Digest Mojo Media # 9

Hello, this is still a Mojo Media Digest, and still we talk about the best content across the network.

The working week was a bit shorter than usual, the mood is good, we are in our edition, as always, tried to burn our staff. We also have this quirk - set fire to one employee. So we are inspired. And he is not mad, he claims that he likes. Here, actually, I wanted to share.

Well, enough talk. Fast forward to the magical world laced epithets, hard concrete and high style with salty like blood swashbuckling flavor. That is to say to the world BroDude.

Digest Mojo Media # 9

The conversation with the girl - it does not work, duty or necessity. But it is not fun, especially for those who are not able to communicate with the opposite sex, as such, as we found out were sent to the Editor of questions, very much. It is better to treat it as a skill to the craft. Believe Leonid Novak, he based this approach has created an excellent article, "How not to show himself an idiot in a conversation with a girl." A mystery that would like to know everyone, but not everyone dared to ask.

So many things that enrage us, and so little faith in the fact that everything will get better someday. But nothing evokes a feeling itchy hatred as well as various small items. Although angry at them stupid and ridiculous. And in the article "Everyday things that you should not get annoyed," explains why.

And where do without nail of the program - the most widely read and most discussed article "9 tips for absolute self-confidence." Be sure to read it in those cases when it seems that all life - one big vain attempt to protect themselves and hide from the lie. Article is charged on the financial well-being, success and anti-reflection.

Digest Mojo Media # 9

As you know, the whole of our life - the game, but, as a rule, it is one-sided. Of course, in your. Because life seems dull, gray, uninteresting. And, as it turned out, during the years of technological progress of mankind could not think of anything better than the things described in the article "Simple ways to make your dull life more interesting." These men of joy, with the blood and smell, as we like.

To avoid ochumet from the influx of wisdom, squirt a little bit of our culture to digest. Serialomaniya (speech about the normal series, rather than soap operas) has come to our country recently. On one series, we did not have time, others remained in the shadow of mastodons with HBO. It is time to restore justice and see the brilliant TV series, which is unfair avoid loud glory. Find out about them, you can see "5 series are worth paying attention to."

I rejoice and "heroine". If someone did not know the Heroine name means just that has nothing to do with drugs. And she's happy about it:

Personal development and the pursuit of excellence is important at any age. You need to constantly revise their views on relationships, aspirations and reactions to certain situations. And some things you need to say its categorical "no." How exactly? Here much depends on the age. For example, the age of 25 need to get rid of ... but it is already popular in the posh article Darya Kharchenko.

A single article in the female mind abode not read as good as "9 things you would not do if I was smarter." For us it is a very nice figure. Follow us at least for the sake of luxury items, they are more than you think. And do not be afraid of the sharpness of the author's tone. It just helps to expose carefully hidden stupidity. It is enough to read the comments to see what kind of stupidity in question. And a little bit about the relationship. How would anyone says, but there is a friendship between the sexes. Just because we're not cavemen living in the power of instincts and the harsh realities of evolution, and above all people: the senses, the mind and the social norms of behavior. If you are lucky enough to get a friend of the opposite sex, let it happen to this friendship, and to avoid the drama and gloomy frendzony for one of you read the article "How to make friends with a guy without drama and frendzony".

His Majesty Telegram spoils not only the ability to communicate seamlessly, but also quality content gathered by our own channels.

Sexuality channel "will lie with me" in every article and news every now and then flashed science and technology. For example, sociologists have found out which month of the year is the most popular for sex one night. What is not a topic for my dissertation.

The channel "Know!" More and more talk about space. It is understandable, because the space is waiting for us and the likes. What about the moons of Jupiter, is about an artificial universe, something about the Chinese people, who are going to spud potatoes on the moon. However, this week, covered not only the space theme.

And in "Mystic show" post well, just everything in the world. Even the interview with Dudya Tinkoff - the same where Oleg suggested to Vladimir Vladimirovich become king. And, as always, light news and good songs.

The channel "They are moving" were laid some indescribable hell. The falling people, it is quite abnormal animals. Cats like to be scratched with a broom, pythons live in the Indian air conditioners, and the world seems to be going crazy.

Well, the "Mole" ... and that mole? It is better to see once, than hundred times to listen to a lecture about the rabid frenzy of this channel. Now - time to stretch their eardrums and prosherstit that interesting happened to our podcasts.

In the show, "Guys, we have sex" to discuss such a human disaster as apathy, and offers a way to get out of her soul mate.

The program "Employee of the Month" charming Daria together with an experienced nurse made an autopsy "yazhmaterey". On the agenda was the question of why they are possessed and how to respond to them. An experienced professional gave an answer.

And then, the same nurse came to "Wild Ducks" and told how she sticks to guys (and this person admit to children! Help!), And a couple of stories about children. To them it does not stick, do not worry.

A scientific razdolbaysky council, known as the "We live in this" chosen to discuss funeral wreaths festival for the first time recorded a triple-gay marriage pigeon startup and festival funeral wreaths. That is all that can be useful to you in life.

As always, we do not get tired to remind about our universal chat Telegram. There are good and the people gathered, and topics of interest. Some participants do not sleep and never painted every step. So you will not only interesting reading, but also the generous words of the interlocutor. If you are not with us - join.