11 tips for those who are beginning to work in the fashion industry

11 tips for those who are beginning to work in the fashion industry

The first time working in the fashion industry may be not so brilliant as you dreamed, because the reality is not quite like the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," although some filmmakers are still passed. Even with a perfect resume, a successful job interview and the assurance that you have all the necessary qualities of an employee fashion sphere, you will still be a lot to learn, especially in the first months of a new job. We decided to find a better, the difficulties faced by aspiring officer in the fashion field and picked up some great tips that will suit you no matter what position you occupy.

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions

Creativity - is good, but you can not know everything, especially in the new area. Surely there are many issues that you will need to refer to your boss or supervisor. The best thing you can do in this situation - to ask questions, and then do everything as you have explained, instead of making mistakes. Respect for employees is higher you provided. Remember that there is always room for new knowledge that make up your future experience.

2. Take the initiative to

In the fashion industry too many important events that require full-time commitment, and most importantly - the initiative. Do not expect that someone will find you and tell you what to do. It is best to find out what work needs to be done soon, and execute it. Valuable employee you become when will be able to resolve issues within your competence.

3. Create a good opinion of himself

Of course, working in the fashion sector, it is necessary to remember about well-chosen daily wardrobe. But if you go to work with the wrong mood, the fashion brands will not help you. Learn to communicate with colleagues, to understand what is going on in the working process. Be careful, open and positive, then the attitude to colleagues you will play a more important role than a great outfit.

4. Do more than is necessary

11 tips for those who are beginning to work in the fashion industry

Do not think that a couple of points in the circle of your daily schedule of duties is limited. Unfortunately, the fashion industry - is not a place where you can relax, as always happens a lot of important events. You may have to come home later and do more than you planned, but the only way to achieve results in this field. Seeks to expand the range of its responsibilities, look for a new job and strive to do more than your colleagues. Such an attitude will help you earn the respect of his superiors, which is very important in the early stages of a career path.

5. Extend the circle of acquaintances

Important contacts and excellent communication both inside and outside of the company where you work - a very important criterion for personal growth. Do not be afraid to communicate with higher-level people to attend important events on their own. Who knows, with whom you have to work in the future. Build relationships with everyone who is associated with your work, it will be very useful in the end. Of course, you can start with your immediate work environment.

6. Get your high quality

Be shy in the fashion industry is not allowed, so another good advice for beginners is to prove themselves the best possible way. Allow yourself to be a person, do not try to imitate someone from your successful environment.

7. Spend more time at work

11 tips for those who are beginning to work in the fashion industry

This does not mean that you need to work until late at night or become a slave to your own e-mail, but at the very beginning of your career path really have to devote to the work of a lot of time before you have time to learn all the necessary and obzavedetes reputation. Be prepared for the fact that the fashion industry will require your full attention and correctly spaced priorities.

8. Keep track of your online reputation

The way you conduct yourself on social networks, it is very important for your reputation in the field of fashion and, therefore, for your career development. Use all possible tools that can help you advertise yourself or your brand - Instagram, Twitter, facebook and more. Most importantly, remember that your account will become a kind of calling card, respectively, be they should also be properly. Given the current popularity of social networking sites, keep in mind that your boss may well visit your page, so do not post there anything that you would not want to advertise in your working life.

9. Watch out for feedback

Feedback at the beginning is the main way to quickly and efficiently develop a new workplace, so be sure to ask your boss to discuss with you the necessary feedback after you have done the work on any project. Always listen to what you say, but as an opportunity to take criticism of your own professional development.

10. Use your environment

11 tips for those who are beginning to work in the fashion industry

In the area of ​​fashion you probably will be surrounded by successful people, behind which the years of work in the industry and a huge store of experience and knowledge of the fashion world that you will not find on the Internet. Take the opportunity to communicate with people, asking them questions and establishing a friendly relationship with them. Thanks to their advice, tips or everyday conversations, you can better navigate the new society for you.

11. Always be aware of

Fashion is constantly changing, which means that the most important thing for you - be aware of all the latest news, trends and other changes in the industry. You must really have a passion for fashion field to monitor the work of famous designers to be able to track the budding talents and always keep up with the times in your own life. Podkovannost in the matter of style and fashion sphere will help you make a good impression on the employer, especially if you are just starting your career path.