Childfree: why do not want children - this is normal

A plant or not to have children? The question that everyone must answer on their own, and who decides what is right, and that - no. However, in today's society a woman does not want to have a baby, still gets a conviction or even a sideways glance from the side. At that time, both in society raises issues of morality and culture of the family, childfree movement is becoming increasingly popular. But the reluctance of women to have children - it is not a tribute to the mainstream, and often personal decision, rational and justified. We decided to find out why women may be reluctant to continue the family and why it's perfectly normal.

1. Health

Childfree: why do not want children - this is normal

In the modern world of women's health problems can be a valid reason to refuse delivery, what potential mothers can not always cope easily. Of course, the development of medicine makes it possible to have children in other ways other than natural conception, not to mention adoption.

Despite the fact that most of the health problems do not stop women from wanting to have a baby and his subsequent upbringing, yet there are those who prefer to remain childfree. health problems in this case need not necessarily be connected with women's reproductive health. It is rational choice of a woman suffering from any medical condition that puts into question the possibility of full development of the child and family well-being in general. Taking into account the responsibility that rests on the woman as the mother in matters of education, the decision not to have children in this situation should not be denied or suffer condemnation by society, morals or prejudices.

2. Responsibility

Talking about responsibility in more detail, you can bring one more reason for which is perfectly normal to give up the child's birth at any age. a sense of responsibility does not always speak about the fear of the woman or her moral immaturity. To understand how it is important to educate and to give the child everything you need from a financial and psychological points of view, - rationally.

Many women voluntarily give up the child's birth, because they understand that at this stage of their lives, they are not ready to take on the implementation of these obligations. This is not bad, especially considering how many stories about dysfunctional or thoughtless parents exists today, and how much this situation affects children.

3. Personal wishes

Along with the emotional or financial unavailability woman to have a child, there is another equally important factor - personal desires and goals. Not all women choose a quiet family life and devote themselves to raising children completely. Many contemporaries interesting development in various fields, to build a career or achieve other objectives. In this situation, the reluctance to have a child again said that at the moment she devotes herself to her important things. Of course, this does not mean that having a business, traveling or constantly doing important things a woman can not have a baby. Many women are able to combine different spheres of their lives raising children and trying to maintain a balance between family and personal interests, because if you approach the issue correctly, even constant travel can be with your child. If you realize that you are now more into his work than to family planning, to do what you want, not thinking that says the society, and not caving in under the prejudice that "soon will be too late."

4. The fear of loneliness

Childfree: why do not want children - this is normal

From the point of view of the classical view of the family, children - is procreation, hope and support for parents in the future. And this is true. But if you think that the children - it is something that should help you deal with the fear of loneliness, that they should not start. Children grow up and start to live my life, and it is absolutely natural. Many women have children when their already born children grow up, or with the idea that you must do this, not to be alone in their old age. We can not say that this opinion is not the place to be, but women who do not have children and do not think in this case that in old age they will have no one to rely on, are also right.

5. The victim debt

Having children just because it is the duty of every woman, and because they are doing it all - another absurd reason for the continuation of the family. If you do not want to become a victim of its own "debt", it is not necessary to sacrifice all that you're interested in now or it will be interesting in the future, just because your partner, family, friends or anyone else is putting pressure on you.

Children - this is an extraordinary experience that you want to come on their own, to prepare mentally and financially, and most importantly - to want it, despite the fact that you dictate from outside. In today's world, the belief that a woman without a child is defective or fails to be a good mother, it is not justified, considering how many women do and have time today. Listen to yourself and evaluate their potential instead of being the victim of other people's views.