Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Breast cancer - the most common type of cancer among women worldwide, but information about it still do not convey, together with the knowledge of how to escape in case of fire. October each year is declared a month of struggle against breast cancer and to raise awareness about this disease, we have compiled a list of common myths that need to stop believing.

1. Symptoms of cancer are evident

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Many types of breast cancer do not have any symptoms related to the breast, and found only after a mammogram. Soreness, heaviness - we often write off this changes during the menstrual cycle or does not perceive the pain as something that needs attention. That's why should be diagnosed on a regular basis - every year.

2. A mammogram increases the risk of cancer

Since Soviet times, the people retained the belief that the X-ray gives a radiation dose that, if screened regularly - can get sick faster. It is not so long ago - all mammograms are done digitally, and you get a super high resolution image of a negligible dose of radiation. Snapshot can be done, even if you're pregnant - belly area covers a special coating.

3. If no one in my family has had cancer, I'm out of the area at risk

About 85% of women who heard the diagnosis "breast cancer" do not have relatives who have faced this disease. For early detection of cancer need regular mammograms and constantly examine their own breasts, so as not to miss an important symptom. Of course, serious cancer is linked to genetic factors, and environmental factors, nutrition, tobacco and alcohol use. But in the case of breast cancer - correlation is not so serious.

4. Diseases of the father does not have the values ​​

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

The most common gene that leads to breast cancer and ovarian cancer, - BRCA - a genetic mutation is not associated with gender. It can be inherited from both the mother and from his father.

5, you just need to wait for

If I'm at risk

If in your family, many relatives have had cancer, you need to address to oncologists to assess their level of risk, as well as the possibility of precautionary measures. Perhaps you find yourself in a "high-risk protocol" - a program for the study of vaccines against cancer - and you can get medication to reduce the risk in half.

6. Breast cancer mastectomy requires

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Surgery decision to perform a complete or partial removal of the breast often depends on the size of the tumor. Each case is considered separately: take into account the specific type of cancer, as well as the need for post-operative procedures.

Some patients deliberately choose mastectomy because they do not want to go through radiation therapy after surgery, while others make a choice in favor of preserving their own breasts. In any case, the decision you make, together with the attending physician.

7. Breast cancer causing deodorants with aluminum

This myth arises from the health claims not use deodorant before the mammogram - often it contains aluminum, which looks like a picture as small white spots. It can be confused with clusters of spots, and it is possible with the new tumors - but directly deodorant can not cause cancer.

8. If you are young, you may not be cancer

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Typically, breast cancer observed in postmenopausal women, but also young girls from this are not insured. If doctors see the tumor in women under the age of 40 years, it is generally recommended to undergo genetic testing for the whole family, in order to prevent the development of cancer of other relatives.

9. Men can not get breast cancer

Though rarely - but it happens. Usually this type of cancer sick man after 60 years, and their risk factors are elevated estrogen, testicular disease, and history of radiation exposure, as well as obesity.

10. Sugar aggravates cancer

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Sugar feeds not only cancer cells but also healthy, but a diet with complete lack of it, on the contrary, can lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and blood vessels. It is worth noting that a diet high in sugar contributes to the emergence of overweight and obesity is directly linked with the development of some cancers. Direct correlation with that, so that to maintain weight in a healthy rate - well, but that does not mean you have to stop to add a spoonful of sugar in your tea.

11. Telephones and microwaves cause cancer

At the moment, there are no studies that would confirm that the radiation from the phones or household appliances can lead to the development of tumors.

12. Stress causes cancer

Intense stress affects the digestive tract and, research, chronic illness severely weaken the immune system. People under stress sleep problems and dependencies - they can begin to smoke, excessive amounts of alcohol and overeating. These three factors can indeed cause cancer, but a direct correlation is observed.

13. My chest and so rough, so it makes no sense to examine themselves regularly

Breast cancer: 14 errors, in that it is not necessary to believe

Your breasts may feel swollen, rough and have small bumps on the nature, and it is really difficult to self-diagnosis. Ask your doctor how to properly inspect the chest, so as not to confuse the existing education with something new, instead of avoiding inspections.

14. A double mastectomy safer

Surgeons community argues that there is no need to remove the healthy breast - it does not save you from the risk of cancer or relapse, but significantly increases the risk of surgical complications.

If you notice any irregularity when viewed from his own chest - immediately contact your doctor for advice. Not to miss annual gynecological examination and undergo regular screening for cancer, if you have a genetic predisposition to the disease.