Sleep is sweet: that affect the content of our dreams

While we sleep, our body is doing everything possible to keep us in a dream. That is why the external stimulants, such as sounds and scents, organically woven into the overall picture of sleep instead of waking us. brain abilities allow him to use any external information to modify our dreams and their contents. We decided to look into the matter and tell you what it is and how it can affect the way that you will see next time how to fall asleep. Have a nice sleep!

Sounds 1.

Sleep is sweet: that affect the content of our dreams

If you remember, in a dream you worried bright and loud sounds like a fire siren or any other piercing sound that defines the tone for the entire sleep or change his story, most likely, in your sleep stole your alarm clock or any other external sounds found embodied in your mind. There is even an application that monitors the state of sleep, and play music that is able to initiate concrete dreams. In other words, the sounds are responsible for the content of your dreams. However, abusing the use of music is not worth it, because dreams have their cognitive role which should be played in full, while you sleep. But if you want to see a really amazing dream, fall asleep to your favorite music. If you want to sleep, it is best to use white noise as it absorbs all other external sounds, which means that your mind will be easier to calm down.

2. Odor

In 2008, a small experiment was carried out in Germany. A group of women proposed two kinds of smells: a rose as a nice and rotten eggs as unpleasant. After that, the woman plunged into the first phase of sleep. Upon awakening, it became clear that a pleasant scent evokes positive dreams and bad smell - negative. If during sleep you feel the smell of flowers, chocolate or perfume, it is in the minds of positive emotions and associations, respectively, the dreams will be pleasant. But the biological explanation for this also exists: the limbic system, which controls the sense of smell also gets emotions.

3. The pose in which you sleep

Relatively recent research from Hong Kong shows that if you sleep on your stomach, then the chance that you will dream of erotic content or a dream in which you are being followed, is very high. Among the results of the study can be seen the following wording: "was tied up and could not move," "had sexual relations with a star", "could not breathe". This makes sense, because if you lie on your stomach, your genitals are in contact with the bed. Meanwhile, as the genitals are in the process of stimulation, the ability to breathe is restricted posture. Another interesting finding was made after the study: if you want to remember what you dreamed of, you need to remain in the same position throughout sleep before waking up. If you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or drink water, and want to return to my dream, the best way to do this - to lay down in the same position.

4. The state of mind

It is not surprising that the state of mind, mood and everything that is happening around you, has a strong influence on the content of your dreams. Depression, for example, may be responsible for the color content of your dreams. If you dream you see only black and white or muted colors and all shades of gray, this may be the first sign of depression. It is also a psychological and emotional state can cause the weather in your dreams. Tornado or hurricane - this anxiety, or, as psychologists say, "uncontrolled rotation." Clean and bright state of mind leads to a sunny and clear dreams. Grief can cause rain. In other words, dreams depend on your emotions in real life and, of course, from your associations. Ie rain may not be the symbol of sadness, if the life he associates you with happiness.

5. Habits

Sleep is sweet: that affect the content of our dreams

If you ever dreamed of a giant pizza chasing you, then maybe you are dieting and worried about the food, which you can not eat. Researchers say that when you are trying to give up their habits, this condition necessarily reflected in dreams. If you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar consumed, it is likely to see in a dream buffet, filled with a variety of treats. People who quit smoking have dreams about cigarettes for a long time after it has dropped. In other words, the stronger the relationship, the more such dreams can come back into your head.

6. Medicines and vitamins

Medications can alter your dreams in more ways. Since almost all medications cause drowsiness, the first phase of sleep can be absolutely crazy. Medications can "revive" the dreams evoke memories. If depression drowns memory, antidepressants can create the opposite effect and make you remember everything that happens during sleep. Vitamin B6 also helps to remember dreams and makes them more vivid and realistic.