10 things that you're lying to herself

When you do not have the strength to get rid of illusions and to admit disappointing truth, you continue to hide from life itself. You can not even suspect how often betray herself just because you're afraid of change. Here are 10 common things that you might have long been accustomed to rely on illusions.

1. Narcissism - a temporary phenomenon

10 things that you're lying to herself

If you refuse to believe that a person who is close to you - the rose, though all signs point to it, you'll get a big disappointment. Narcissism - is not a matter of time, age or lack of love, it is a character trait that many psychologists and therapists are considered as a personality disorder. You can not affect the narcissus positive, but fully experience its negative impact on you. Inflated self-esteem of people do not leave much room for happiness and good relations. If you recognize someone like warehouse of character, do not lie to yourself, go away, until it was too hard. If you understand that narcissism - it is also about you, dial the courage to admit it and do serious work on yourself.

2. Only the exercises make you healthy

Regular exercise - it is an important step on the path to a healthier life, but only in this your way of life is not built. If you go to the gym every day, but ignoring proper diet, do not you treat disease in time, spit on their psychological health, there is no fitness will not save you. Instead of using sport as an excuse, start to pay attention to their diet, as this issue is important combination of healthy habits.

3. You can change people

Change a person's impossible, and even if someone, and manage, it's just wrong. You can not and should not control the feelings and behavior of others, and especially to try to correct them, if you do not like something. We often time itself that can alter someone under him, and if not so selfish, but at least that close to us this man is another.

But people change only when they want it themselves and not by clicking your fingers. Leave cinematic hopes and dreams, learn to accept people as they show themselves, and choose those with whom you do not want to play the "change me".

4. You can control all

In life there are things that you will never be able to control, and therefore upset about it - a waste of time. You can at any time to fire, the weather can change your plans, not to mention the more tragic situations. Only controls that depends on you, and make no mistake about the fact that around the world there is only while you're here.

5. You do not have time

For the things that are important, there is always time. Reconsider your priorities - and you'll see: if we give up something that you always mistakenly considered important in your life, make space for deferred for later ideas. If you clearly understand what you want and what you should do in order to get things done, then you have to accept the fact that you more and give up that knocks your focus, but appears as an important matter of universal scale.

6. You can save money in the future,

Before you begin to save money, be honest with yourself and determine what kind of lifestyle you can afford, and that - the extra expenditure and empty ambitions. Start saving at any time, and the sooner you start to save money, the better. Of course, we should not only think about the practical side of things, and deny yourself completely around just for the fact of the existence of an account with a round sum.

Think not only of what will make difficult in old age, but also that ever working and trying to justify what you are missing out on life, you can not buy anything.

Should reconsider their financial habits and choose a suitable course.

7. You're not good enough

Constantly doubting whether you are good enough, you lose yourself and the valuable personality that you already have. As an exercise, each day write out 3 qualities that you really love in themselves, or those for which you praised, and you were nice. Read them for yourself. At first, this may seem awkward and silly, but you will understand the process as it is important to be aware of its significance, and become more confident.

8. Intuition does not exist

10 things that you're lying to herself

It is very simple: trust your liking. People often lie to myself, thinking that feeling that originated somewhere deep within and is trying to convey to you the true state of things - it's all nonsense. If you feel that things will turn bad for you, make no mistake, writing off all that you can do it, that you can change everything, and that the control is in your hands. Look at things realistically, but do not forget to trust the inner advisor.

9. You do not feel any dependencies

Drugs, sex, booze, sugar - all of this dependence, although they bear a completely different social burden. Being an addict to society is considered negative, but to experience dependence from sweet - it's the same slavery, just more ... sweet. Do not kid yourself when it comes to health, both physical and mental. Analyze your feelings, and look out, if you know that it is not in control of their own needs.

10. You have no choice

Thinking that in life you no longer expect anything good, you stay in the past, even if it hurts you and poisons. Instead of such a stupid lie turning to hope, believe, that you are still waiting for more than a fresh start, and the possibilities are about to open. This requires courage and willpower, but it is better to go forward, not knowing what's waiting for you, than to degrade in the past where nothing good is not exactly going to happen.

The choice is always, even in the most difficult situation, and it depends only on you. Choosing happiness, get the happiness, and if you do not want to go away from their homes, do not lie to yourself that you have simply not had the opportunity to change something.