Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

Some things do not give you a chance to make a mistake - an attempt to bring their own spot to wash delicate clothes in the car or to limit hand washing for many of us was worth the favorite pants or dresses. Understand all the details of caring for each type of things difficult. It is better to remember what clothes are not even worth trying to fix yourself. Together with the Moscow premium dry cleaning "Dry №1" I'll tell you when it is better not to risk your favorite thing, but to turn to professionals.

Stains on silk things

Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

The clothes of silk can not be washed in the machine: shed fabric, it will be extended or even gets going. This is especially true of silk, although synthetic is also very delicate.

If the thing you just need to freshen up, you can try to wash their hands on. Only consider that silk clothing should not rub, squeeze or stroke.

In the case of spots it is better to send to the cleaners. The "Dry Cleaning №1" a wide range of services for gentle cleaning of clothes. Experts carefully put in order even the most whimsical fabric.

Seasonal wash outerwear

Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

Coats, fur jackets and need to be sent to the cleaners at least once a year. In the care of these things is not worth saving. Better just to pay for dry-cleaning than a new thing.

Fur is not only needed cleaning professionals will treat it against moths and other parasites. Give the coat to the dry cleaners after the winter season, in April or May. Experts "Dry №1" guided by global industry standards, recommendations apparel manufacturers and fashion houses. In addition, there developed their methods of cleaning and restoration of the things.

Stains from wine or coffee on light-colored clothing

Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

Display stubborn stains at home chemical means really, but you risk irretrievably damage thing.

Coffee contains tannins, which immediately absorbed into the fabric. Trying to get rid of the pollution itself has only just after the break and coffee.

Withdraw stains from red wine is difficult due to pigment antotsina that deep stain fabric.

If faded clothes at once did not work, turn to the professionals. The "Dry Cleaning №1" use innovative means of top European companies. All of them are eco-friendly.

Wash curtains

Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

The problem with the washing of curtains not only in that they are three-dimensional. Conventional detergents do not remove grime. At least a couple times a year, the curtains should be sent to the dry cleaners.

At home washing difficult to observe temperature. The fabric can sit down and curtains will be shorter. And ironed them after the washing machine without steamer very hard.

Experts cleaning will save you from yet another problem - come and remove themselves, and then hang the curtains.

Laundry business suits

Situations where a professional will save only a dry-cleaner

The biggest danger when washing suit - he may lose the form. Clothing made of natural fabric, or with the addition of silk need gentle care. The "Dry Cleaning №1" will develop an individual program of cleaning a suit or some of its parts - trousers or jacket. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations of experts will carry out a dry or damp dry cleaning and gently steam the thing.

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