5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

It so happens that late at night, lying in bed waiting for only one thing: a deep, sound sleep. Minutes pass, and you turn from one side to the other, and although very tired, just can not fall asleep. The saddest thing in this situation is that lack of sleep can lead to headaches, memory impairment, weakness, hair loss, bruising under the eyes and excess weight, and the whole thing in your "sleeping routine" and unhealthy habits. Together with specialists from the online store TOP-MATRAS.RU We will tell you about the 5 mistakes that you make in the bedroom, causing a threat to sleep, beauty and health, and how to fix them.

1. Do you sleep in pajamas not

5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

Clothing in which you feel uncomfortable, can cause sleep disorders.

Our advice: When going to bed, put a light pajamas, free and pleasant to the touch. Material pajamas must be natural and breathable - choose the model of cotton, linen or silk. The more comfortable you will be, the better you'll be sleeping.

2. Do not wash off makeup

5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

Sleeping with makeup devastatingly affect the condition of our skin. She could not breathe and recover, as most cosmetics contain chemicals that block the pores. In turn, this leads to sagging skin and the formation of acne. You are harmful to the skin, ignoring the removal of makeup at the end of the day.

Our advice: thoroughly wash off makeup before you go to bed. Use this micellar water, gel, oil or foam for washing.

3. You lie down in bed with phone in hand

5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

Often you go to sleep while looking at your phone, scrolling news feed? Then you must have already noticed that after you hard to fall asleep. The reason of insomnia is covered in blue light. TVs, computers and phones - all of these electronic devices emit blue light, and we are constantly exposed to it. The nervous system is excited, and biological rhythms are shifted because the brain thinks that blue light - daylight.

Studies have shown that blue light effect on the body, like caffeine. Not surprisingly, the light emitted from smartphones and other electronic devices, can cause sleep disturbances.

Our advice: try to reduce the time of smartphone usage in the evening. If this option does not suit you, you can download an application that will change the color of your screen on a warm orange-red hue. This application is adapted to the time of day. In contrast to the blue light, red does not interfere with our body to release melatonin - sleep hormone.

4. You lie down too late

5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

You might like to talk about that later go to bed and you "owl", but your body will tell a different story. Night waking mode may lead to a set of extra kilos. If you regularly go to the gym, your weight can stand still.

Your mental abilities may also be under the gun. Poor sleep leads to brain damage, memory impairment, concentration and reduce creativity.

I wonder what the late sleep can negatively affect the ability to conceive. When nedosypanija melatonin - the hormone responsible for the safety of ova is reduced. This has the potential harm to the development of eggs.

5. You've got the wrong bed

5 sleeping habits that destroy the health and beauty

well-decorated bed plays an important role in the formation of healthy habits and good, restful sleep. This requires not only a cozy atmosphere, bedding soothing shades, but also a comfortable bed with a quality mattress. The correct position of the spine during sleep to avoid back pain and contraction of internal organs, as well as rejuvenate. Tip: When choosing a mattress, pay attention to the width, hardness and composition Takin. The optimum width of the mattress for two people - 160 cm. This mattress is economical and does not make you feel cramped. If you like more space - choose mattresses in width from 180 cm.

Do not take a mattress with springs connected in blocks. Right mattress should be composed of independent springs, latex and coconut foam - soft, flexible, elastic material, as accurately as possible taking the form of a sleeping person's body.

If you care about your health, buy a high-quality mattress you can on the company's website TOP-MATRAS.RU. Here you will find how simple mattresses and memory effect and massage function. The range store well as mattress covers are made from natural, breathable fabrics, pillows from natural latex or from a foam with a memory effect, as well as beds and more budget option - orthopedic base.

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