6 of the rules of life that will make you stronger

When I first came to the university and dreamed of working as a journalist, I was read avidly rules of life in Esquire. Previously, they looked a little different, there are published only the male principle, and whenever I was sad that strong women do not share the highlights of my life. Slowly I began to make their own rules, and tried to follow them precisely. I was looking for inspiration from their idols, girls who have been successful and been through a lot, and now I'm ready to share this inspiration with you.

1. Speak for those who can not

6 of the rules of life that will make you stronger

When I was 18, I first visited a local bar, where she saw a sign with the words "Speak for those who can not", which means "Speak for those who can not." The idea that the strong man has to protect the weak, does not leave me for 5 years. Since then I've made it a rule: if you can do, because you will bring benefit to others who are not as bold and daring as you.

Do not be afraid to defend a controversial opinion, advocate for common sense, until all live in illusions. Defend the truth, in that whatever the cost - decent quality for a strong woman. Do not be afraid to talk about what others are silent, and act where others are inactive, and you can never be weak.

Star of TV series "Shameless" Emmy Rossum in 2016. The creators of the show delivered an ultimatum. She did not think it fair that receives less money than her male colleagues, and in fact her character had more screen time. This is not just a financial issue and the fight against inequality in the working environment. While other women put up with injustice, star spoke. In your life there are certainly similar examples, and now you know what to do.

2. Whether indispensable

Coco Chanel said: "If you want to be irreplaceable, you need to constantly change."

A woman who is not afraid to experiment with your appearance, way of life and thought - bright woman. From these dizzy, and any company they are always in the spotlight.

To be able to recreate itself again - great quality for a strong woman. Desire for change and their ability to implement will help you to follow the spirit of the times and always surprising. It is a rare art destroys the stupid stereotypes about individuality and free from stagnation. Mademoiselle Chanel herself proof, because it not only gave women the freedom to be themselves, but is still in vogue.

3. Strive for self-development

6 of the rules of life that will make you stronger

The relationship may end, marriage - collapse, the circle of friends will change, but if you're developing, you will never depend on anybody. There are values ​​which are more important than a stable partner, or the comfort of home - it's you yourself. After all, you live by itself, and therefore only themselves and should do better to constantly change and stop feeling sorry for relying on someone else's support.

The highest paid actress of the decade and UN goodwill ambassador, Emma Watson, received for shooting in the "Harry Potter" that kind of money, which could live up to his death. However, she did not leave the school during the heavy shooting and admitted to Brown University.

Of course, she had to take a break and take a sabbatical to combine study and a movie, but she did not give up on your goal. Emma is now actively developing educational programs in Third World countries. At times when I thought that I already do not have forces at the same time to work and study, I always remembered about her.

4. Explore the world through personal experience

Simone de Beauvoir once said: "Travel does not interfere with the lack of money and lack of curiosity." You can not travel outside of our country, but to take it a rule to be curious. After all, is not carried away by the scenery and the story heard or experienced by yourself.

Be curious, to communicate with people and listen carefully. To let into your life people who have something to tell, and do not be indifferent to what is happening in the world. Thus you can be filled with emotions and learn about this life anymore. Remember, a strong woman is different experience.

I have a favorite South Korean singer Lee Hyori. The peak of her career was still in the middle of the zero, and now she is able to afford less hectic schedule. Remarkably, a few years ago she married a loved one, but in Korea exclusively arranged marriages work among the stars of show business. Together with her husband they built a house on a small island, and most recently they decided to turn it into a guest house. Couple takes people from all over the world, is engaged with the guests cooking and cleaning, and a lot of time to talk. As for me, this is a great way to get a new experience.

5. Do not be cynical

6 of the rules of life that will make you stronger

The star of the series "Game of Thrones' Lena Headey once visited a refugee camp in Greece. Life there is so impressed by the actress that she wrote a touching letter of love to the people who met there. Despite the troubles and hardships, death of loved ones, they were able to find the strength to come together and support each other. To give warmth around the world, many do not. For compassion does not need a lot of money. Do not hide from the headlines, do not ignore the disaster around.

I was always impressed by people working in the search party "Liza Alert" on one entertainment portal I do not miss any of the story about the search. This is absolutely voluntary, volunteer work, saving hundreds of lives. As it turned out, many people are killed in the forests around Moscow, just a kilometer away from your own home! It is very painful when you realize that this man could have been saved if you had at least a couple of people in the unit. I think that one day I will be able to join this mission.

6. "Do not repeat someone else's script, write your"

Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova often admitted in an interview that her favorite role - Sasha from the "Short Course happy life." Her heroine bold, harsh and sometimes even unscrupulous, takes everything from life that he wants. It does not confuse standard imposed on women on how it should behave, educate their children, and even how to wear a bra. According to the actress, everyone has his own path, its own history, unique and inimitable.