That loneliness does to our body

Loneliness in the crowd - a topic close to any modern city. It is believed that this is quite a natural experience with which one encounters in life. However, if you look at the statistics, it appears that in recent years, the loneliness became a sad reality for millions of people.

As always, the first alarm sounded Europe. Earlier this year, a new office in the UK Government - Minister of loneliness. According to the British "Red Cross", more than nine million Englishmen are constantly experiencing loneliness. This phenomenon is called the "silent epidemic".

That loneliness does to our body

We decided to find out what the loneliness of modern man, how it affects us and whether you can turn it to their advantage.

What is solitude

In solitude, in contrast to other diseases, there are no clear symptoms, at least with clinical researchers have not decided yet.

In conducting research Loneliness is defined as perceived by man discrepancy between desired and actual levels of social ties.

- noted professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Brigham Young Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

Some people are quite comfortable and on a desert island, and someone suffering from alienation, being constantly in the society.

In order not to confuse you, we shall discuss immediately that loneliness is considered a condition where a person no one to share their experiences, to talk, and he suffers from it.

As the loneliness affect the body

According to the American neyrosotsiolog John T. Cacioppo, on the negative impact of loneliness on health comparable to obesity. Lack of attention increases the risk of early death by 20%. Due to the fact that the epidemic of loneliness threatens humanity as a whole, I agree and Julianne Holt-Lunstad:

Prolonged loneliness is just as dangerous as a chronic disease. It can aggravate a variety of health and increase the risk of premature death.

Here are just a few examples of the negative impact of loneliness on the human body:

1. Increased blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease

That loneliness does to our body

Solitude literally breaks our heart. levels of cortisol - a stress hormone - is constantly increasing in the body, and along with it, and blood pressure, which leads to hypertension. The effect builds up over time, so the probability that you had a fight with a guy on the weekend and shlopochesh a heart attack is low. But when a person for a long time, feels rejected, it could trigger heart disease.

2. Reduced immunity

Single people are more susceptible not only to the indifference of the world, but also to disease. Study 83 healthy students showed that those who felt alienated society, worse reacted to the flu vaccine. As noted by the authors of the study: People with high levels of loneliness and a small social network had the lowest response to the antibody.

Scientists believe that stress hormones released during loneliness, "communicate" with certain parts of white blood cells, affecting their distribution and function. It seems that the body gets tired of melancholy and is heading for self-destruction.

3. Appears insomnia

A study of the US National Institutes of Health, conducted in 2002, showed that lonely people harder to sleep, they sleep less and suffer more from "daytime dysfunction", associated with lack of sleep. No matter how much damage your body deals directly with the state of Solitude, with a healthy sleep problems will not add. Sleepy people often suffer from impaired glucose tolerance, which provokes type 2 diabetes. And in general, without a good regular sleep a person becomes more vulnerable. Scientists say:

If people are chronically lonely, it is possible that the effects of impaired sleep reduces nocturnal recovery processes and the overall stability of single individuals.

That loneliness does to our body

How to deal with loneliness

We turn to the most important - how to avoid the devastating impact of loneliness on your body, and the life:

  • Perhaps the most important rule: do not try to avoid it. Do not be afraid of this condition, because the moderate portions, it is even useful. One of the main features of a mature personality (namely this, each of us wants to be) - is the ability to be alone, without discomfort. Use this time to their internal maturation;
  • Decide every day to spend some time alone with him. Let it be at least 20 minutes a day without social networks or call her friends and relatives. Such forced isolation will help you be prepared for a possible loneliness;
  • Try to travel alone. In my opinion, the journey - it's the best time to be alone. Judge for itself: you do only what you want, without worrying about someone else comfort. At the same time, there is one, you are more receptive and open to new acquaintances, experiences and adventures;
  • develop talent. Use your time alone with him, to get a new skill or develop some talent. Learning is not comfortable under the gaze of others, often just that stops us from being able to sing or learn to play the guitar.

Remember, the wise man is always interesting to spend time with them.