Tips on proper nutrition by Elle Macpherson

Tips on proper nutrition by Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson did not just believe the woman with the perfect body. At the moment, supermodel spends less and less time in front of the camera, but is engaged in the health and development of the culture of the correct attitude to his WelleCo project. - own brand McPherson. Combining a busy schedule and in perfect health McPherson helps proper nutrition, advice on which she gladly shares with his fans. We decided to find out more about how Elle Macpherson approach to the issue of self-care and found that the supermodel has a special menu for the day.

El has developed its own nutrition program based on proper preparation of meat and wheat, the use of dairy products as well as processed food. The main idea of ​​the program is to use products that support an ideal pH-balance in the body. This seems necessary, since we all live in a world with a toxic medium, as well as suffering from the harmful additives, provoking an unstable weight, low energy levels and digestive problems. Elle Macpherson laid the basis of his knowledge of health program, which has received from his personal nutritionist - Dr. Simone Lobsher. Both the MacPherson says, following the advice of Simone, she was able to clean your body and balance the natural acid:

Such a diet can seem difficult just because you need to use only natural ingredients, which means that nothing can be delicious. This is not so. The main thing is to be careful in the choice of products - they should be environmentally friendly. Can afford and wine, and ice cream, and snack.


Tips on proper nutrition by Elle Macpherson

For breakfast El prefers classic omelet with spinach and avocado. Such an option for those who do not want to start the day with something of meat, but it needs to improve the tone. Freshly squeezed orange juice or a glass of water can be a great alternative to coffee or soda.

This breakfast Macpherson cooks for himself, if the day promises to be busy, and stop somewhere for lunch time will not appear. Another great option would be a pudding of almond milk and berries - in the event that if you want something sweet.


Elle Macpherson advises steak meat or salmon, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil. Garnish perfect radish and peanuts. So like a supermodel is a great lover of fish, including her recipes hardly catches the chicken or other meat, but to replace or to diversify the fish stack can always be - the main thing to remember about the proper preparation. Better to stew meat, not zazharivaya or bake in the oven with vegetables.


Tips on proper nutrition by Elle Macpherson

In addition to salmon McPherson also prefers conger eel baked in spices and garnish - Greek salad with fresh vegetables and goat cheese. Since most of the dairy products El is trying to exclude from his regime, her food sometimes think it is too boring. This is where comes in goat cheese, as it perfectly complements the dish and is considered an environmentally friendly product.


If you want to eat something in between work or simply indulge in something after dinner or before going to bed, El advises to drink green tea, as it has excellent cleansing properties. Then a dessert can become figs or any other dried fruit. This diet is suitable for those who suffer from diabetes.


Tips on proper nutrition by Elle Macpherson

One of the most favorite recipes McPherson - a banana smoothie. In addition to being a supermodel makes sure to drink a day at least three liters of water, and she loves to pamper yourself with something more appetizing. This recipe is especially useful for those who are always in a hurry and wants to satisfy his hunger in the middle of the day.


  • 400 ml of almond milk (or yoghurt);
  • The frozen banana;
  • Berries.


  • Put in blender berries and banana.
  • Pour the milk and beat on high speed.