What you need to know about the cold on the lips

To discuss the disease, in principle, enough nonsexual, but some topics seem more taboo due to lack of information. With the onset of cold weather and decreased general immunity status of women are often faced with inflammation, which is called "cold on the lips," although the real name of this sore - "herpes". Do not be afraid of this word - it may not necessarily be associated with STDs. We decided to look into that, where there is an inflammation as to cope with them and why it should not be ashamed to speak.

What is herpes?

What you need to know about the cold on the lips

Herpes - a viral disease, which may be encountered at any age. Traditionally, it is divided into two categories: conventional herpes virus - abbreviated HSV-1 and classified as "oral", and HSV-2 - as genital. Technically, it is two separate virus, but they can spread interchangeably for different areas of the body.

How does he look like?

Symptoms of oral herpes are manifested in the form of cold sores on the mouth or around it, while genital herpes manifests as blisters around the genitals. Most often, the patient has no other symptoms, and the virus is easily transmitted as long as the disease proceeds.

How can I pick up?

Herpes is spread through skin contact with the skin. It is easily transmitted through the lips and even through food. The use of condoms during sex helps reduce the risk, but did not reduce it to zero: catch the virus can be another reason that it can manifest itself in the pubic or other areas around the genitals.

How to treat?

What you need to know about the cold on the lips

Like many other viruses, the herpes virus lives in the body throughout life. Over time, it becomes dormant and asymptomatic, so it's impossible to predict when it will manifest itself again. You may run into a few flashes of inflammation in his life. On average, HSV-1 virus manifests itself once a year, and HSV-2 - four to six times. Studies have reported that the amount of inflammation over time is reduced, but completely guaranteed cure does not yet exist.

Used to treat herpes antiviral drugs - in pill format as well as special ointments. They should be taken at the first signs of inflammation. If you often picks up this virus - it is necessary to take preventive medication as soon begins tingling at the site of previous inflammation. In the phase of active inflammation is definitely not worth to someone kissing, sharing food and any liquids. Use antiviral drugs costs up to a full recovery.

Why there is nothing to be ashamed of?

It is worth emphasizing that if you have a cold sore - you're not alone. According to rough estimates, about 20% of people regularly encounter inflammation, and this is enough to cease to be ashamed of this fact. Although direct treatment does not exist yet, it is important to remember that this is the type of virus that is easy to take control. He does not turn into chronic inflammation, which weakens your immune system, and rarely leaves the negative effects after treatment.

Are you faced with a cold on the lips?