, for example, and in the living room and bedroom space for creativity is not limited to: from flower pots to litter on the table.

2 Armchairs fur

The official trend 2017 years - it is fur, natural or man-made is not important. Translate the material can be in the furniture and decor items. Buy a fur chair to create an additional seat in the living room or decorate the sofa with fur pillows. In the bedroom, there is always room for blankets made of fur and can be used fur mats for chairs in the kitchen. The main thing is not to overdo it. This bright and textured element, like a bottle, it is best used as a luxury item in the interior, diluting their discreet design, so as to avoid the effect of "fur rooms" best limited to one subject of fur.

3. Marble coffee table

Interior for beginners: 7 trendy acquisitions 2017

Coffee table - this is another handy piece of furniture, which stands for a new home purchase. The living room is such a thing would be very advantageous to look, and then it will be possible to lay down on his bright magazines or flowers, and the same wicker baskets can also be stored on it, depending on the size and design of the coffee table. Approach to the selection of materials should be remembered that in 2017 the popularity of on natural materials will not weaken, buying a coffee table, note the marble or stylized marble. This element of the decor will be an elegant addition to any room, creating an atmosphere of comfort and uniqueness.

4. Gradients

In the matter of the colors of the rooms the hottest trend of 2017 was the gradient. Such an effect can be implemented in furniture, as well as the decoration of walls and textiles. The best solution would be to purchase the sofa, colors that smoothly transitions from dark to light. Curtains, bedspreads and towels can also be performed in the style of Ombre. This style will make the interior elements of modern and bohemian, so do not be afraid to experiment.

5. The industrial decor

Interior for beginners: 7 trendy acquisitions 2017

In addition to all kinds of natural materials is gaining popularity industrial style, which perfectly fits into a loft design, or will be a great decorative element in the interior of the ordinary. Metal parts, wood, lacquer, furniture or decor, clearly does not fit in the comfort of home - this is what you need. High bar stools will be able to add some modern style to your kitchen, metal or wooden shelves perfectly fit into the living room, combining style and practicality. Street lights can be a highlight of any interior.

6. Boho

Boho style, inspiring and bohemian, is able to make any room a festive, bright and rich. Here it is necessary to properly combine colors, without fear of excessive brightness. Textural details like embroidery on pillows, tassels hanging on the bedspread, curtains and pillow cases, ethnic and vintage pattern will attract attention and will be able to make the most peculiar dull or just neutral furniture or even a room.

7. Terrarium

Interior for beginners: 7 trendy acquisitions 2017

Love of living plants in 2017 to a new level. Now trending glass terrariums that are able to liven up any space in your interior. Coffee table, dresser or shelf. Terrariums - a new word in the interior, because they are very easy to use and maintain, and they look incredibly stylish. Inside you can put any flowers, branches or decorative stones.