Not eating happiness: how to get rid of addiction to harmful food

Despite the fact that a healthy diet in the trend, and the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes of the most useful products becomes greater with each passing day, people still suffer from a lack of "harmful" foods in your diet. Some even complain about the taste for foods like chocolate, vegetables or something salty. We decided to find out why there is a fascination to harmful eating habits and found that the answer - in our own body.

1. Sugar

Not eating happiness: how to get rid of addiction to harmful food

If you can not resist the desire to eat something sweet, then it may be caused by problems with the sugar level in your body. Due to the fact that glucose levels change throughout the day, the body tries to restore the natural level of sugar. But despite this, the use of large quantities of food with sugar will not restore the natural balance and strengthen starvation.

In addition to sugar, you can also experience happiness and a burst of energy due to the fact that sugar promotes the release of endorphins, as well as alcohol. As a result, trying to stabilize blood sugar levels, you overeat foods high in carbohydrates.

To get rid of the problems with increased levels of sugar, it is best to give preference to products such as berries, apples, greens and kale, which contains calcium that can save you from the constant feeling of hunger. And to cope with the levels of carbohydrates, it is necessary to go back to intensive training.

2. Chocolate

Eating chocolate during times of stress can become a habit, you will no longer even notice, but this problem will not disappear, and the body will require even more chocolate. Chocolate increases the level of serotonin in the brain, and hence there is a feeling of happiness and pleasure, which is very easy to become addicted. Demand for chocolate may be due to hormonal imbalance in women, a lack of vitamin B and magnesium, which is very rich in chocolate.

Eat a little chocolate a day - is perfectly normal, but it is best to supplement it with more healthy items like nuts, bananas, lemons or saute of spinach, olive oil and herbs.

3. Fast Food

Not eating happiness: how to get rid of addiction to harmful food

The desire to taste the fried potatoes and juicy burger after a busy day or during the lunch break means that the body does not have enough fat. But not all fats are equal. If you do not consume sufficient amounts of fish oil, the body begins to demand of fatty acids necessary for him like Omega-3.

Our body does not produce the like acids, but needs them, so make up for the lack of them, you can thanks to natural oils, such as vegetable, olive or hemp. Furthermore, in foods such as nuts and avocados are also a lot of good fats.

4. Salt

Spontaneous desire for something salty like chips may indicate a lack of iron in the body. To compensate for the lack of iron and stop to eat food with a high salt content, it is better to use iron-rich foods, such as lettuce, milk, yogurt.

During intense exercise the body also loses some useful electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, that go along with sweating. It can also cause a desire to salt, but to overcome it, it is better to eat potatoes, avocados, spinach, bananas, yogurt, rich in sodium and magnesium, as well as seafood, meat, vegetables and legumes, in which a lot of potassium.

5. Snacks

Not eating happiness: how to get rid of addiction to harmful food

Constant snacking during operation can cause dehydration, which can be solved only with the help of water. Few people drink plenty of clean water a day, replacing it with tea, coffee and carbonated beverages. The fact that the body lacks water, says not only the desire to eat something sweet, salty or greasy, but also skin, hair and face. The next time you want to eat something harmful, it is better drink a glass of water. But the dinner, of course, should not be neglected.

6. Fruits and vegetables

Unexplained thirst can be not only to sugar or salt, but also to products such as vegetables and fruits. This means that the organism needs vitamin C, iron, calcium or magnesium. Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables are a list of useful food, overeat them, too, not worth it. All you should do - is to balance your diet, herbs and vegetables diluting meat products and food containing carbohydrates. Fruits contain sugar, it is possible to mix with nuts, cheese and yogurt, and sometimes prefer chocolate or liver. If you eat a lot of "green food", try to recall the products of other colors to make your food more varied routine.