Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos

Adrian Mutu has been known in the sports world as a gifted Romanian football player with excellent technique. Surely he would take the "Golden Ball" at least once, if not for the unfortunate event that he is his own career and reputation tarnished.

It was a really racy kicker, and let his career he completed a few years ago, it is necessary to talk about it in detail.

The Early Years

Adrian Mutu was born on January 8, 1979 in Arges County. Football, like many boys, began to get involved early. At age 13 he entered the club "Arges", where he first played for the youth team, and from 1996 to 1999, the second - for the primary.

He showed himself a productive player. Over 41 youth match scored 11 goals, so that they quickly became interested more famous clubs. And in 1999, the leadership of the talented striker has sold for 600 000 euros Bucharest "Dynamo".

There he played a partial season. Over 33 games Adrian Mutu scored 22 goals, which was a great contribution to the success of the "Dynamo". But when the club won the national championship and Cup, the striker has already been bought by Milan "Inter".

Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos

Careers in Italy

Continuing with the biography of Adrian Mutu, it is necessary to stipulate that a player great debut in the Coppa Italia. He sent the ball into the goal, "Milan" after 9 minutes as he was released on a replacement. His goal was decisive - "Inter" has set the final score 3: 2 in a meaningful derby.

But then he spent only 10 games in Serie A and have not scored any goals. Therefore, it is the "Milan" for two years put him into the FC "Hellas Verona" where Adrian has spent 57 matches and has issued 16 goals.

But then the striker bought "Parma", giving him 10 million euros. In this command, he spent 31 games, scoring 17 goals.

Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos

Go to the "Chelsea" and the cocaine scandal

In 2003, the football player Adrian Mutu moved to London. He has developed an uneasy relationship with the head coach "Chelsea" - Jose Mourinho. And in addition to this there was also the enchanting scandal.

Mutu then began an affair with porn actress Laura Andreshan, but it it is not very suited as a man, as she confided in public. Even intimate video made public. Adrian desperate and started to use drugs to improve the potency. They include cocaine was present.

The relationship could not be saved with a lady in love Adrian. And on doping sample of his blood found a banned substance. Striker then fired from the "Chelsea". It's clear why. Disqualification Adrian Mutu was also provided - for 7 months. And a fine of 20,000 pounds he paid.

In total, he spent 27 matches for the club and scored 6 goals.

When the suspension ended, Mutu ordered to pay "Chelsea" 12 million euros in compensation. Footballer protest proposed to reduce the amount, but it is not something that was rejected, on the contrary, increased to 17, 17 million. It was the largest fine the history of football.

Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos

Career "Juventus"

Still being disqualified striker signed a 5-year contract with the Turin club. Guide was well aware of that suspended Adrian Mutu, but one is not confused.

"Juventus", he played 33 matches and scored 7 goals. Striker himself he said that the time spent at this club was fantastic for him. He said: "I was so happy to have won two Scudetto, and then there was Calciopoli. I do not want to leave. "

The Turin club Adrian had to leave, but he stayed in Italy. Him for eight million euro bought "Fiorentina", which he joined in the summer of 2006.

Switch to "Fiorentina"

Adrian Mutu quickly joined the new team. Head coach Cesare Prandelli was already familiar to him in "Parma". Forward formed an excellent bunch of Luca Toni, with whom together they scored 32 goals for the season.

Successful outstanding year. Mutu was named the best player of the season, because on his account had 8 assists and 16 goals. They immediately became interested in "Roma", suggesting "Fiorentina" 20 million euros. But Mutu disagreed.

His career went uphill. In 2008, 20 November, in his 200th match in Serie A striker came on the field with the captain's armband. But two months later he scored the 100 th and 101 th ball in the game against the "Bologna". Less than two weeks later, he scored a hat-trick in the match against FC "Genoa".

Despite the fact that he had a serious elbow injury, he scored over 14 goals a season. It would seem that things are going well, but ...

Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos

Another scandal

After the match with "Bari" striker went to donate blood doping. And it found banned drug - sibutramine. Hardly restored reputation once again collapsed. It turns out that his mother gave him a pill to improve shape. And in the composition, she says, there was no word on the banned ingredients.

Adrian threatened suspension of up to eight years! Forward was shocked. He sadly shared with the press: "I'm back in the same condition when you want to sleep and not wake up."

Justified he failed. Football player Adrian Mutu again suspended for 9 months. "Fiorentina" is difficult to survive this loss. For a while she still held the top 5 teams in Italy, but then began to play, and its rating has gone downhill. And Cesare Prandelli - the only coach who was able to reveal the gift Mutu - sacked.

In recent years,

For a while Mutu just wandered to different clubs. He spent a year at FC "Cesena" in "Ajaccio" in "Petrolul". And most importantly, all showed themselves well, always scored. But the fact that after the scandal, he entered the top 10 worst players in Italy, it is morally destroyed. In 2015 he decided to go to India to play for FC "Pune City". However, he appeared for a visa to completely deranged state. Drunk Adrian could not even hold a pen. At one point, he is so enraged that he began to raid the office shouting: "I'm here for now you'll make a diplomatic scandal!" Of course, Adrian did not go anywhere.

He was overtaken by nostalgia for the "Fiorentina", he asked for a view. However, Montella refused. It was not satisfied with the shape Mutu - it is stout, and the wrinkles on his forehead were given all they endured suffering.

The last club became Romanian Adriana "Tirgu Mures", which he joined in 2016. There he played 4 matches, and then retired. For all the time Adrian had 437 matches and scored 160 goals. Many fans sigh with regret: if not all of these stories and scandals, he would become a truly great player.

Adrian Mutu: biography, personal life, career, photos


Finally - a few words about it. As mentioned earlier, Adrian Mutu had an affair actress. But she was not his only passion.

Before that, he was married to a Romanian TV presenter Alexandra Dinu. From her he had a son, Mario.

After passing the first rehabilitation he was married to a charming model named Consuela comes from the Dominican Republic. She bore him two daughters.

Mutu was not a good husband. At least because I lied and cheated. Divorces were scandalous.

Now he is in a relationship with Sandra Bachika - Romanian model.