10 most popular professions for women

In 1970, writer and social critic Louise Kapp Howe coined the term, are those professions that have historically been considered to be feminine - pink collar. The wording appeared similar to the "blue-collar" - manual workers, as well as "white" - office workers.

After nearly 40 years it is much more difficult to say that certain positions should only people of a certain gender, but still there is a good demand for it on the girls in some areas than it would be necessary to take advantage of.

1. SMM-specialist

10 most popular professions for women

The company continues to formulate technical jobs, focusing on the fact that they need a "leader" and "a person can withstand the competition." Such formulations often show bias against the company's gender preferences - as a technical specialist is still very likely to take the men in. In this situation, there is a bright exception - the position of the expert in social networks and promote them. According to research by the University of Oxford, companies are positioning social networks as "women's work", stating that the hired employees must be sociable, to be able to show empathy and to be flexible, which means traditionally female behaviors.

The average salary of a specialist on social networks is 25 to 35 thousand rubles. At the same time this work can have a contractual nature, when a person is hired only for the promotion of the brand in a certain period of time.

2. IT-Specialist

10 most popular professions for women

In spite of the bias of gender, IT industry itself is developing so quickly and captures all areas that there is such a high demand for specialists in different areas of the floor begins to have less value. Furthermore, the scientists of the California Polytechnic University and the University of North Carolina showed that women are much more successful manifest themselves in programming. They were based on finished projects statistics: 78, 6% of the code written by women, taking customers and for men the figure is only 74, 6%. Large companies, for example, Google and Facebook have become more attentive to gender composition, and even opened a special academy for girls was easier to integrate into the environment and to learn basic programming rules.

A large set of directions allows you to choose the most suitable profession. You can select the position of System Administrator - the person who maintains the computers, local computer networks and servers. You have the opportunity to try out bagtesterah - in this direction is necessary to check the operation of the software, mobile applications and websites. But experts who have behind art school education or designer can achieve great success in game development - the design, modeling and design of computer games.

3. The marketer, internet marketer

10 most popular professions for women

from 30 000 to 100 000.

The more there is a variety of brands and services, the harder it is to promote their services, and in this case, comes to help the marketer. In this position, you need to stimulate the sale of various stocks, advertising campaigns, and create loyal customers related to the company's products.

In general, this profession takes up a huge amount of job: from the creation of the site, its content and content management, and to improve the attendance of an Internet resource, as well as the removal of a website in the top positions of search engines, for example, Yandex or Google. Her pay varies greatly from the scope of the company, as well as increase the level of sales, and is often a piecework.

4. HR-manager

10 most popular professions for women

With the extension of the state of any company department heads will not be able to effectively assess the skills of everyone who sent a job, but also to engage in regular training and staff motivation. A key skill in this position will be the ability to communicate with people and look for the most comfortable conditions for both the employee and the company. In Russia, this position generally aligned with the Obligations of the personnel department, which means the full document for each employee of the company.

5. The physician

10 most popular professions for women

the medical sector is undergoing major changes, the new rules on the training of specialists are introduced, changed laws, changed the attitude to compulsory health insurance. in any direction is not enough specialists, as well as health - our greatest asset, and the people working in this direction, it is necessary to protect.

Unfortunately, with the advent of new laws, the situation can get complicated - women may lose the right to work in the pharmaceutical industry or when working with certain medicines that can cause damage to their reproductive health.

6. Sales

10 most popular professions for women

In this area is possible to visit without special education - all can learn directly on training in selected company. Sales Manager carries out direct sales, customer product consulting, work with a cash register, and can also create their own customer base, enter into contracts and to look for new product distribution channels.

Wage in this area is the most flexible and depends on sales. Each company regulates so-called "plan" clearly defined as it should be carried out sales, average check and conversion of appeals.

7. Accountant

10 most popular professions for women

This profession requires a lot of perseverance and meticulous as any, even a small omission can lead to large consequences, for example, during a tax audit or audit of the pension fund. Specialist calculates salaries, payroll employees, performs calculation of tax deductions, cost of production, holds account of suppliers and subcontractors. In some situations, it can also be combined with the duties of an employee of the personnel department.

8. The administrator

10 most popular professions for women

In this position, particularly valued skills in the Secretariat, the ability to conduct business correspondence, solve organizational problems and create maximum comfort for the rest of the office staff or the head. A great advantage is the knowledge of a foreign language, and most of this is reflected in higher wages. At the same time while on this position, you will always have the opportunity to both horizontal and vertical growth, because the office managers often come into contact with different areas of the company and manage to get the experience, enough for another post.

9. A business coach

10 most popular professions for women

This profession involves staff training and management of the company, is most often made in the field of sales - at a big competition to sell their products as best and fast as possible competitors. Vacancy considered sufficiently creative, suitable for sociable women who can easily find a common language with the audience audience. Of course, without sales experience it is difficult to prove that certain ways of working, and hence this post are not perfectly suited for those who are just starting careers, and for those who are ready to change direction.

10. The staff - nannies, governesses, cooks

10 most popular professions for women

is not a very high salary, the other can be claimed on the one hand, in this position - we often lose sight of the fact that it is piecework. Most often, it has a much less hectic schedule and comfortable work environment, which makes them the most profitable profession, especially for those who are tired of intellectual labor. The most developed area of ​​work with children: speech therapists, massage therapists, teachers, leading various needlework workshops and enriching lessons, nannies, governesses. With the birth rate in the country, as well as increased demand for welfare of such professionals will also increase, which confirms the emergence of special recruitment agencies.