Succulents: how to care for the most undemanding plant

Succulents: how to care for the most undemanding plant

The idea is to make your houseplant, I was always scared - forget to water, frozen, dry up. Previously, the only popular alternative for the same lazy gardeners, like me, were cacti. Now room floristry trend Succulents. These exotic kids make all indifferent to love plants. Together with EnjoyPlants store potted flowers and plants by experts I will talk about the benefits of succulents, how to care for them and how to use in the interior.

What are succulents

Succulents - are plants that store up the water in the leaves or the stem. This feature helps them to survive in arid climates. You will easily recognize succulents of thick fleshy leaves. Cactus - too succulent, but it accumulates water in the stem.


Succulents: how to care for the most undemanding plant

Succulents love for simplicity. It is believed that this plant can handle even the most hopeless person in the horticultural business. They do not need to be watered often, but the departure should not be forgotten. Each plant their own characteristics: one needs bright sun, others prefer coolness. In general, most succulents requires minimal watering, especially in winter.

Succulents grow slowly, many of them remain crumbs. Compact plant is easy to find a place on the windowsill, bedside table or shelf. The smallest of this group of plants - Lithops - grow up to 5 centimeters. If you need a large succulent plant, Euphorbia pay attention to, or aeonium Krasulya - aka "money tree." These plants grow to 30-60 centimeters. They vary in shape and appearance. Another advantage of succulents - they are incredibly diverse in form and color. This may be a tiny flower, a spreading tree or powerful plant with drooping stems.

There are plants with beautiful flowering or fruiting. Even in the period of non-flowering succulent exotic beauty draws attention.

As used in the interior of

Succulents: how to care for the most undemanding plant

Endurance, miniature size and unusual shapes provide a huge space for original compositions of succulents.

You can experiment with plant design. Echeveria, or "stone flower" thrown in half coconut shell, mugs, glass teapots, glasses, shells and other items, a little reminiscent of the container. This succulent is well suited for creating fluid compositions to solid surfaces.

The smallest plants are thrown even eggshells or wine corks. You can create your mikrosad even on the desktop in the office.

Impressive look different species of succulents, firmly planted in one place. Take into account the features of the care of specific plants. Best of all, if every succulent is put in a separate container, and then integrated into the total composition - wooden boxes, snags, stumps, vintage pots.

Combining euphorbias, cacti and agave, you can create a small desert on their own windowsill.

Lithops - perhaps the most bizarre sight of succulents - do not combine with other plants due to the nature of care. It is better to mix different types of Lithops. Among succulents there are ample plants - with hanging stems. Forest cacti and sedum planted in pots.

Even freestanding succulents without complex compositions and original vases look elegant and infinitely sweet. They are easy to fit into any decor and space.

Select cacti and succulents

Succulents: how to care for the most undemanding plant

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