6 ways to gather, if you embarrassed or confused

Each of us from time to time in a situation where shame and embarrassment would like to sink into the ground. Sociologists say that the embarrassment - a trigger that seriously affects your mood in general, exhaust and exhausts the body. Most often, this feeling is based on our own standards, expectations, uncertainty and memories. Fortunately, you can take control by using simple techniques.

1. Remind yourself that failure - too well

6 ways to gather, if you embarrassed or confused

All successful people have failed in serious matters. Think about how high your own expectations for yourself, and remember that correctly you would not be able to grow and develop.

Sometimes confusion is due to your fear of failure and perfectionism. It is up to the standards that you install yourself.

It is these things sunken help gain confidence in themselves, so that every time you're wrong - you're one step closer to mastering the art of absolute confidence.

2. Try to blame their own lack of confidence

Flagellation - is not the most productive thing, but if you find that the embarrassment caused by it is your self-doubt, it is time to begin to deal with how this change. Ironically, the more you try to avoid situations in which you feel insecure, the more frequently they occur. I advise my clients to write a list of what they are unsure, and read it out loud to someone else in order to get feedback. This will help to minimize all unexpected blows to self-esteem and self-esteem.

- Clarissa Silva, coach Relations

Although psychologists are often advised not to focus on the negative aspects, to make lists of failures - quite useful life hacking for those who constantly wants to grow and develop.

3. Rehearse bad scenario

6 ways to gather, if you embarrassed or confused

Take this list and create a list of possible scenarios to avoid the shame of attacks in the future. This exercise will help you cope with the fragile self-esteem that comes from insecurity and self-doubt.

Let's say someone might embarrass you by saying something unpleasant. After working as a pair, and let your partner will say the most horrible things that are possible. First, it can bring you into a state of panic, and then you start to take it much more indifferent. Even resistance to critique you need to make the long hours of practice.

4. Think about the possibility of projecting

Do not people make you feel embarrassed, and your own inner voice. Listen, someone from your environment you put the idea that you're not good enough? To change your internal dialogue to achieve more - you deserve happiness and success in each of its business.

5. Find the sore spot

6 ways to gather, if you embarrassed or confused

The situation that leads you to the shame and embarrassment, may be repeated and even come from your childhood. Remember the past, what might have happened before, you still worried? Do not let the bad memories to interfere with your present and future. Write down your thoughts in a diary, to release the situation.

6. Take the example of other

The fact that you can bring to shame - others may find inspiring situation. Think about what the other person feels. For many, even a serious disruption of the meeting - a sign that there is still room to grow. Call and increased motivation - a great way to achieve happiness, so use the awkward situation as another developmental course.

How often do you feel a sense of shame and for what?