Why you should not be afraid to say "no"

Awkward to refuse - this argument has led many of us to tolerate society unpleasant people to be there, where you do not want, and some even start families and have children. The ability to say "no" will be free to take his own life under control. Heroine gathered a few good reasons to be confident in his refusal.

1. Only you dispose of her body

Why you should not be afraid to say

When it comes to physical contact, you should not rely on the sense of duty, gratitude, politeness, and what else, but only on his desire. We do not need any additional valid reason other than "I do not want to."

This concerns not only harassment of foreign men, but also, for example, sex with her boyfriend. When someone refuses to close, remember - you have nothing to blame yourself, it's about your body and control it only you can.

2. The rejection is nothing terrible

The word "no" will not destroy your friendship with someone, and if yes - what kind of friend who will throw you out of the fact that you were honest with him?

Sometimes we attach too much importance to his denial: afraid to offend or not to receive invitations at other times. In fact, the habit of saying "no" when it is necessary to help you create a healthy relationship in which one does not violate your personal boundaries.

3. Your intuition credible

Why you should not be afraid to say

If the subconscious mind says - something is wrong, should listen to him. Sixth sense, intuition, or whatever it may be called there often gives good advice. When the sounds resounding "no" in your head, try to understand why you react, and only then accept or refuse.

Some scientists explain the phenomenon of intuitive features of the brain: he compares the situation with past experiences and find the most appropriate solution. Due to the fact that this is happening at lightning speed, you do not have time to figure out where in your head some knowledge. We have already told how to find out how well developed your "Chuikov."

4. You stay true to itself

Disagreement means that you have your position, that you're not ready to change for the sake of others. When you agree to do something against their will, the very spoil your life for no reason at all. Perhaps your "no" to someone does not like it, but you left him. Any conflict better internal.

5. "No" - is the liberation of

Why you should not be afraid to say

The best thing about failure - it frees you from unwanted obligations. Maybe you experienced a few unpleasant minutes, explaining the guy you do not want to go on a date with him, or telling a colleague that is not ready to take additional work for which you do not pay. In return, you get the freedom to spend your evening, and live your life the way you want. It's always worth it to insist on the "no."

6. You have the right to express their opinion

What is your opinion does not coincide with a particular social situation does not make it wrong. Your voice means nothing less rest, so do not be afraid to use it. It does not really matter what others think, if you were sincere in his refusal.

7. Do you mean something

When someone says that you have no right to refuse, is a clear disrespect. No, even the most intimate, the relationship does not oblige you to please a man against his will. Want your opinion meant something, learn to defend him, and not be ashamed of their disagreement.

Is it difficult to you to deny the people and how often do you do it?