11 reasons why you're still unhappy

Not too many people can confidently call themselves happy. The point is not that the world is bad, we just somehow uncomfortable in my life. Feelings of loneliness, frustration, dissatisfaction and thoughts about why you're so lucky to visit each. If they become your constant companions, it's time to change their own behavior and attitudes. Here are some common mistakes make you unhappy.

1. Do you think that might happen, not what you do

11 reasons why you're still unhappy

You spend more time worrying and thinking about possible negative consequences, rather than concentrating on what is really going on. All beginnings may end in failure. But if you just think about it, not about the desired result, is it any wonder the next failure?

2. Are you trying to cause envy enemies

Spend most of their time trying to impress your enemies. It is better to spend it on your favorite people - they do not need to prove anything, because they already accept you the way there. Without even wanting to, you do not give priority to those who should. Is it worth it to devote life to those who do not pleasing.

3 running away from problems

11 reasons why you're still unhappy

is doing its best to avoid unpleasant moments, not to overcome them. You do not think about how much debt you have, or what prevents you earn more. Try to stop the dispute and not to defend their views. In general, live in denial, but an escape from problems does not contribute to their solution.

4. Try to look happy, but she did not have

Prefer to post pictures of their happy smiles, delicious meals and beautiful walks. Saying all that great feeling, when in fact you do not have fun. Constant complaints about life, too, not interesting, but sometimes try to talk openly about their problems, to get the support and understanding of others.

5. Trying to please others

11 reasons why you're still unhappy

Because of the desire to be loved, you follow other people's values ​​and ideals. Your whole life - an attempt to get someone's approval. This is a road to nowhere, because you can not please everybody. Much more important to do something that will make feel really happy.

6. Do what must be, not what you want to

If you "do everything as it should," but I still feel empty and depressed at the end of the day, then it is a false target. The question is what you yourself want. It is useless to attempt to follow the script of others achieve happiness, because in this case each has its own story.

7. concentrating on the problem, not its cause

11 reasons why you're still unhappy

Instead of berating yourself for overeating, useless purchases, the desire to have a drink in the evening, try to find the cause of these defects. For such a lack of restraint has a specific emotional need. As long as you do not realize it, and will fill the void with food, alcohol and mindless entertainment.

8. appreciate your question more than its capacity

The negative bias makes you believe that bad things are more likely than good. Within reason, it is a realistic view of life. But if you can not contain it, you risk to miss a bunch of chances just because they do not believe in yourself.

9. Trying to take care of everything

Perfectionism poisons the life, which is why so popular books on how to become nihilists. Instead of trying to be good in all things, focus on the important. Learn to let some of the events take their course and not worry about what the world would collapse without you.

10. You wait, that luck will fall into the hands of your own

11 reasons why you're still unhappy

Many of us grow up with the illusion that success comes to the most worthy, privileged and talented people. However, in reality it is built by those who were able to find the intersection of their interests, skills and market demand. Be persistent, do not expect that someone will open a door and you need to give a life that you dream of. Remember that the only way guaranteed to fail - to do nothing.

11. Do you realize how much you've been

You're not a man who was five years ago. You really develop. Look back and think about what you have achieved as a changed and overcome. Often people become fixated on the present moment, without realizing that actually went much further than it seems.