11 things you need to do in a new city

To learn a new city, to feel the atmosphere, to see what is hidden behind the facades of souvenir shops, jogging on the main attractions in little. Feel the culture of the place can be without standard excursions, following his own plan. Here are a few things you need to do to know the real life of any city. Demonstrating sufficient curiosity, can you get the most honest impression of the journey.

1. Visit the Museum of Local Lore

11 things you need to do in a new city

Even though it is not the most fun pastime only regional museum stores unique information about the city. This is especially true of the provincial places, which are not written on the Internet. Even in the run-down town there is room, in the shadows of which several women age postbalzakovskogo store local relics and legends.

With the local history museum is best to start exploring the city, while its streets and monuments will be perceived not so superficial.

2. Go to the local market

Not necessarily to go shopping, but resist the temptation to be difficult. In the market you can see everything that is rich in this region to find unique items or specialties and admire the local artists.

On the coast there is always fresh fish and seafood, in the suburbs - organic vegetables. Well, the market traders themselves - a separate type of local residents with their culture and characteristics.

3. Look into the antique shop

11 things you need to do in a new city

It is almost like a museum, but here even more gizmos original and unexpected discoveries. Seller antiques knows no less interesting stories than the guide. Some of them would be a fairy tale for the tourists, but they also have a share of the national soul and culture.

4. take a walk in the park

Look at local plants, as they may be different from everything you've seen. Park - a good place to make a break and enjoy nature in the city center.

5. Study the local music

No matter where you find it - on the streets or in concert halls. A small concert of local groups, though not very well known, will be an interesting experience and will feel the real culture of the city. In addition, you can watch how the rest locals.

6. dine at

11 things you need to do in a new city

to know in advance where the best places to explore the region's cuisine. Although also worth taking a walk through the city to ask for advice from local residents. Risks choose traditional and expand their taste palette. Reviews and recommendations experienced hikers on the internet will help to find quality food and interesting places.

7. make a walking tour of

Self-walking tour of the city can give a lot of bright impressions. You're sure to get lost, try to ask for directions from the locals and do not understand anything. Be part of the bustle of the city, to study species over your head and under your feet - a great way to get to know a new place.

8. Find the best views of the city

11 things you need to do in a new city

Know in advance where the best place to admire the city panorama. In St. Petersburg this roof, Pyatigorsk - mountain Masha. In every city there is a point of view from the side. Even the sun and the horizon from different places look in its own way, so do not miss a chance to see something special.

9. Go to the suburb of

Here you will find life without bright facades and surface gloss. Leaving the tourist areas of Thailand and Egypt, all that you see - dilapidated houses, lack of infrastructure and poorly dressed locals. The impression is not pleasant, but this is the real face of the city or the country, which is to get acquainted.

Compare the architecture of the city and its suburbs. It is not necessarily a contrast of wealth and poverty in the provinces, too, there are beautiful areas with its own history.

10. A ride on public transport

11 things you need to do in a new city

taxi - it's convenient, but in the subway, on the train or on the bus more room for observation. You never know what strange sights will meet at the next station, or what kind of weirdo will be your neighbors in the chair.

11. Sit in a local coffee shop

Listen to what people are talking about, see how they look. Here you can lay down their impression of the local. At the heart of any city - its people, and they make it unique.