7 rules of dating at the party

Some rules of communication do not change over the years: you can take an old guide to manners like "Ethics Guidelines" Arthur Martin, and tips out of it will still be useful, relevant and timely. All the more surprising that people still feel uncomfortable in large companies and do not know what to say. There is even a special profession - salonery or professional introducers - people who are committed to helping the guests at the party to find a common language. Fortunately, their secrets - in addition to the incredible charisma - they do not hide.

1. do a little homework

7 rules of dating at the party

Before you go to a party, to think two or three topics that you can talk if the conversation does not stick together by itself. If you're invited to someone else's party, where there will be a lot of people unfamiliar to you, ask your hosts what is interesting to their friends. What do they read, subscribe to any videoblogerov? Easy check their profiles in social networks will help you to know where to begin.

2. The appropriate greeting

Ask your neighbor: "How do I know you?". Even if the first time you see it. This will help start the conversation immediately and look for possible contact points. He would call a few places where it is often, and you will easily understand what topics they feel comfortable discussing.

3. Start the first

7 rules of dating at the party

If you are close to a shy person - just ask him first what he was interested in. Most people love to talk about themselves. But not everyone is able to overcome his shyness and try not to behave modestly. Ask personal questions in a soft tone and unobtrusive manner. Find out exactly how it does its job and how prefers to spend days off, ask about your favorite musical group or that he recently saw in a movie theater.

4. Ask the questions not only the standard

Professional introducer and writer Ashley McDermott says:

I like to ask, when and where you feel happiest.

Such a method would certainly help to know information about the interlocutor and configure it in a positive way, because come to mind pleasant memories.

You can play the interviewer and ask, with some well-known person to your new friend I would like to talk. Policy issues should get round, you're not on the show "vDud".

5. Be sweet

7 rules of dating at the party

Try not to cross your hands and eyes wander around the room. Maintain eye contact to show how you're interested in the interlocutor.

Do not try to show ambition and show only their own interests - but seeks to interest and entertain others with his story, choosing topics that may be of interest to other people. Pauses, leaves room in the conversation, so that your party can express their opinion and may even add to it. Do not try to finish the sentence for him - even if it is difficult to find a word that is no reason to take away from him the story.

Do not joke about something else: rumors do not add you points lady. Try the reverse method: Tell us what wonderful people who had gathered at the party, and how you know them. Show that you are able to see the good - and new friend will make it easier to see the good in you. Leave phrases for which you can hang on. Do not make your story monologue - bear the important things that the other party wants to clarify.

6. Do not be afraid to joke

Many women worry that their sense of humor may not seem funny - so why not say so openly?

If you feel that your joke does not hit the target - do not be shy to say so. So you show the person that you want to impress, but are not afraid to look stupid.

7 rules of dating at the party

7. Do not hesitate to leave

7 rules of dating at the party

Use the phrase "I need": I need to take a little food, I have to reply to the message, I need to ask about something. Show me what you do not just run away, that your conversation meant a lot to you and you do not mind repeating.

If you're afraid of extreme situations, the contract with the girlfriend of a special signal, seeing that she played along to you and help you get away. Remember, even if the conversation seems uncomfortable to you - that's no reason to go without saying.