7 ways to learn to understand other people

High emotional intelligence and empathy not only make you a nice person to others, but also a professional competitive in the labor market. Modern companies appreciate professionals who are well aware of what is expected of them, they know how to read the reaction of colleagues or customers and quickly respond to it. Empathy is useful to everyone, because it teaches us to better understand other people. Here are a few scientific ways to develop this ability.

1. Communicate with new people

7 ways to learn to understand other people

We learn to empathize, when spending time with new people - it has confirmed a study group of Swiss scientists, conducted in 2015. The positive experience of interaction with other social groups helps a person understand that his feelings are not unique, and create a better emotional connection with others.

2. Stress

For a long time it was assumed that all the stress cause people to react in such a way that they either turn in on themselves, coping with the unpleasant situation or run away from it. Now it is known that a certain kind of stress does not follow this pattern; instead encourage people to hide from others to protect themselves, it increases a person's ability to empathize.

A study conducted in 2017 showed that when a person is under stress when performing tasks activated the brain area that is responsible for empathy.

During the experiment, 60 male students passed the stress test, having negative emotions. then showed them images of other people who were some painful procedure. The more emotionally they took a negative experience with a stress test, the more they sympathized with strangers. Even if a person is experiencing a very different type of stress, he was capable of great empathy.

3. The joint experiences with people close to

7 ways to learn to understand other people

The experiment was conducted in 2015 at McGill University, has shown that our ability to empathize impacts our negative experience. People were asked to give up in ice-cold water in the presence of strangers, doing the same, and then in the presence of loved ones.

When there were friends, study participants evaluated their discomfort from the water as the stronger. It turned out that when we are experiencing negative situations near the close, we feel their pain.

At the same time to form an empathic connection with strangers it took only 15 minutes of playing together in a video game. Even after such a short time, the subjects began projecting the pain of another person.

4. Films and books

Observation of the plot of the film, TV series or books develops our ability to understand other people. We have already talked about the experience of researchers from the University of Oklahoma, which showed that the series has helped participants to view the experiment is better to recognize the emotions of others.

Especially good capacity for empathy develop biographical, psychological or melodramatic plots.

5. Watching other people

7 ways to learn to understand other people

Do you want a better understanding of people - to develop a psychological observation. Pay attention to the behavior of strangers on the street or on public transport: their facial expressions, gestures, the way they speak. Try to imagine that this person is now experiencing. Test their guesses not necessarily simply to develop the habit of such observations.

6. non-judgmental perception of

Learn to perceive the reaction of other people without specific assessments. When you listen to a man, do not criticize, even mentally, and do not try to draw conclusions. Moreover, you have to abandon the division into good and bad emotions. Sensing a feeling as a negative, a person seeks as soon as possible to get rid of it or ignore it. For the development of emotional intelligence is better to try to take what you experience at the moment, to find the causes of your reaction.

keeping a diary is a good practice. In it you have to write down all your feelings and situations that provoke them.

7. Exercises to develop empathy

7 ways to learn to understand other people

The most popular exercise in the development of empathy - exercises developed by psychologist Daniel Kieran. There are only ten.

You amounted emotional vocabulary, learn to recognize their feelings and their causes, try to imagine yourself in the role of another person. Kieran also exercises taught to listen and understand the history of the interlocutor and to cope with other people's negativity by means of empathy. There are tasks for independent work and work in pairs.

Developing empathy, it is important to learn to control it. Excessive sensitivity makes man a slave of his own emotions. It's too hard going through conflicts, it avoids competition and is not able to defend their point of view. Try to find a balance in its relations with others.

Do you easily cry from the dramatic movie, or start to worry about the other people?